Tunnel Rat posted on November 19, 2009 07:10

Some of you may know that I recently had to take my site down after Operation Honey Pot, where I locked down the site and was working with the Feds to track down the feral creeps that had been trying to hack my server and use it to send phony death threats.  I've been working with them and some volunteers to cull through the logs and pursue criminal and civil charges against my enemies.  These things take forever, but I will keep you posted.  What I do know is that a lot of the suspicious traffic comes from the domains of some American universities and large companies -- the exact places that are flooded with slumdogs.

Without going into too much detail, one of the attacks involved a fake email that was traced back to me.  This email involved some sort of "threat" that was later deemed to not be a threat by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the same folks that dropped the ball on the Ft. Hood massacre.  Evidently, these guys at the JTTF are too busy harassing bloggers like me or a tea-bagger who writes letters to his congressmen to mess with a jihadist posing as a major in the U.S. Army.  That is the way Al-Quada and NASSCOM like it -- middle-aged white men cowering in fear of FBI surveillance while their agents commit crimes against Americans.  You can read about how the DHS wants to go after vets here, as opposed to tracking down homicidal maniacs in the Army and cyber-terrorists from India entrenched in our corporations and colleges.

What was strange was that the email address that the agent mentioned was one that I HAVE NEVER USED.  It was from the freebie email account that my ISP gives you when you sign up.  It had my first initial, my last name, and the domain of the ISP mail server.  When I finally logged into that account, I saw that I had one email -- from my ISP in 2008.  I even had to retrieve the password.

So this would indicate that this was an inside job by a slumdog at my ISP, which according to www.endh1b.com, hired a few H-1Bs.  That is the world we live in know -- if you make an enemy of some group, like the Indian outsourcing and offshoring industry, they have no qualms about using their access to private data to commit crimes against U.S. citizens.  What power do American techies have, now that Indians have infiltrated all of the I.T. industry?  We really are NOT free to speak out against the Upper-Caste Indian Invasion without having to worry about some slumdog hacking our email account, committing identity theft, or worse.  Anyway, my lawyer is working on the suit against my ISP so that they turn over this rabid slumdog that attacked me.

That is why Indians need to be purged from I.T., unless they have green cards or are U.S. citizens [maybe].  No H-1Bs, no L-1s, none of them.  They are corrupt scabs that need to be disposed of. 

Getting back to the topic at hand, one of the crimes committed by our enemy, the Indian H-1B lobby, was a DDOS attack on my ISP awhile back.  Fortunately, we still live in a country where the First Amendment trumps computer hacking.  Thus, I am free to write whatever the fuck I want on this blog, and it is all protected speech, contrary to what some slumdog thinks.  And that means that launching a DDOS attack on my servers is a criminal act, while blogging is not, as this guy found out:

An 18-year-old New Jersey man agreed to plead guilty to federal computer hacking charges Friday for participating in a denial-of-service attack against Church of Scientology websites, as part of collective of online troublemakers known as "Anonymous."

Dmitriy Guzner is charged with a single felony count of unauthorized impairment of a protected computer for the January distributed denial-of-service attack. He faces a likely sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison based on stipulations in his plea agreement, which also obliges him to pay $37,500 in restitution.

See you in court, slumdogs.



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United States High Plains Drifter
November 19. 2009 13:51
High Plains Drifter

Employ America Act introduced

From IV; speculation and typical rallying opposition against efforts to keep Americans employed.

"Anti-immigrants are gearing up to oppose our provisions as time approaches for Immigration legislation. We need to be aware of these bills and the fact that these are designed to throw immigrants out of the country. While we are busy discussing about spillover rules and other small items that are in reality non-issues, antis are busy figuring out how they can uproot our lives and careers through such bills. It would not surprise us if such provisions are tried as amendments in other bills. Immigration Voice will oppose such provisions and will work on making sure they do not go further. We need to focus on the upcoming legislative activity on Immigration Bill."

If these visas are created in the spirit of 'Temporary Workers', it should be understood that they the workers are not here to stay. 'Uprooting your lives' is a situation created upon themselves because they choose not believe that they'll have to leave at some point. No sympathy here.


no site

November 20. 2009 17:47
Shiva The Destroyer

Incompetent slumdogs from the stinking Indian shithole have absolutely no scruples. They have a long history of being associated with cyber crime. It's common for subhuman slumdogs to steal and sell private data of customers:

An employee of a Business Process Outsourcing company selling data to its rival is not a new thing for the city's BPOs. In fact, data theft from leading BPOs has become quite the norm in the city...



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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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