Tunnel Rat posted on November 17, 2009 08:22

I was going over my blog referrers and I found this nugget from about a year ago:

Life in America - Indian Software Engineer Visits USA

This guy seems like a nice Indian.  For one, he can write English above a 3rd grade level.  One of the reasons we Americans hate slumdogs is that their communication skills absolutely suck, and they don't seem to be trying to improve them.  They refuse to use punctuation, and even verbally they speak too fast for their meager capabilities.

Secondly, this guy came for two years, worked, and got the fuck out of America.  I think that was the goal of the H-1B program -- to fill short term labor shortages in skilled sectors.  As opposed to showing up in the USA after a 3-week crash course in programming, doing 6-months of "knowledge transfer" from an American, getting a collaborator American I.T. manager to purge all the locals, and then spending their work days flooding the boards of Dice.com, Immigration Voice, and trackitt, bitching about how you can't get a green card, boasting in Hinglish about how great Indians are and how dumb Americans are, and sending death threats to American citizens. 

This guy makes some good points, stuff that I have been talking about for quite awhile:

3.Desi's hate Desi's: Do you believe this !!
Contrary to my initial belief, I was surprised to find this out that unknown Indians do not like each other too much, I had actually thought that Indian people would like each other more in a foreign country. Let me clarify, people who you know well are not jealous of you, you still share a good relationship with them, but if you go in shopping malls, library or grocery stores, there will be Caucasians (white or gora people) who will say "Hi!" to you, but when you cross an unknown desi, they will 99% times ignore you. They will not mind to say "Hi!" to other white guys but just not Indians (Why ??). Indian software Engineers hate working under Indian Managers because most Indian managers try to assign more work to their Indian counterparts then others. When interviewing a candidate for a job, Indians will ask the most difficult questions to fellow desi's than they would ask to people from other communities. the only time I had a more friendlier experience was when I went to an Indian community mela / function.

Actually, I think Indians first instinct is to hate anyone that is not in their immediate family, and then anyone that is not in their caste, and then anyone who is not in the same tribe.  Pretty good at hating, those Indians.

6. Racism.. Not Much:
Racism in America is quite low especially when compared to UK, there are people who you may find a bit racist but their percentage is quite low. They certainly do not like the idea of people on H1 and L1 visa's as most consider that those visa's are taking their jobs away. Similarly, American's are also not too happy when they are transferred to Call Centers in India because many representatives have a strong Indian accent.

Hating slumdogs is not racist -- it is an American obligation and demonstrates patriotism, good business sense, and is an appropriate career move, in light of the current invasion we are facing.

8. Exaggerated Resume:
Many software engineers who were especially working for Desi consulting companies and were new to US, are often told to exaggerate things in their resume. Some go even to an extent of showing false US work experience, but this practice seems to be slowing down a lot.


10. American workers value life outside work:
It was not uncommon for an American colleagues to take a day off because they had to take their dog for a medical checkup or is their child had a soccer match. If an American person is told to work on a weekend, he does not appreciate it very much. Most people are quite sincere during their 8 hours of work.

It is tragic that we have to make this clear to our collaborator I.T. execs and the Indian invaders.  But this is a good point to make in the online forums -- working with Indians sucks because they have nothing else to do.  They live out of a suitcase in a motel, for Christ's sake.  What else are they going to do except work?  And then when you head home after a 10 hour day, they are still there, working, and the collaborator cunt project manager that hired the slumdogs gives you the stink-eye.  WTF?

12. Lonely Desi Bachelors:
It is not easy to make a white American girl friend and there is a great scarcity of desi bachelor girls. You can have a better flirt/love life in India than in United States. I did go to some disc clubs many times but was no match in front of tall and muscular American males. Although some lucky desi's are successful in making Indian or American girl friends. Some Indian guys go to strip clubs to see topless women dancing on poles and very few go after illegal prostitutes.

Yup, they are pretty much like Nazis in Paris.  Bored, lonely, horny, reading Mein Kampf, and trying to seduce American teenage girls online.  Thanks for flooding the country with predators, Mr./Ms. H-1B pimp.

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United States James
November 17. 2009 15:33

It has to really suck being them. Being outsiders no one wants. Having to endure years of loneliness just to make a buck. Feeling like slaves and knowing the evil white man is taking advantage of you at every turn. And probably hopes based on lies that you will be able to stay here permanently and get a GC which is probably impossible now given the backlog. Plus the stark realization when you get into an office environment here that you were lied to in your school back home and American IT workers are like gods compared to what you can do.

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United States Shiva The Destroyer
November 17. 2009 16:19
Shiva The Destroyer

Another slumdog came out with a fucking idea and bragging about it.


Whats big in this I never understand.

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United States High Plains Drifter
November 17. 2009 19:51
High Plains Drifter


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Canada ezygoer
November 17. 2009 20:38

Does the guy from TED at MIT deserve an INSTANT green card as some "talented" H1-B's are pressing for ? Or maybe even an instant US passport so that he can work for the Pentagon ? He could surely use a spoken English course while there.

Was wondering how the VonBrauns/Oppenheimers and other German/Swiss were brought into the US to build the A-Bomb and put to work in the 40's - does anyone remember ?

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United States anonymous
November 17. 2009 23:09

Nothing surprising. Even within India we are full of hostilities towards one another that are held under leash. Statewise , we are divided on linguistic lines. The corrupt politicians send their children to convents or abroad , but denounce English thereby denying good standardized education to the less affluent. There is no enlightened inspiring leader to steer the nation ahead.

Many are actually desperate to quit India due to deplorable living conditions like dismal sanitation , protracted power cuts in short lack of good governance.

Unlike the West , we Indians are simply not capable of functioning as a cohesive unit.I wish governance of India in every sphere gets outsourced to successful countries like America , Israel and the like.

Above all Indians lack gratitude , synergy & grace. For instance , many from agriculture ministry travel to Israel at taxpayers' expense to learn about drip irrigation & such allied innovative methods. Yet badmouth Israel very eloquently as they want muslim votes to stay in power.It is only recently India established diplomatic relationship with Israel. It is sham democracy as the government is egregiously indifferent to the wants & aspirations of the people.

An American summed up India well calling it a " functioning anarchy ".  

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United States James
November 18. 2009 13:50

Unlike von Braun, etc who had already PROVED themselves to be great inventors, we are bringing people from India in who have NO track record of accomplishments. We are bringing in people who have never seen a light switch and plunking them down in Americans' chairs so they can "do" our jobs. Problem is, as the economy is proving, they aren't too good at doing those jobs as every company they work for is going out of business.

This is not the best and the brightest, this is International Socialism's war on the white male American worker. Until 1998 IT was 98% white American males. And the economy was booming. Then they came in and said "You're too successful, you're too white, your're too American. We need DIVERSITY!" So the jealous commies ripped up the white American male IT world and replaced it with the Multicultural IT World. And we now have total economic disaster. This has nothing to do with skills - this is communism - taking from the productive, and giving to the unproductive.

And not surprisingly, our economy is starting to resemble the failed Soviet state.

What makes people think that by giving proven unproductive people the jobs of productive people that those jobs will be maintained. If India cannot make itself function, there is no reason to think they can do anything to "help" the U.S. economy either.

Why aren't we bringing in millions of PROVEN brillaint people from Japan and Germany? Why only from failed, unproven countries like India, China, Mexico? This is International Socialism people.

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November 18. 2009 19:13
Drunken Economist

I'm not reading anything very surprising here, having lived in a number of foreign countries myself.

Look, whether you're a short or long term guest in a host country, how you conduct yourself and how thick your skin is determines whether you become a member of the local community or whether you'll be a long term tourist --  which most of the H1Bs are.

@eazygoer The Germans and Swiss were brought in by the military as a special case. Google 'Project Paperclip' abou that. The point is that it was a post-war, one-time special thing so that the Russians would not get the know-how. Actually they got some of the equipment the Germans left behind, we had the space race and the rest is history.

How some Indian yob showing off re-hashed VR tech can be equated to THAT- I do not know.


Canada ezygoer
November 18. 2009 21:43

Agreed that "talent" is relative and depends on what a country needs. What the US gets in terms of the H1-B now in tech is most of the time a body that can do the job for much less than a local. In times of sudden booms like the dot com or 2003-4 years there were a dearth of locals and others who rolled over from Corporate America's love for the cheap/pliant/indentured H1-B. This has screwed up the entire STEM area in the US.  

H1-B seems to be basically labor arbitrage and the other visas - L,J, B etc seem to be cost arbitrage plays with both US firms like IBM, Deloitte etc and foreign ones steamrolling the US techie with cheap imports.

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November 20. 2009 15:54
Shiva The Destroyer

India can win Nobel prize for dirt and filth, says Indian environment minister!

NEW DELHI: Environment minister Jairam Ramesh, known for courting controversy and making candid remarks, on on Friday said if there was a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India would get it.

“Our cities are the dirtiest cities of the world. If there is a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India will win it, no doubt,” he said at a function to release a report ‘Green India 2047’ by The Energy Research Institute (TERI)...


Filthy subhuman slumdogs!

The slumdog minister is quite correct in his assessment...

An international business magazine had listed Mumbai as the seventh and Delhi as the 24th among the 25 dirtiest cities in the world.

Baku in Azerbaijan had taken the first prize and Dhaka (another shithole in the dirty and filthy subcontinent) the second.

Calcutta had been named the second densest in an earlier survey but somehow escaped the dirty list.


No wonder then, that slumdog India performs so poorly in terms of Nobel prizes. They need a Nobel Filth Prize to accomplish something, according to their own environment minister!


Subhuman slumdogs and their filthy shitholes are a disgrace to human civilization.


November 20. 2009 16:04
Shiva The Destroyer

The second link doesn't seem to work and leads to a poker site. Try this for news about India's filthy shitholes:


Subhuman cowpiss drinking Indu scumbags!


Germany prem singh
November 21. 2009 03:27
prem singh

Iam a Indian software engineer  working on my current assigmnt in germany( which is outsourced to India, may be companies have more faith on the abilities of Indian techies )

Tunnel Rat : I think u are a victim of ousourcing... i can understand ur feeling.
for ur commnts..
1) "For one, he can write English above a 3rd grade level.  One of the reasons we Americans hate slumdogs is that their communication skills absolutely suck, and they don't seem to be trying to improve them"

English is a foriegn language for us, n it is sufficient for us to have basic knowledge of this language. Whn we can kick u guys even we are not an expert english speaker, wht will happen whn thn new Indian generation( who r far more smart and well english versed ) will come in job market.

2) "Hating slumdogs is not racist -- it is an American obligation and demonstrates patriotism, good business sense, and is an appropriate career move, in light of the current invasion we are facing."

ohh, its obligation. do u think u white skinnd are american native.. fuk off, I think u hav forgttn tht ur ancestors( cross breeds of human n animals ) migrated frm othr parts of world to US, n u saying Indians as invaders. assholes like U got a nice way of showing patroitsm..

3) "American workers value life outside work:"
I Know this well, whn job crises, n competions increases comes thn everbdy forget the outsde life. after few years u (american ) will also forget.

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Germany prem singh
November 21. 2009 03:32
prem singh

Shiva: Iam sure u are a PORKISTANI, who is disguising here as an Indian. I know u mullahs well. Since ur country is pissed now so u don have any other work left except posting hate message abt India. U can only show ur jealous feeling n cant do anything. This is jst a begining man.

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Islamic Republic of Pakistan anonymous
November 22. 2009 19:48

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Canada ezygoer
November 22. 2009 22:49

Looks like Corporate America is still running wild with outsourcing - India Inc. to get 1 Billion more in outsourcing (and may need a million more visas!)


It definitely seems to be the time for Mr.Prem Singh to make hay while the sun

Rock an roll India !!

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November 24. 2009 05:26
Shiva The Destroyer

Hey squalid slumdog Prem Singh: you're a vicious parasite feeding on the blood of the German people. The Germans have no faith in your slumdog "debelopment" skills, some idiotic German manager hired you because he wanted to cut costs. He'll realise his mistake once you slumdogs take over the company and destroy it with your incompetence. You're nothing more than a cheap cyber coolie, a smelly slumdog hired by a naive German manager (working for a third rate company on the verge of bankruptcy) to cut costs since you slumdogs with fake degrees can be hired for your "debelopment skills" at a fraction of the cost of a qualified German or EU worker.

It's only a matter of time before the Germans send all subhuman slumdog parasites like you back to your stinking third world shithole.

Filthy subhuman cow piss drinking slumdogs!


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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