Somaraju Chilukuri and wife Silaja, seen here in a wedding picture, are now the proud parents of their first offspring.

The young couple, who met at the Bangalore offices of Wipro, where they were both freshers, recently gave birth to a six-legged goat with four testicles and three penises.

"We hope that he can be sent to America in a few years to work as a software debeloper, hopefully long enough to command a nice dowry," Somaraju said.

When asked if the unique goat would face any challenges in the American I.T. industry, Silaja had this to say:

"He will be trained by an American to do programming, and then replace the native worker.  We have many connections in the United States, and he is guaranteed to get a job at one of the big companies."

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United States Anonymous Coward #42
November 14. 2009 17:50
Anonymous Coward #42

WTF?  Are you making thing up now?  Come on, Rat - there's more than enough shit from these worthless slumdog scam artists that you don't need to pull stuff out of your ass.  How about finishing some of those "trenches of software development" posts you hinted about?  I don't recall you ever finishing the story about the Sweatshop in a Nightclub, and you hinted at some reason for hating people who use the Ruby language... then you got sidetracked into this anti-Indian crusade.

For old times sake how about posting more stories about idiot bosses and clueless companies?  I'm sure you have lots of stories that don't involve some scumsucking Indian H1-B.

no site

November 14. 2009 22:34
Tunnel Rut


November 16. 2009 16:04
Shiva The Destroyer

LOL! Slumdog debelopers and their dowries... subhuman cow piss drinking Hindu hoodlums!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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