Tunnel Rat posted on November 11, 2009 20:17

Thanks to all the readers who thanked me for my service.  I think after the masacre at Ft. Hood, this year's Veteran's Day has a special meaning.

One of the things I read this week was a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal from a college professor.  I can't find a link, but it said basically that the best students that he had were those that dropped out of college and joined the military, and then returned to finish their education.  The writer said that today's typical college student only knows rote memorization, and is obsessed with social networks.

In short, the typical slumdog.

When I first started blogging, I would get comments from slumdogs, mostly Indian college students here on H-1Bs, mocking my military service and the fact that it took me 13 years to get my Bachelors Degree.  Others were Indians who bragged about the degrees from IIT and Masters degrees from places like Ivy League schools.  Never mind that not a single Indian H-1B or former H-1B has ever served a day in the U.S. Armed Forces -- to them it was all about "credentials".

And don't send me links to articles about the one or two Indians that signed up for the National Guard or the Border Patrol.  Indians don't serve, and we all know it.

That is why they are hated.

They come to this country, get educated at our expense, and expect to reap the benefits of our system, and then openly mock us for sponsoring them and training them to do our jobs.

They have a point.

When I worked at the Sweatshop In A Nightclub, I was surrounded by creative types who couldn't last a single hour in boot camp or do a single day's work of manual labor.  These feminized Flash developers and graphic artists were the types of people that were terrified of looking politically incorrect.  In short, they are the types of "men" that work at Google, Adobe, and Microsoft.

So the slumdogs know this, and use this fact to their advantage.  They show up, with their phony "credentials", perform half-assed work, and know that no pansy American will challenge them.  They get away with murder, because their are few Marines and real men (and women) in I.T., especially in the Internet space.

That is why the slumdogs show up here, on my blog, ranting about their degrees from IIT and other shithole colleges in India.  They think they can boast and bluster their way to the top.

But how wrong they are.

The fact is that many of the insurgents are ex-military.  And immigrants like myself, who served proudly.  And women, like Donna Conroy of BrightFutureJobs.com, and Dianne Drozdowski, forced to train her Indian replacement by her slumdog boss.  One is high level I.T. manager at a major college, who knows all about the scams perpetrated by the Indians flooding the market.  Another is a Chinese guy that faced down the tanks at Tiananmen Square before making his way, LEGALLY, to America.  Unlike this fucker, Rajendrasinh Makwana, the typical H-1B slime, these people deserve a place in America.

All you stupid curry-scented vermin think that it is one guy, who you refer to as "Kevin", flooding the comments sections and letters to the editor.  No fuckin' way, Kumar.  It is millions of Americans.  And this fucker here likes to slander innocent Americans, thinking that if someone "wishes" a slumdog would find the wrong end of hallow-point bullet, it is the same as a "death threat."  Sorry, Manjuice Sucker, American names are not like Indian names -- not everyone is unique.  And I hope another real Michael A. hunts you down and reports you to DHS, you scumbag.

And we are on to you, slumdog.

Just look at the comments on TechCrunch, were people are openly dismissive about the slumdog invasion at Adobe.  Many are embarrassed, having been brainwashed at top colleges to think that Indians are some master race of programmers and techies.

Now the truth has slapped them in the face, in the form of a pink slip, courtesy of Adobe management who tried to ethnically cleanse Americans out of its company, and is now paying the price.

Trust me, if Adobe had a few Marines in its ranks, it would still be a solid company.  But most of Silicon Valley, and I.T. in general, is full of feminized pussies who are scared to death of confronting the upper-caste Indu Invasion.

So the layoffs, and the violence, continues.

In closing, I have this to say:

Fuck you, Mr/Mrs American I.T. pansy.  You at Cisco/Google/Adobe/[pick one] deserve your pink slip and need to train your slumdog replacement.  I see your comments on the internet, things like "I hate to sound like a racist..." where you agonize over the fact that you are being displaced by a freak from a bigoted culture, and yet do nothing.

Go drive a cab, or retrain to change the bedpans of the growing hordes of Indian H-1Bs, L-1s, F-4s, and other guest workers that are trying to take over the I.T. industry.

The rest of us have work to do.

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United States Indian incompetence
November 11. 2009 23:18
Indian incompetence

Yeah like IIT is any good school. NO Indian university including IIT was even listed in the top 100 universities ranking published this year. Not one. They have a "degree" from IIT but a degree from IIT is like saying you graduated the 3rd grade in America. Big deal. They still can't do the jobs without being trained by Americans because they are soooo bad. Indians go around saying "I have a degree from IIT" and people go "so"?

It matters not - just wait - Adobe is doomed if they keep laying off American IT workers. In the end, companies who do this will die and companies who hire Americans will boom. In the end people will stop hiring Indians because they are bad for business. Adobe is already a has-been thanks to India, Inc. Apple will take over the tech world and legions of slumdogs aren't allowed to work at Apple. Everyone else will be out of business.

India desperately needs prestige and the only way they can get it is to take over companies created by Americans since they are unable to create anything themselves. "See! Adobe is run by Indians" as the stock drops like a rock and everyone abandons their products......

Too bad for slumdogs. Maybe they can create their own Adobe in India and compete (yeah, right).

no site

November 12. 2009 07:36

LOL, this year the only one getting fat may be the Goose.

I'll bet it is going to be an interesting Holiday season for some of the long term unemployed.
I bet those companies with their unreal hiring expectations will be thinking about those folks while they are sipping their egg nog. LOL!

The Grinch and Scrooge movies promise to have a "special" implication this year...

How does one feel festive when they struggle to buy gas for their car?

I can already feel the "Holidays" in the pit of my stomach...

I think Dread and Fear will be new presents under the tree this year.

Sorry for the vent, I needed to take a break from the daily "online opportunity search". (Months of this monotony and no income)

God Bless All!


November 12. 2009 07:44

Yes, too much grim news...
India's population is like that of an exploding rat population, they will overrun us here, (if they have not already):


Look at the link above. The number of IT workers in India is like a vacuum that will suck up what precious few IT jobs there are left in the frail US job market. The only thing protecting us from China is the language barrier. Get ready to chew leather!    


United States screweddesi
November 12. 2009 08:40

Good Work. I am an Indian and sick and tired of these shit whole ( The out sourcing ones and the once run here by 99% Indians) companies who are trying to suck blood out of fellow Indians. I would like to report one company PERI Software Solutions..(www.perisoft.com) who are the major fraud doers in the NY-NJ and CA areas. They have deliberately denied  americans for the jobs ( seen first hand, know first hand) and hired people on 1. H1 2. H-4 ( Which is illigal) and at the same time paid her "under the table"..They have done so many crimes on the poor employees that eventually, employees complained to the Department of Labor and (DOL) is behind there ass now..but my feeling is they will get away since they have hired strong law team in there defense with the money accumulated with their crimes..Is there any way they can be banned and people responsible for these crimes are sent behind the bars? If yes, please let me know how..

no site

November 12. 2009 10:25

There once was an industry and now I see nothing.
I ran from Ohio in 1983 to escape a job layoff crisis in the steel industry off to Atlanta Georgia where IBM was doing tons of contract work
with their midrange systems software, (them on system/36s and 38s).
I raised three daughters and supported five people in comfort by making that move. I was making low six figures from 1995 through 2005.
Then I noticed a turn, I dropped down to 84K in 2006. I was working at Cox Communications then.., I walked down on one of their fashionable
floors in their headquarters here in Atlanta and the entire floor was a mix of young Chinese and East Indians put in there by some savvy
recruiting firm. I would say "Us old IBMers" were a 5% minority on that floor. Mind you it was still a large old AS400 shop. In 2008 the
president of the IT department made an announcement, the IT department was being turned over to IBM. The manager was East Indian.
By now all those old AS400 jobs are gone, I would say at least 200 full time jobs and lord knows how many other contractors and supporting
roles evaporated from the good old USA. IBM, (and Cox Communications) have become cannibals when it comes to the almighty buck. That
group at IBM made money with no regard to the jobs that would be lost here. I am 56 years old, been looking for a job for a year now. I spent
all of my retirement. I guess I need to "run" again but this time I don't think there is anything left to run to? Also, if I could run I would have to
sell my Home, but that is another story with a twist.


United States proamerica
November 12. 2009 14:20

What goes around comes around. The day will come soon where quantity is a bad word and quality is in demand. Then, the curry smelling vermin will head back home to their slums and once again sink into oblivion for another 100 years.
PC killed 13 Americans last week and I'll be damned if I'll take it anymore.
Like salt they steilized any ground they walk on.

no site

United States Codeit
November 12. 2009 21:30

What no mention of the squid veteran
happy veteran's day
slumdogs will never serve in uniform, hard to march
and run in shower shoes

no site

United States anonymous
November 13. 2009 01:12

You are entirely justified. America should learn from Middle Eastern countries. Indians are allowed to work but cannot own property or settle down permanently.They are very ruthless and can deport any expat as they place their own interests above everything else. Indians have no choice but to obey. But the same Indians would clamour for equal rights in countries like America, Australia,UK & Canada.Indians delude themselves thinking the entire IT industry exists owing to Indians.

Within India itself now native Maharashtrians are agitating for preferential treatment like job reservations etc. Indians are highly parochial violently resorting to arson & vandalism over river water sharing within India itselfSmile)

A country where corruption is so obdurately entrenched that they invariably carry such negative traits while moving to other countries too. I shuddered when I read they want to introduce cricket on a massive scale in America.Cricket with its match fixing is one big colossal scam in India.

no site

November 13. 2009 07:32
Jack H

I say we outsource all the ineffective bloated blathering Politicians jobs until we see real change in our economy. They have been ineffective and have failed miserably. Greedy corporation Executives should also be outsourced.


United States screweddesi
November 13. 2009 08:55

To whomever think that Indians will not serve in Armed forces...let me ask you this.."Why should they?"..They are neither US Citizens nor Green Card Holders ( 95%) and even though they wish to they are "Not allowed to"...so please keep your dumb ass( brain) out of this..rest 5%..they are already indirectly serving armed forces by working in very very high tech companies like Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup, NASA etc etc..where most of you will ever able to work...and why hate Indians..yes, they have committed the crimes in IT industry..but punish them like the one company I posted in my previous post but why hate all the race..I mean c'mon..Italians were the biggest mobsters between 1910 to till date..you wont say anything against them..why? The Irish women the main business was prostitution..( and most of you are sons and daughters of that business)...Should I go more???? and this TR..who is not even born here...he is a f*cking refugee like the Iraqis or somebody from Pakistan/Afganistan...somebody served in Armed forces dosent mean he/she is patriotic ( take example of Maj. Hassan)..the fact is "No body is patriotic"..everybody is out there for themselves...

no site

United States Me
November 13. 2009 11:09

I think the popularity of your blog amongst those that face this issue of H1-Bs is that you ignite a pride that has been beaten down. Beaten down from being politically correct, from being brainwashed that there are no Americans that are smart enough to do this work, from being sold the unnecessary need to think "globally".  I believe you get this from being a Marine.  You are bringing the "man" out of them.  Even the women (like myself) feel the "man" come out of them.

no site

November 13. 2009 12:29
Jack H

Not to be preaching doom all the time but when you have such a big shift as we have had here in the US over such a short period of time, (as we have had) it is proof of major concern. The political response is a disaster, the politicians are horribly backwards and ineffective. Their system screams for more efficiency. I agree we should learn to move faster and stop the finger pointing, action speaks louder then words. Sure, other cultures are getting the advantage but it will not help to bankrupt a whole country in the process. A global financial disaster could ensue due to such destabilization. I really have not seen anything like this in the US and I speak from a half century of observation. Thanks for the class insights on India.  


United States inerg
November 13. 2009 19:23

indias obsession with pushing out older workers just becuase they overproduce graduates is starting to become commonplace in india.. it doesnt matter if you like your career, the indian mindset is that if you are of certain age and have not moved into management (whether by choice, or by limited opportunities) then you need to be replaced because there are families who took out loans to send their kid to school so they deserve your job..


no site

November 13. 2009 23:28
Tunnel Rut


Stop bitching.  The insurgency can distinguish between hard-working, ethical Indians with real degrees from real American colleges, striving to assimilate into our culture, and the aggressive, arrogant creeps that have flooded the STEM professions in the last decade, boasting about India and its racial superiority over America, China, and the entire global community, while most of its people shit in public, burn their wives, and are considered the most greedy and corrupt culture in the world.

You just happen to be dragged down by your brethren that is committing occupational apartheid and acting rather cocky and boastful, just because some of them ending up at Microsoft and Google.  Don't compare refugees who risked their lives to come here, joined the military, and got their citizenship with shower-shoe wearing scumbags gaming the system to make money, fund a dowry, and scam their way out of the slums so that they can perpetuate their nepotistic, bigoted, caste-oriented mentality on our shores.  We Americans can spot greedy corrupt pigs that are using our laws and values to take advantage of us, and we don't appreciate it.


November 13. 2009 23:59

Check this out, I worked there many moons ago in the USA:



United States Barb
November 14. 2009 08:13

I am old enough to have known the first generation of IBM techies, the ones who invented the profession, back when IBM was an American company. I knew them because one of them was my grandfather, and I was raised in his home. No need for foreign faces was mentioned back then. Our greatest decades of rapid innovation and leadership ran on American talent. IBM ramped up from the early to middle years of the 20th century very rapidly, training up American workers  who of course had no background in the technology (where would they get it?). That's how I know we Americans can do it again. We don't need all this foreign "brainpower" - we did it before and we can do it again. ITGrunt indeed fills a need, to remind Americans they we aren't done for and we can take our country back from the quicksand of political correctness that has sucked it down.

no site

United States High Plains Drifter
November 14. 2009 09:17
High Plains Drifter


"somebody served in Armed forces dosent mean he/she is patriotic" Go walk into a military bar in San Diego or Coronado and say that. Really - give it a try. You'll have a wonderful time.

I don't think I could find a less qualified individual to be here in the US.

Who are you, some paki questioning respect and service to OUR country. It's startlingly clear that you have no concept of what patriotism is. Little wonder you clowns are still in the stone age.

Haven't you figured it out yet - you're not wanted here. And anyone telling you otherwise is taking advantage of you. Don't you see it? You're cheap disposable tools and the only reason they're lying to you is because they're making money off of you.

Such false superiority. You've got to laugh.

no site

United States Arrow
November 14. 2009 09:31

The NASSCOM Cartel has been making quite a noise about protectionism when something against H1-B is brought up, however faced with such massive fraud, deception, lies and nepotism from those vile scabs, some element of protectionism IS necessary : In short US should ban Indian Investors in IT if they dont have a MINIMUM masters degree in IT from a reputed US University . Its surprising to see sons and daughters of corrupt crooked selfish Indian politicians and businessmen trying to lead a cloistered life in US ,sponsoring their stay here through blood money,investing blood money,  bringing in their stupid crappy caste and ethnic  equations here , while their fathers in India oppose anything western or modern on facist cultural grounds, In Short there should be no H1-Bs, B1's issued to Indians until their government starts clearing the shit  in their own country. Every country should follow similar policies against India - the most corrupt, stupid and greedy culture on earth.

no site

United States anonymous
November 15. 2009 02:14

Despite being an Indian citizen with pride in its pristine spiritual ethos  (now almost extinct though ), contemporary India DOES NOT command my respect as much as America does.

In the name of patriotism , let truth not become a casualty.Most of us admire America for reasons well known. The overhyped Indian IITs have been promoting mediocrity in the name of reservations. Why are we Indians adamantly refusing to own up our hypocrisies?  In foreign policy , what has India achieved by alienating America?

How many Indian expats settled down in America/Canada/Australia are willing to come back to India?? Why not be grateful and gracious towards the host countries???

no site

Canada ezygoer
November 16. 2009 10:53


IBM (your g'father's firm who maybe rolling over in his grave) is NOW the BIGGEST employer in India in tech. Has more employees there than any of it's offices in the world and is striving to build a "BETTER PLANET". This has done wonders to it's stock and I have made money off it but also have read the comments on itgrunt for it's strategy's after effects.

Corporate America cannot be beaten at it's game with US employees and the entire STEM area will be extinct in a decade or so.

no site

November 16. 2009 16:12
Shiva The Destroyer

IIT? Isn't that the shithole college where pedophiles, rapists and murderers get their degrees from?

PhD student held for murder in Delhi

Pushpam Sinha, a 34-year-old PhD student of IIT-Delhi, has been arrested by the police for raping, murdering and burning Ramchanphy Hongray, a teenager from Nagaland. Hongray, who was on a visit to her sister's place in Delhi, was the neighbour of Sinha in Munirka, south Delhi...


Subhuman Indian scumbags!


Canada ezygoer
November 17. 2009 12:06

Deloitte CEO defends outsourcing:-


The US techie will be extinct like the US textile worker in the 90's in a few years. Bought my last pair of American made Levis in 2001 from the last US plant to shutdown in San Antonio.

no site

Canada ezygoer
November 22. 2009 22:56

It's getting harder and harder to find work life satisfaction in tech. land...


No wonder IBM has the max. headcount in India !!

no site

November 24. 2009 05:30
boots for women

ya...today's students r very much addicted to social networking...


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