As more news comes out about the crazy Muslim who shot up the soldiers in Ft. Hood, it appears that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was on the radar of the FBI and NSA, and they did nothing.

We all know why – they were scared of being labeled xenophobes.  In short, they were cowards.  That’s right, Mr. Joint Terrorism Task Force and Mrs. NSA – you are a bunch of pussies.  You didn’t want to investigate a Muslim in the Army because you would be called racists and xenophobes by his defenders in CAIR.

So you did nothing. 

In short, these feds have blood on their hands.  Hell, I got more calls from the FBI than Major Hasan.

But the reality is that political correctness and identity politics are behind the tragedies in Ft. Hood, and perhaps Orlando.  American tech professionals have been forced to cower to the Indu-Invaders in I.T. because if they stood up for themselves, they would be labeled racists.   And thus, like the feds, they said nothing, even as they were training their slumdog replacements and packing their boxes.

We all know what happens when you oppose the H-1B program online – Vivek Wadhwa or Farhad Manjoo calls you a xenophobe.  They know that all you have to do is charge someone with illicit, evil, non-PC thoughts, and they will run into the woods, terrified of having their online reputation destroyed.  In this day and age of Google profiling, people will go out of their way to find the identity of their enemies online, just to slander them. 

Slumdogs are famous for this tactic.  In any flame war, they try to Google the nyms of anybody who dares to speak out against the corrupt H-1B program, and publicize some connection between a random American and some non-PC internet postings.  Slumdogs are stupid enough to think that a name like “Kevin Smith” is unique, and they post a link to some guy’s Facebook page with triumphant cries of “I found the RACIST XENOPHOBE – here is his web page!!!!”

These stupid fucking Indians think that like them, our names are like I.P. addresses. 

And they know about this irrational fear of being labeled a racist or xenophobe, or even non-PC, and use this against us to take over whole swaths of American workplaces.  In my encounters with others in the movement, the old-timers are terrified of being labeled racist.   Even NumbersUSA has a link on their home page “No to Immigrant Bashing”.  I doubt that Roy Beck knows that whenever his organization is mentioned on the web, it is preceded by the term “the racist site”, just like FAIR, Bright Future Jobs, and Programmer’s Guild.

It doesn’t matter that these organizations go out of their way to be politically correct.  The slumdogs know that all they have to do is make the charge, and many people will run in terror.  Identity politics has destroyed lives in Ft. Hood, and careers in the STEM professions.

That is why people have died in Ft. Hood and Orlando – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

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United States Bobo
November 10. 2009 13:04

I am 41 years old and have been in IT 20 years. I am better at what I do than 1000 slumdogs put together. I am not afraid of not only exposing India, Stink, but also of doing it right to their face, or even over the phone like I did to an Indian slumdog CEO yesterday. When people scream racism, I ask them if America was so racist, then why do we let so many people from other cultures in? I also mention the LAWS on the books in India making it illegal to hire Americans there and I ask why there are no mass guest worker visa programs for 4 million American IT workers to go work in China. A few comments like that usually shuts them up.

I had a phone conversation yesterday with a slumdog Indian IT CEO who was interviewing me for a job and everything he said about IT was wrong. As soon as I corrected him, he was quick to agree with me on every point. "Are you a fan of agile development?" I asked. "Yes, we do all agile because our clients want the work done fast". "Well, I said, agile can lead to chaos on projects. You wouldn't try to build a skyscraper without a blueprint would you?" "Oh you're right - we don't want chaos on our projects - maybe if you join us you can help us with some of the project management aspects".

Racial profiling? All we need to know about that is that if you import 3rd world labor, you're going to end up with a 3rd world economy.

no site

India Abhinay Jain
November 10. 2009 13:14
Abhinay Jain

I was just looking through your site.. well at least I gotta say, great effort..

I accept most of your claims like... "Indians are not THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST"...or "Americans are not stupid..." and yeah, I do condemn the attacks on Chinese peeps by Indians...

But really view about Indians' moral standards is very biased in my opinion... dude... there are freaks everywhere.. want to see for yourself??.. Try that Jerry Springer show or whatever it's name is, if it's still on air... Or if I recollect the name correctly.. there was this army chick "Lyndie England" marshaled for war crimes in Afghanistan (Just Google "American war crimes".. and you might be in for an unpleasant wake-up call from your blissful ignorance..).. and there's like a freak with a gun loose and shooting people at random in the US loose almost every month.. But we(or at least I) dont judge YOU on the basis of them.. just a little hint.. And yeah.. about that fake resume thing.. dude... I have no idea what's going on with this.. but at least we Indians do not plan terrorist attack on you like some of your peeps do..( If you want some more dirt on the innocent suffering Americans... just drop me a mail sometime..

If you cant answer these questions, I can't see you justifying maintaining this site to yourself (Since you have such high moral standards ^_^)..

Oh.. and if you are wondering.. I'm not pissed off at you.. I pity you.. Because what I see in you is pathetic dumb redneck who probably lost his job.. and instead to improving himself... devotes his time to bitch and moan about how "THEY TOOK MY JOB!!!!".. Why?? because he just can't fathom that he is not as competent he thinks he is so he needs to put blame on others for his failure.... Hope that hurt.. Laughing

No one is clean dude.. everyone has got a skull in the closet.. Just don't judge a billion people on basis of some individuals..

And really all the people who are so mad at foreigners "THEY TOOK OUR JOB!!!".. Do any of you have half the balls needed to live in a shithole like India or any third world country for that matter..?? I know you'd say yes.. but trust me.. you don't.. you know why?? you've never lived a poor life.. and not an American poor who bitches about not having gas money.. but the poor who doesn't have a handful of rice to feed his starving children...

Let's see if you have the balls to reply to my questions.. or may be the "delete comment" button is too convenient..

no site

United States Me
November 10. 2009 14:11

Happy 234th Birthday. Thank you for your service.

no site

November 10. 2009 19:23
Tunnel Rut

Abhinay Jain:

I have a job, slumdog, thank you very much.  A slumdog couldn't do my job because it takes excellent communication skills and technical aptitude.  

And it is YOU PEOPLE that need to improve themselves.  

Now go see if you can teach your countrymen to master indoor plumbing so that they can stop crapping in public.  You live in the only country that is trying to go to them moon while 600 million of their people shit in the streets.

United States Kumar
November 10. 2009 22:14

Abhinay Jain IQ81, No-one-is-clean is the exact reason IQ81s crap in public.

no site

Canada ezygoer
November 11. 2009 00:04

Mr. Jain

India is a country of contrasts like any third world nation - extreme wealth and poverty and a 400 million middle class. This sheer weight of numbers and corporate American greed or cowboy capitalism has played havoc here in the west with outsourcing, labor arbitrage via the H1-B. The violence against Indian students in Australia and the UK has not spread up here but is close to getting there. US workers are not losing jobs due to incompetence but greed as there is a feeling that work can be done cheaply overseas but the real costs of failed developments and faulty work etc etc is begining to show up. Also the culture of "fraud" has enveloped the tech industry thereby ruining it. There has to be a way out of this mess I hope.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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