Tunnel Rat posted on November 8, 2009 10:52

When I first heard that Jason S. Rodriguez, the gunman that is accused of shooting six people in Orlando, was an engineer, and that he attacked the offices of a civil engineering firm, I immediately went to work to see if there was an H-1B connection.  As the story unfolded, I found more information about the shooter.  As I assumed, he was an unemployed engineer.  Two years ago, he was fired by the firm, Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. (www.rsandh.com).  A quick check at www.endh1b.com showed that this firm was a sponsor of numerous H-1Bs, as Kim Berry of Programmer’s Guild points out.

Since 2007, the year that Rodriquez was hired, RSH applied for 19 H-1Bs, mostly Civil Engineers and Transportation Engineers.  Rodriquez was “fired” after 11 months at the firm. 

But was he fired to make room for a cheaper H-1B?  Clearly, Rodriquez had some mental issues.  Yet, he was sane enough to get an engineering degree.  He appears to have suffered from schizophrenia, but did his displacement cause him to go off his meds?

And what happened at RSH that made him target that firm?  We know that companies that hire H-1Bs use psychological warfare and all sorts of head games to displace their local workers.  Some go so far as to blackmail their American employees to make them train their H-1B replacements.  Was Rodriquez a victim of such tactics, and is that what caused him to snap?  How does a civil engineer get to work at a company for 11 months and not be qualified from day one, as his RSH supervisors have said?

It is my belief that Rodriquez was pushed aside to make room for an H-1B.  If a company finds that you are incompetent, they will usually get rid of you within 90 days to avoid paying unemployment benefits.  RSH is now going out its way to portray Rodriquez as a fuck up from day one.  Is RSH such a zoo that they hire someone to design bridges, and can’t even evaluate his abilities? 

Company spokesman Mike Bernos said Rodriguez was an entry-level engineer who was fired in June 2007 after working there for a year.

"His performance wasn't up to our standards, so we terminated him," Bernos said. There had been no contact between the company and Rodriguez since then.

- N.Y. Post


Rodriquez was hired, was good enough to hold a job for almost a year, and then shit-canned.  Bernos is lying.  Bernos is probably the guy who filed the LCAs that made Rodriquez obsolete. 

At the time of the shooting, Rodriquez was making $890 working at Subway.  Think about that – you bust your ass to get an engineering degree, and you end up in your forties, making sandwiches.  You don’t need to be schizo to start thinking about retribution at that point.  I predict that this is just the beginning of a massive wave of violence as middle-aged American men reach their breaking point and start to settle scores.  While I feel bad for the victims at RSH, one of them a 26-year old with a young child, I am convinced that RSH management had as much to do with this tragedy as Rodriquez. 

The scene has played out for almost a decade.  I witnessed it myself – security walking up to a middle-aged guy in a cube, tapping him on the shoulder, and escorting him out.  The next day, an H-1B was in his chair.  What are we to expect these men to do, make fucking sandwiches to feed to the newly arrived H-1Bs?  Give me a break.

Even the blue-balled nut-job George Sodini, who killed three people in Pittsburg back in August, was a systems analyst at a law firm who had survived two waves of layoffs.  That stress has to weigh heavily on a man.  Now that we have double-digit unemployment, how many more men are about to snap?  80 percent of those who have lost jobs in this recession are men.  Millions of them.  Most of the Americans displaced by H-1Bs are middle-aged men.  What happens when their unemployment benefits have run out, when they have haven’t had a job for over a year, when every call they get is from some Desi recruiter talking in Hinglish about some bullshit job?

I think the H-1B program is now a national security issue.  We can’t have an invasion of curry-scented pod-people displacing millions of Americans.  Not to mention the fact that it is very easy for a terrorist from Pakistan to sneak into America posing as an H-1B programmer.  Although “posing” is a redundant term.  They are all poseurs.

So we have two issues – the threat of an American techie going postal, and the threat of a terrorist coming over with a guest worker visa.  If we end the H-1B program right now, we solve both problems.  All the slumdogs would get rounded up and deported, and Americans can take their jobs.  This would force companies to increase salaries for techies and stimulate migration into those fields.  Wages in I.T. have been stagnant for ten years, thanks to the CEWPs, and  now they can start rising without the artificial subsidy given to American corporations that hire cheap visa workers.  The economy would grow, and we would all be safer.

And the cost?  I think the executive pigs at Google and Microsoft that are enriching themselves at the expense of American workers can afford to make a few million dollars less for awhile.


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United States Arrow
November 8. 2009 12:24

I worked for a thankless smelly lizard looking bastard , shit eating hinglish speaking Macaca slumdog manager last year, He was such a fascist that i wanted to castrate his balls, He always gave orders behaving like a military commander,( in reality he was such a hooknosed cunt/fricking pansy that will be beaten up badly in a fight - given the opportunity : wish he runs into trouble with MS-13 or the Bloods), He was simply no good in the workplace , Frequently I snooped onto his desk and found him browsing websites about Military History , and listening to music, when all of us were busy with assigned tasks, the clueless son of a bitch was messting arond with MS paint drawing caricatures in important meetings- So much for Technical Talent and Productivity,  He carried his casteist superiority complex into an American Silicon Valley workplace, frequently berating and harasssing his sub ordinates from India who were of a different ethnolinguistic group , and always sucking up to his customer & managers. This is the example of how H1B inc works .. I also worked for another moron who had strong fundamentals and behaved better , but he never really spent more than 7 hours in office every day, while we struggled with 55 to  75 hour weeks to deliver a project.. In sum the slumdogs are destructive parasites and political suckers, who have little or no ethical considerations, and culturally unevolved to work in the 21 century American workplace..Ever wonder what happened to the Term 'Progress and better living'? Thank these cunts for that( or lack of)..

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United States Bobo
November 8. 2009 13:36

Nice assessment rat. The fact that those being attacked are middle age white techies is important. The whole world - gov't, lawyers, doctors, politicians, bankers, everyone hates us now-middle-aged white techies because it was we who created the 90s boom. We eclipsed the presitge of all power groups in the 90s. We took away their prestige. And we provided a system that allowed people to do things on their own without the need of the elite (like doing your own law stuff or diagnosing yourself using the net).

Hence, these power groups are threatened by us. This is what Comrade Greenspan meant when he said "IT has created a privilegded elite". Even Greenie is jealous of us. Hence, the whole world including our own society wants to attack us. They are jealous and hate us. They have to keep us down and out of the workforce. Not to mention all the radical leftist Berkeley lesbo types who hate men even more. We need to recognize that we are under attack.

The powers that feel threatened by us are hoping they can keep us down long enough for us to die off. That way the new generaion of stupid Americans and even stupider slumdogs can take over IT and it will cease to be the elite high-profile profession that it is - which is what the boomers and elites want - for IT to be just another job like making sandwiches at Subway. While not condoing the shooting, I can feel exactly where this guy is coming from.

Instead of going ballistic, we need to go into overdrive to expose the Indian Mafia and the powers that are trying to ram mass immigration down our throats. I also suggest we start getting jobs in management and delibereatly throwing slumdogs out of work like they have been doing to us.

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United States barb
November 8. 2009 14:34

I AM in IT management, and I don't hire them. I hire Americans, many older, many men.

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United States MarkM
November 8. 2009 18:24

Bobo said
<I> Not to mention all the radical leftist Berkeley lesbo types who hate men even more. We need to recognize that we are under attack. </I>

Are you one of those teabagger nutjobs? What does this have to do with left or tight. If nothing, it's the (big) business friendly policies of right which has always helped millionaire execs to hire thousands of H1b in order to boost their profit.

Don't talk as if you understand the issue...Right wing teabagger idiots lie yourself is what got us so many slumdogs. Go back to your hypocrite tea parties.

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November 8. 2009 18:29
Tunnel Rat


Now, now.  We are all on the same side here.  No PC infighting, please.  I was a card carrying tea-bagger, and even showed up at some tea parties.  But I can hang with the lefties and libs on this issue -- I have turned my back on irrational capitalism and the high-tech slave trade.

Face your weapon OUTBOARD.  This enemy is India, Inc., not the tea-baggers.


United States MarkM
November 8. 2009 18:54

I agree that  we should not be infighting but wanted to point out that its not "left" who we are fighting against in slumdog invasion. I am a conservative  (Reagan type, definitely not Bush/Rove/Rumsfield type) but I must say that Republican attitude of business friendly policies got us into mass H1bs. Of course there has been massive good as well because of these policies in other aspects.

If you care to know, the reason I hate tea parties/ teabaggers is because when govt size increased enormously with huge defects during all of Bush administration, there was not a single tea party in all of 8 years b/w Jan 2001 and Jan 2009. Why should I believe them now? It might be just another attempt to grab power and then do the same things or might be just another attempt by FreedomWorks to sell more guns and increase their bottom line.

Just like in fight against terrorists, we need to fight real enemies (Afghanistan/ Pakistan) and not some make up some WMD lies and fight the wrong enemy IRAQ. Similarly in this fight against slumdog invasion, we need to fight policies and politicians in either party who support such short term profit-only mentality.

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United States Dexter's Laboratory
November 8. 2009 19:17
Dexter's Laboratory

Great post, Tunnel Rat. This government needs to stop displacing US professionals who have earned legitimate degrees, have families to support, mortgages, living expenses and now exorbitant health care costs. I feel sorry for this guy, he had a kid and couldn't even afford to visit him. What he did was insane and nobody can condone that. This whole cheap labor thing has got to go, like you basically say, it's becoming a public hazard.

Mark M., that teabagger thing is a non-issue. This problem is affecting people of all political bents, as TR explained very well. It is the corporate fascists who are the problem and their politicians who enable them. My liberal and conservative friends are smart enough to see this, no need to discriminate.

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United States Bobo
November 9. 2009 12:36

What does this have to do with left or right? Read Gorbachev's 1987 book Perestroika. Globalization is communism - taking what the productive countries have created and produced, giving it to the lazy, unproductive countries, and pushing the ones who produced out of the way. That's the real reason for the world "economic crisis" - we've pushed the people who created the 90s boom aside and replaced them with millions of people from countries who have never produced anything. That's communsim. THAT'S what this has to do with the "left or the right" you ignorant fool.

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United States Bobo
November 9. 2009 12:41

America wanted "diversity" and "multiculturalism" real bad and now we've got it. Enjoy it. We're diversified ourelves right into becoming a 3rd world nation. No one can deny that America was much better off when evil whitey was running Silicon Valley and the economy. It's a FACT. Now that we've trashed up our country with invading hordes of 3rd worlders, we have a 3rd world economy - with lefty CA leading the way. I hope all you rad lib lefties who are in favor of open borders enjoy the "New Economy" because unless you've got a cushy job at one of your commie Columbia think tanks, you're going to be in the unemployment lines just like everyone else. This is what you wanted for America - now shut up and enjoy it.

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United States Mark M
November 9. 2009 20:28
Mark M

Bobo said
"I hope all you rad lib lefties who are in favor of open borders enjoy the "New Economy" because unless you've got a cushy job at one of your commie Columbia think tanks, you're going to be in the unemployment lines just like everyone else."

Republicans (or atleast GOP bigwigs) are big pushers of globalizations and free market economy, you jerk.
I hope all you shitjob idiots get screwed completely by slumdogs until you realize who all are real enemies. Keep shouting at "lefties" and enjoy the slumdog smell, you RINO bastard Bobo. Even your screen name is a slumdog name.

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Canada ezygoer
November 9. 2009 21:49

Latest hiring figures in India:-

Accenture: 8000 more
Deloitte:  5000 more
IBM     :  15000 more
CGI     :   5000 more
India Inc.wants 85K H1-B visas.

Total STEM wipeout in the Americas with 20% real unemployment.

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United States Dexter's Laboratory
November 9. 2009 22:04
Dexter's Laboratory

"I agree that  we should not be infighting but wanted to point out that its not "left" who we are fighting against in slumdog invasion." MarkM

Head up your ass?

It IS the PC loving "left" and not the "right" who cry "racist" against anyone who dares to question why our good jobs are being given away to third world hacks by the bipartisan/corporate boardroom class. The "left" loves this shit; I should know since I have lined up with them on some issues but NOT giving away our jobs. If you want to talk left/right paradigms, at least get your facts straight regarding which side is full-tilt boogie on opening up our borders to give away our jobs.

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United States Mark M
November 10. 2009 07:42
Mark M

C'mon....Bobo (aka Macaca) can make any stupid coments using his slumdog screen name but you won't approve my comments rebuking him....?

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November 10. 2009 07:53
Tunnel Rut


It takes me a while to approve comments, and the only ones I don't are the death threats and Hinglish ramblings from the slumdogs Smile

But I do have to agree with 2truthy here -- Political Correctness has served to cower American techies into submission because the invasion is being launched by what some people see is a protected minority - South East Asians.  

The fact is that the left invented the race card, and the slumdogs play it from the bottom of the deck.  There is bound to be some hostility to the identity politics that originated from leftist academia.  And even in this economy, many on the left are loath to stand up for American workers because they are terrified of being labeled xenophobes.  

In any event, it is counterproductive to take an issue of left/right politics and focus on that as opposed to focusing on what we do have in common -- defeating the invasion of our STEM professions by a corrupt and bigoted culture.


United States Taxi Driver
November 10. 2009 11:26
Taxi Driver

There are tactics endemic to both left and right, but both sides are against us.  Clinton signed the bill effective in 2000 that raised the H-1b cap to 200,000 per year.  Bush was on national television saying "we need more H-1b visas."  The left wants unbridled immigration because they believe that it will expand their power base and make America more "rainbow."  The right wants cheap labor in support of their pro-business stance.

Each side has their techniques and their vandettas, but both establishments are our enemy.  The left uses the race card and branding accusations to marginalize their outspoken opponents.  The right uses the rhetoric that we have to make "America more competitive" as a code word for expanding cheap labor.

Nor is it a matter of capitalism versus socialism.  The 19th century South was capitalist, with legalized slavery.  The 20th century Soviet Union was socialist, which resolves to economic slavery.  The issue is freedom versus slavery, not left versus right.

In the end, the cheap labor drive is nothing more than an end run around the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery in the Constitution.  They get around it by going outside of its jurisdiction to get workers from countries where slavery, in one form or another, is still legal.  Of course, it's not out-and-out slavery like in the old South, but from an economic standpoint it's slavery nonetheless.  These countries include Mexico, India, China, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Honduras, etc.  These countries have the property in common that one US dollar spends like five.  This enables the cheap laborers to compete with us unfairly - we work to support families in the US, but they work to support families in depressed economies.  In the end, we are competing with slaves.

So the issue is not left or right, or capitalism versus socialism, the issue is freedom versus slavery.  While the power of the US constitution stops at the border, our open-borders policies conveniently get around that cumbersome document.  Every president after Reagan has supported globalism.  They are all our enemies.

Obviously the left is in favor of expanding "multicultural" America (which they hope will always vote democrat), so they support open borders.  The right is in favor of devaluing labor as a means of cutting business expenses.  You will never hear the left argue to close the borders.  Nor will you hear the issue come up at a tea party.  Neither side addresses that issue, so political leanings will not be a source of allies in this fight.

14 years - Software Engineer
7 years - Taxi driver (respectively)

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Canada ezygoer
November 11. 2009 00:23

I have always had very interesting and intelligent conversation with cabbies and Taxidriver makes an excellent point. But in the US with a 2 party system unlike up here in the North with a 3 party coalition in power more gets done.

Lets face it -> H1-B will not go away and neither will outsourcing. Both are more likely to increase and so the US techie will most likely be extinct in a decade or so.

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November 16. 2009 16:47
Shiva The Destroyer

Good post, TR. I feel sorry for Jason, his victims and their families. It's time to kick out the H[indu]-1B slumdogs! Otherwise many more American techies who've been robbed of their jobs by parasitic invaders from third world shitholes like India are going to lose it.


November 21. 2009 22:37

Taxi Driver has it right.

I feel good about the vitriol being spewed here, but I doubt if it will help our cause.

Also, it is directed at Indians instead of Congress, treating the symptoms instead of the disease.

We may need to take our country back before these issues are resolved.

Unseat all incumbents.  


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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