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UPDATE:  This blogger has removed the post.  After reviewing her blog, I found out that she was an H-1B Indu-supremacist who blogged about "Indian Pride" and the radical Indian BJP party.  She was probably terrorized by the NASSCOM terrorists that have infiltrated America, and forced to remove her post.  That, or she was busted in a DHS raid and deported.

- TR 11/08/09


A fellow insurgent came across this blog post, and I had to copy it and post it in its entirety before the Indian blogger that wrote it is was "eliminated."  The reality is that any Indian that dares to reveal the massive fraud that is behind the "Indian I.T. Consultant" myth risks having their family in India threatened by the Indian Mafia and their own lives endagered:


When I had graduated from my grad school and was looking for jobs I would get calls from desi(Indian) ‘consultants’ who would call and tell me they found my number from monster or some other jobs portal. That made sense because I had my resumes floating all over the place. Having a masters’s degree and no job was something that did not sit very well with me and I took to finding a job like a fulltime job in itself! Most(all) of these ‘consultants’ would tell me to go to New Jersey to join them, and then get ‘trained’ in data warehousing/database management/.NET ASP/whatever is hot. The first time I heard this I was intrigued. I naively asked him if they would get me a job after the training and he said yes. I said wow that sounds great but if I really have not much background in these technologies and if I just get trained, which company would be willing to hire me?  He said you would have to modify the contents of your resume to highlight these skills. I said, but what if I have no skills? At this point what the person on the other end told me made me find a seat and sit down and gasp! We will help you buffer your resume with experience on these technologies from companies where we have contacts already, who will be willing to back up your claims! He said the market is such that you will have to ’show’ that you have 7-8 years’ experience(to get hired) and that entails that you remove your masters degree from the resume and bump up your age a few years. All this for a job and a few extra dollars? I told him no thanks but I will find a job with my ‘real’ resume. He tried to persuade me by saying that in this market there is no way I will find a job with my skills and experience level, and that everyone does this. He also told me doing this will ensure that I will enter the market at a higher salary level than what I would otherwise. I calmly said thanks and disconnected the call. After this I received numerous calls and the first question I asked each one of the callers was would you ask me to buffer my resume, and every single one of them would start stuttering, hamming and then say yeah you will have to do that market, rate, job, experience, technology blah blah blah. I would promptly cut the call. This I did for 3 months before I found a job with my ‘real’ resume. This was my first tryst with things Indians in the US do to earn more money.

These are some more ‘creative’ things that Indians do to pad their paycheck:

  • Hiring tax ‘consultants’ to creatively evade thousands of dollars of tax – this is a new one I learnt a few days ago from my cousin.
  • Working more than 40 hours while on the H1 visa(this is illegal)
  • Faking a job when they really don’t have one, so that their visa doesn’t expire. This one requires them to generate fake paychecks and tax documents. The whole nine yards.

There might be many more such goings on in the Indian community that I am not aware of. These are everyday things that ‘normal’ people like me are doing on a regular basis, to earn more money.

In addition to this there are news reports every other day about Indian-born entrepreneurs being held for things like insider trading, tax frauds etc. Tell me this does not disgust you?


The reality is that the Desi recruiter is the most vile thing that the I.T. industry has ever faced.  I started getting calls from these freaks about a year ago, and was shocked at how bad they were.  Speaking in Hinglish, they would pitch some bogus gig in the hopes of scamming my credentials and resume, just so that they could paste a slumdog's name on it and pass it on to a Bank Of America/Dell/J.P. Morgan/[pick-one].

But the truth is that there are MILLIONS of Indian frauds in I.T. It is their way of life. 

Think about it.  India leads the world in per-capita gold consumption.  It is also dead last in in per-capita toilets-per-person. 

That means the typical Indian programmer is covered in gold and feces.  When you hire an Indian programmer, you are getting a gold-covered pile of shit, with no skills.

Is it really worth it?

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United States Arrow
November 6. 2009 01:17

Recently an Indian Friend of mine on H1 got laid off from his job, His bodyshop dismissed him after 6 weeks of bench, He was least concerned about visa status, He just calls a Firm and deposits $9000 into their account so that they can create fake paychecks and stays on a payroll to make his stay seem legal . Is there a way we can report these companies to the FEDS/DOL?

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United States Arrow
November 6. 2009 01:24

H1b is also an overlooked security risk : There is a strong suspicion that many Fundamentalist Islamic groups are motivating highly talented, but deviant sociopathic individuals to join their ranks to commit Information warfare against US Corporates, Data Theft, Fraud & Abuse and maybe material damages on US Soil..And yes, some of them are probably here on H1b Visas..Did this thought ever occur to the Anti H1b Insurgency??

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United States anonymous
November 6. 2009 06:00

Posting below forthright comments from another forum which are self explanatory. You would understand the typical Indian mindset.Yeah , exceptions prove the rule.

'" Because Americans, and to some extent, Brits, have a notion of rules and fair play, though the Brits are more aware of limitations to that--Brits have endured a class systerm that is centuries old.

'But Americans are considered naive. Most parts of the world dont have a notion of rules, little expectation of fairness, and some parts of the world are just rougher, scrappier.

'So when people from those parts of the world deal with Americans, Americans get eaten alive.'

And, my friend added, 'People from rougher parts of the world, who dont play fair, they are evenly matched when dealing with people from their same rough tough, unfair culture.

'So if they want an easy time of it, they go to America or do business in America, because they can knock the average American right over. The typical American doesnt expect dirty tricks, expects fairness and plays by the rules--and assumes everyone else does the same thing.'

In short, to paraphrase my informant, the average American rarely imagines that an Indian guru is just another businessman who happens to be using guru theatre.

And the average American doesnt see a guru as a product of marketing and advertisement.

Meanwhile the businessman/guru looks out at the adoring Americans and sees a bunch of chickens to be plucked. "

' Guru' refers to charlatans like late Osho Rajneesh , Jaggi Vasudev , Nithyananda , Art of living cult leader Sri Sri Ravishankar who have spread their tentacles all over the world as tax exempt NGOs.

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United States High Plains Drifter
November 6. 2009 06:52
High Plains Drifter

India has become synonymous with fraud. Because of the lack of self regulation, they have carried their 'every man for himself' stone-age mentality that prevails in a population of 1 billion+ here to the US. People spend years in time and money earning a degree, a reputation in the workplace and paying off their student loans only to have to complete with these deceitful cheating operators.


Load these unworthy gold-brickers onto the next container ship and get them the hell out of my country. NOW.

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Canada ezygoer
November 6. 2009 11:17

Basically all these problems boil down to:- (no particular order)

1. Existence of H1-B with all it's loopholes

2. Corporate America's love for "profits" by embracing "outsourcing" in the name of "Free trade and Globalisation"

When will the average Joe techie get some respite ? Latest Unemployment rate: 10.2 (really 20%) !!

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United States Bobo
November 6. 2009 17:21

Why should we be surprised? This is rampant all over the U.S.

We all know India, Inc's "business model" is fakery, fraud, and deception, not to mention rampant racism. This isn't some isolated incident, but rampant all over the IT industry.

No wonder America's economy is going down the toilet - the Americans who created IT have been pushed out by faking frauds from India, and the incompetent slumdogs have taken over and cleaned our companies out just to get money. It's obvious they don't posses the skills claimed and can't even remotely do the work.

Now you know the real cause of the "world economic crisis" - India, Inc! We don't have an economic problem in America - we have an immigration enforcement problem. Deport all the desi fakers and the econ will recover REAL quick.

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United States Kumar
November 6. 2009 22:13

S, Indian men are pussy.  Most of them don't have the courage to face the problem like you.  But unfortunately, you are the minority.  

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