Tunnel Rat posted on November 4, 2009 08:23

Don't be fooled by the window dressing -- TiE was infiltrated by the INSURGENCY and pressured into changing its name:


"I am focusing on what is possibly the largest of these networks, an organization called The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). This started as an Indian network and served as a mechanism for those from the Subcontinent to help each other. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of TiE and remains its stronghold. But at the latest TiE Global Conference, held in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago, an interesting debate broke out among the Board of Directors. While the organization remained largely Indian in composition, a significant number of non-Indians had joined TiE and become very active members (some had risen to the role of chapter president). Some members of the board thought it was time to change the name of TiE from The Indus Entrepreneurs to The International Entrepreneurs. They eventually agreed to drop the “Indus” from the name and to just call the organization TiE. The fact that such a debate even took place illustrates both the power of networks to embrace outsiders and draw them in, as well as the power of these networks, when unconstrained by convention or conservative establishment rules, to grow in unexpected ways. It’s a metaphor for Silicon Valley."



The absent minded professor Vikek Wadwha has been holding court in Silicon Valley lately, spreading his bullshit to fawning crowds at Berkely and on TechCrunch.  Little does he know that the INSURGENCY is mounting a legal campaign to get him removed from his post at Duke so that he does not the pollute the minds of our young children

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United States Bobo
November 4. 2009 15:38

They changed the name because TiE was exposed for the Indian racist organization that it is.

After all, when you have no accomplishments of your own, the only way to survive is to take over and claim the work of others as your own - especially by using a Nazi infiltration network of people numbering in the millions.

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United States debug
November 4. 2009 20:52

Vivek Fraudwa does not just lie and cheat.  He is a full time racist against Americans.  He believes Americans should be deported out of America.  A very ungrateful desi for what America has given him.

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