Tunnel Rat posted on October 12, 2009 23:11

Steve Hamm and Business Week Editor John Byrne have a nice conversation about the latest Business Week Cover Story that exposes the high-tech slave trade:



For the record, Steve Hamm and I exchanged a few emails and I supplied him with the links to sites like Desicrunch.com so that he could get some details on the slumdog slave trade. This cover story would have never happened without the Insurgency nagging writers like him and Moira Herbst.

They stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. Even Business Week Editor John Byrne, who had to write a pathetic apology to ImmigrationVoice.org after they linked to my blog in a previous article, had to acknowledge the fraud and deceit inherent in the H-1B program.

This kind of coverage is huge. I could not even find a copy of Business Week at the local bookstores. Either they were sold out, or NASSCOM agents had bought all the copies.

Ironically, the comments section of this story is filled with semi-literate posts from slumdogs who are trying to associate www.itgrunt.com with Moira Herbst. Just because she chatted with me for an hour does not mean that she condones my writing. Yet these psycho slumdogs post my blog URL on Business Week and try to slander Ms. Herbst as a racist. I have talked to Ms. Herbst, and she is good journalist who is trying to get to the bottom of this sordid slave trade. You slumdogs need to go find another woman to rhetorically rape. It's not like you Indians have problems raping.

What kind of sick logic is that? I myself don't even post my URL when I comment, yet these retards are driving traffic to my site with their slurs. It is not like I go on Taliban sites and raise hell there. Yet everyday, the slumdogs are here and on Business Week, embarrassing themselves with the Hinglish rants.

What is wrong with you people? Do you not understand our culture? Do you not realize that we are free to express ourselves? Do you not understand that you are not a "race" but a class of "guest worker"?

You have no rights. Nobody gives a shit if you are offended. You are here at our will, and will be deported when we have found you useless, which is now.

Now STFU and get out.

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United States debeloper1765
October 12. 2009 23:23

Tata software found "defective".. if you remember the great fanfare when this was announced last year, its quite amusing


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United States debeloper1765
October 12. 2009 23:26


Seven Indians who were detained at Bahrain International Airport for possessing fake visas have been sent home, India's ambassador to Bahrain has said.

The seven men from Kerala, aged between 21 and 23, had arrived here on Saturday seeking jobs, but found out that the company, Hala International, which had hired them did not exist.

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 13. 2009 02:31

All problems start in India itself. This is the price whoever endorses corruption ends up paying. The fly by night operators within India who take huge amounts of money ( giving either no receipt or fake receipts) from the desperate jobseekers, simply cannot exist without official sanction. Seldom does the perpetrator get punished. Invariably enjoying political patronage.

Once they are in ( for instance within Kuwait) the local indians already working here, who are fragmented as followers of various cultists (godmen)like aol srisriRavishankar , Saibaba , Ammachi , NGOs etc etc , pressurise us , to donate & donate in cash and kind to the victims. Bring in filmstars (bollykollytollymollywood) , dancers , musicians etc to perform. Film besotted indians would readily spend any amount for them. And forgery/bribery is cakewalk for indians.

Unless the poisoned source within India itself is not fumigated , this kind of charities & donations industries of (sic) godmen ( who have farflung tentacles in America, Europe , Australia , UAE , Kuwait , Bahrain , South America also) thrive as tax exempt filthy rich NGOs marketing sham spirituality , hatha yoga , pranayama and so on.

Your own laws framed with good intentions are abused by indians & such charlatans who get away with all kinds of abuses. Recall the clout of Rajneesh similar to Jim Jones ? These charlatans are no better. They are more wily & crafty as they have managed to con even Arabs ( by peddling their wares as health promoting , personality development , good scores in exams , heightened creativity all gobbledygook).

The richierich filmstars & indian politicians ( indians are not averse to worshipping their politicians either) don't pay a single paisa for their tickets & the gold , chocolates , dates , nuts , electronics  etc they avariciously grab from here. That is also taken care of by their respective sycophants.

This is how this vicious circle has been spinning.

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 13. 2009 02:33

Typo correction:

" Unless the poisoned source within India is fumigated "

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United States WTF
October 13. 2009 13:42

Sadly for you, all that traffic will eventually lead to overbearing Fibbie-esque snooping (likely already has). You have openly threatened a number of people and now the FBI is geared to jump in should you make a false move.

It's a dumb man who says he's protected by the constitution as regards "Free Speech" only to lose privacy for the rest of his mortal life. Enjoy!

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United States High Plains Drifter
October 13. 2009 15:24
High Plains Drifter

'Satyam 2' - More indian fraud, this time in the telecom sector


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United States debug
October 14. 2009 00:38

Sickening listening to Hamm talk about it without caring about the American workforce.  The two of them in the podcast should be deported to India. true collaborators.

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October 14. 2009 01:13
Shiva The Destroyer

Of course, packrape is the favourite hobby of slimy subhuman slumdogs from the shithole sub-continent. Raped, mutilated and badly burned bodies of young women are literally tumbling out of the bushes in shithole India:



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