Tunnel Rat posted on October 7, 2009 21:51




The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are increasing its anti-fraud enforcement efforts to ensure that companies are complying with their rules and regulations.  The USCIS has begun making unannounced visits to XXXXXXXX US work sites.  


Please make sure you carry you original I-94 card and passport with you during working hours.   


Kindly let me know if you have any further questions. 



Warm Regards,


Mrunal Nerurkar

HR - Employee Relations


25 Airport Road


Morristown, NJ 07960


Phone: 973-774-1424


Fax: 973-889-0798


Email ID: mrunal.nerurkar@collabera.com


URL: www.collabera.com

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United States debug
October 7. 2009 22:25

Collabera has so low rates, that only third party desi companies that have H1bs on the bench will take it.

USCIS will catch a lot of them since they are traded to Collabera and then to IBM like cattle.

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United States Bobo
October 7. 2009 23:46

Damn I grew up near Morristown. But this is good. I have a huge list of Slumdog, Inc. companies that I am going to report anonymously.

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 8. 2009 03:27

Anything & everything can be forged/faked by Indians.Any certificate.Including driving licences , etc etc.

Once I took my child to a prestigious private hospital here as he was vomiting nonstop. The Indian lady doctor (called Jaya) examined his abdomen , saw the big scar and yet  snapped:

" I have to do an appendicitis.It is an emergency."

I pointed out the scar saying the appendix was long removed.

Better to try some homeremedies than trusting any indian doctor.

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United States debeloper1765
October 8. 2009 18:11

Indian appears onstage in "whiteface"

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United States codemeister
October 8. 2009 19:34

Yay!!! Is this just a few token raids here and there or is the UCIS really on a roll?  Now, will they all get out of here?

Check out the name of this company you've cited "Collabera" and note that sleazy operations tend to glom onto other company names that look and sounds ALMOST identical to other existing companies like




Both which are "IT consulting companies" with websites that have an "About Us" button but no information.)

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United States debug
October 8. 2009 20:35

how can dogs show their papers when they don't even use toilet papers.  do you know most of their women step on the toilet cover seat while taking a shit..then they flush then use the water in the toilet to wash.

hey codemeister..you dog..i meant collabera...look at their postings on dice

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 9. 2009 07:40

debug ,

Squatting position is the traditional Indian way as many of us are not used to WC.

It has its plus points- relaxes the nervous system , keeps the knee joint , ligaments supple etc.Those who grow up never exposed to that are unable to adjust when they visit India.  Hence they carry toilet seats  with them.  

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October 9. 2009 21:21
Shiva The Destroyer

Slumdogs are deporting illegals from Bangladesh who've committed visa fraud:


It's time for America to kick these illegal Indian slumdogs out!


Kuwait Anonymous
October 10. 2009 05:58

Btw , in Andhra Pradesh , indians circumambulate around a Temple praying for visas to America/Australia/UK. So much so the Lord is now christened Visa Venkateshwara !

Cretinous indian intellect thinks the Lord is also cretinous enough to condone their deceit & lies & only interested in counting their circumambulations !!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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