Tunnel Rat posted on October 2, 2009 21:15

Finally, after months of the Insurgency harrassing the Tandoori Trifecta at Business Week, Steve Hamm and Moira Herbst came through with some real reporting.  Steve Hamm emailed me a few months ago and said he was on his way to New Jersey to shoot a "documentary."  After not seeing anything from him, I emailed him and called him a pussy.  Evidently, he got the hint.


The Slumdog Slave Trade is now going to be on the front cover of Business Week this month.



How ironic that Qualcomm is mentioned as a major slumdog kenel, the same week that I exposed their CEO as a lying sack of shit:


"In recent months workers have alleged mistreatment while working for body shops in the offices of Qualcomm (QCOMM) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM). In a civil suit filed in May and a complaint to the U.S. Labor Dept., Prasad Nair charged that Unified Business Technologies got him an H-1B visa in 2007 by saying he would work in the company's Troy (Mich.) offices and receive $60,000 a year as a programmer and analyst. Instead, UBT sent him to work at chipmaker Qualcomm's offices in San Diego, where the cost of living and prevailing wage for such a position are much higher. The 32-year-old alleged UBT made unlawful pay deductions, delayed payments, failed to pay overtime, and postponed health benefits for his family. David Blanchard, Nair's attorney, says he struggled "paycheck to paycheck" to take care of his wife and 9-month-old daughter and regularly ate at Burger King to save money."



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October 3. 2009 06:06
Shiva The Destroyer

It looks like the slumdogs have an H(indu)-1B problem of their own with the Chinese who have been asked to leave India for visa-fraud:



United States Bobo
October 4. 2009 06:43

It looks like we are finally having an effect. We need to step up pressure. I am sending advance copies of my book to both Hamm and Herbst. Just wait til they read it.

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United States proamerica
October 4. 2009 13:51

Lie, cheat, steal and stink; what more could any country ask for in replacement workers? The chinese have to leave india because they may bathe more that once a year and are more intelligent than the indians.
Golden Gate was just acquired by Oracle and you can expect American layoffs as a result.
Send the vermin home.

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United States freedom-fighter
October 4. 2009 19:49

I liked your blog better when it was complaining about clueless companies, idiot bosses and incompetent co-workers and not an anti-Indian crusade.

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United States debug
October 4. 2009 20:52

Why does Immigration Voice always think that Indians are the only ones with rights in America?  When the truth is revealed they start name calling like racists and anti-immigrant.

From an Indian newspaper:

H1B is a non-immigrant visa, which allows an employer in the US to temporarily employ foreign workers.  

Hey IV fools, you are not immigrants.

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United States Kumar Nation
October 4. 2009 20:57
Kumar Nation

"anti-Indian crusade"?  All the H-1B fraud cases prosecuted by DOJ are committed by Indians.  DOJ must be anti-Indian.

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Canada ezygoer
October 4. 2009 21:19

Dont think BW has exposed all sides of this story - Corporate America's greed for profits, outsourcers for their opportunism and lack of ethics, foreign students for their eagerness to come to the US and the H1-B visa rackets that all are tied to. If a woman lifts her skirt and spreads her legs someone's gotta get in....!!

Pity the poor US techie - big business has got your ass in a bind !!

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October 4. 2009 21:31
Tunnel Rat


I liked it better when I didn't lose 1/3 of my wages because slumdogs flooded my industry.  It liked it better before I knew that India has the largest supply of child prostitutes in the world.  I liked it better before I knew that bigotry and nepotism is ingrained in the Indian DNA.  I liked it better before I knew that Indians are trying to use our legal system to ethnically cleanse Americans out of our own I.T. industry.


Germany Gavrick
October 5. 2009 04:43

I expect to see much more of this as the economy sinks into full-fledged depression.

It reminds me of Enoch Powell's famous "Rivers of Blood" speech.

As many more American Tech workers lose their means of earning a living, the anger will continue to grow, and we will begin to do whatever we can to forestall becoming "The Camp of the Saints."

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United States Bobo
October 5. 2009 05:50

Hey everyone! Look! A CANADIAN. Or more accurately an Indian or Chinese national who had to flee ot Canada because he couldn't make it/was unwelcome/failed/committed a crime/didn't invent anything in the USA.

Those who can do, those who can't move to Canada.

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Canada ezygoer
October 5. 2009 22:03

Hey Bobo,

We get all types here whether they made it in the US or not or just not plain interested. Check this:


Used to work up north till the last meltdown in 2001 when it was not worth it but another bubble just seems to have come along. Just an observer of "Globalisation" and "Free Trade" and it's effect on workers.

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United States Bobo
October 6. 2009 18:05


Stop trying to deflect attention from the issue: immigrants who couldn't make it in USA - or fled because they were committing visa fraud here.

No one cares about some liberal hippie American fat pig woman who fled to Canada. The issue is immigrants and guest workers in American, not war protesters. There are plenty of other sites for that. This is about guest workers in the U.S. (including ones who had to leave and flee to Canada and wait for better opportunities to flood back into the U.S. again).

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United States debeloper1765
October 6. 2009 22:05

I went to Barnes & noble and bought a couple copies of this issue today. They'll be in the company breakroom tomorrow!

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 8. 2009 02:45

Holier than thou Indians are perennially  breastbeating & crying " racism " .  Also remember an Australian lady who had visited India to visit Brahmakumari Institution was brutally tortured , raped & murdered by two indians (hindus). Also don"t forget , an Australian girl in Mumbai during new year revelry was disrobed & molested in the presence of a lot of fellow indians oops mumbaikars. . Many were busy videotaping . None did anything to stop or save her.

And the self righteous Indians have the gall to justify the recent attacks on Australians. India is the most unsafe country with deplorable sanitation , infrastructure and what not. What compassion or empathy or good conduct can you expect from people who never tire of watching rape scenes in bollykolly movies.

Many indian politicians are hard core criminals.

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