Tunnel Rat posted on September 30, 2009 09:05

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the CEO of Qualcomm walked into their office and blew smoke up their ass:

"...That makes no sense. These jobs may be on U.S. soil, but they are not an entitlement for U.S. workers. In the international marketplace, American workers have to compete for jobs with the international community.

As the article points out, employers in the United States have been saying this for some time. High-tech companies have been pleading with Congress for many years to raise the number of H-1Bs to meet increased demand. That cause has been taken up by Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, who has made many trips to Washington to ask lawmakers to let in more software engineers.

Closer to home, the issue is on the mind of Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm. In a recent meeting with the Union-Tribune editorial board, Jacobs suggested that, aside from raising the cap on H1B visas, the U.S. government — as an additional enticement to get highly skilled foreigners to stay — could also speed up the process for some these individuals to become U.S. citizens. It's a great idea. Local members of Congress should take it up.

Globalization is a fact of life for the United States. So is the idea of competition. If we don't find new ways to update the current immigration system, we can expect to keep up this foolish trend of losing the most-highly skilled immigrants in the world to other countries. And if that happens, we stand to lose much more than that in the years to come."


Meanwhile, here is the reality:


"I live in San Diego. There are 2 predominate locations where most of the engineering jobs exist, Rancho Bernardo, where HP, Sony, and BAE dominate the area, and Sorrento Valley where, Qualcomm, Motorola (GI), are the major players.

Sorrento Valley is also starting to acquire the nickname "Little Calcutta" because of all the Indian Nationals that now work in the area. Due in no small part from Qualcomm, where the predominate H!B visas are used.

Tonight I learned how Qualcomm, and other large companies are using the loopholes, to get cheaper engineers.
One of the requirements to get an H1B visa is to advertise the position in the US. So, to be able to use an H1B engineer, Qualcomm advertises the job position is some little newspaper where there obviously are not any engineers. So, Qualcomm advertises in say Big Bear Times, or the Po-Dunk Nebraska. You know, those hot beds of Engineering talent. And when no US engineer response to the ad, Qualcomm can now use an H1B engineer. Simple as that. Apparently, there are teams of law firms who are teaching all these H1B abusing corporations how to use these loopholes. This is not surprising, but this is flatly un-American.

We need congress to change the law to close these loopholes. There are plenty of unemployed local engineers that I know could perform some of these jobs.

How do we go about fixing these loopholes?"



"I learned this from a friend who works for Qualcomm.
He told me that he learned this 4 years ago, after
overhearing a hiring manager asking if they had
satisfied the advertising requirement.

My friend told me specifically that in the hiring managers
case above, the response was that they had advertised
in the newspaper serving Big Bear.
Doesn't matter where, because they are never asked.

Also, that Qualcomm its H1B visa allotment by the end of
the 1st quarter.

I'd like to help figure this out, but I wouldn't know where
to begin. How can you get advertising details from companies
like Qualcomm?"




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United States Bobo
September 30. 2009 18:06

International competition? That's odd - there are no guest worker visa programs for American engineers in India or China. In fact there are LAWS on the books in India making it illegal to hire white people there. Did I mention that Wal-Mart was BANNED in India in order to protect India's 21 million retailers? Or that India puts 200% tariffs on U.S. automotive products imported to India? International competition? That only applies to the U.S.

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United States TK
September 30. 2009 19:32

Hey Bozo i mean Bobo

read up on this before crapping all over this blog like the illiterate Redneck that you are.


There is NO limit on quota for foreigners, (sic) "white people", like you to go and work in India, but then again, its for highly skilled labour, not illiterate redneck unskilled inbred like you, so you might be right ;)

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United States Kumar
September 30. 2009 23:28

TK slumdog, do yourself a favor, go visit endh1b.com before you post any crap here:

India Has Its Own 'H-1B' Problem

U.S. worker groups complain that Indian outsourcers import too many employees to this country under the H-1B visa program. Ironically, Indian professionals—and New Delhi—are now stressing over the throng of talent from the People's Republic that is accompanying Chinese business contracts into the Subcontinent.

"An India-specific approach will have to be thought through by Chinese companies," said S Jaishankar, India's ambassador to Beijing, in a huddle this week with Indian and Chinese business and government leaders.

Jaishankar—perhaps the world's most tone deaf diplomat given the millions of Desi workers employed abroad—groused that Chinese companies that carry out direct foreign investment in India tend to populate their operations with Chinese workers, while enterprises from other countries, like the U.S., usually hire locals.


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United States TheVoiceOfEnigma
October 1. 2009 18:23

Somebody should create a website called http://www.destroyamerica.org that chronicles how the members of CompeteAmerica (such as Qualcomm) engage in visa fraud and abuse of the H-1b visa program.

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United States J. Patel
October 1. 2009 22:50
J. Patel

Nice site and good to see you back, Tunnel Rat. Thanks for this story that is, as usual, missing from front page news. You would almost think that our leaders are working around the clock to keep their hatred for American workers under the radar and their determination to kill the US economy?

no site

October 2. 2009 09:11

For starters, I hate the new website look! Secondly Stfu J. Patel, rumor is that if you have the last name Patel, your visa is rejected in India, you parasite probably your dad is working as a stocker in a gas station and so are you or may be a motel maid!

Thirdly go check google.com how much respect Indians have Smile

I can only imagine Patel to be that skinny kid who looks like a pedophile who hangs out at the gym starring at big boys working out and only wishing if he could be that while doing ZERO hardwork!



October 2. 2009 09:29
Tunnel Rat

That is because is Google is flooded with slumdogs.  Gandhi was a Hitler-loving pedophile.  He fucked little girls and probably little boys.  He also thought blacks were sub-human.  Google this, slumdog:

"Gandhi Hitler South Africa pedophile"


October 2. 2009 11:16
Shiva The Destroyer

To learn the truth about India, click on my name.


Canada ezygoer
October 2. 2009 18:58

Nice to see itgrunt back .. though the main problem is with Corporate America and since Indians make up the most numbers they seem to be the brunt of all the frustration.

But who can take on Corporate America and do something for the US techie ? And does anybody care ?

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United States Mark M
October 2. 2009 21:22
Mark M

>San Diego Paper Conned By Qualcomm CEO

Of course...is there a surprise in it? Its our CEO and directors who care only about profits...Not to forget our "corporate friendly" politicians.

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United States kk
October 10. 2009 04:54

The article by the indian guy from craigslist states that he came to US 22 years ago and is
34 years old? and that before he came to the US he tried for 6 years to get a job in
India... So those 6 years of job searching in India were between the ages of 6 and 12?
Man I thought my dad was hard on me

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