Tunnel Rat posted on September 5, 2009 10:44

Now that the slumdogs have taken over Google, I can no longer trust them to protect my anonymity. Thus, I need to port my blog over to another platform.

The whole "NY Skank" thing makes me doubt Google's responsibility. If they won't protect a blogger's anonymity, why do they even offer anonymous blogging? As Rosemary Port's lawyer so eloquently put it:

"I'm ready to take this all the way to the Supreme Court," Strazzullo said. "Our Founding Fathers wrote 'The Federalist Papers' under pseudonyms. Inherent in the First Amendment is the right to speak anonymously. Shouldn't that right extend to the new public square of the Internet?"

"I feel proud to live in a country where you're not persecuted for your opinions," Port said. "That right has to be protected."

If their policy is "we will protect your privacy until someone threatens us" then there is no privacy policy. And since Google is flooded with slumdogs, I am sure they wouldn't hesitate to out me. That is why I am protecting myself and my family by stockpiling weapons and ammo, which, btw, is getting scarce, and getting off of Blogger. I am switching to Community Server.

I have also "lawyered up" and my 90210 attorney vets everything I write. My domain is registered in a proxy. My server is in Panama. My funds are in a blind trust, so I have nothing to get sued over. And who would sue? Every-fuckin' Indian in the world? Then their sordid practices would have to be exposed.

But what I have found is that Indians for the most part are all bark and no bite. Like the slumdog who crossed me at one of my previous contract positions, all I had to do was follow him to the men's room, slam his mouth into the toilet, and remind him that I knew he had a phony visa and fake resume. Shortly there after, he was replaced by another slumdog, because he had to fly back to India to get dental work done. I never heard shit from my boss or the Infosys project manager that had flooded the company with slumdogs.

The delusional Indian media continues to cyber-stalk me, and most of the death threats I get come at odd hours of the night, indicating that the call center jackals and NASSCOM shills are busy on the other side of the world harassing me.

Many local Indians are ashamed of the newbies that have given Indians such a bad name, and openly regret the fraud, nepotism, and abuse of local techies that their brethren are now famous for. They are praying that some displaced techie doesn't go postal and start capping rounds into the heads of all the Indians that wait at bus stations in Silicon Valley or ride the train to Wall Street companies. After all, they saw the news, they read what happened in Australia. They don't want to be the innocent victims of deranged techie that just spent months training his H-1B replacement and then got shitcanned.

So this is another minor inconvenience in this long campaign to expose the Indian invasion of the American I.T. industry. If I wasn't around, nobody would hear about the mother of a 3-yr old old that was tormented by her Indian manager and eventually displaced, or the DBA that had to transplant his whole family, including his disabled daughter, just to find work after he was replaced by an H-1B.

Anyway, I welcome the controversy. My greatest hope is that some techie goes crazy and acts out violently against his slumdog replacement and the collaborators that hired the feral jackal. That techie in Pittsburgh was way off the mark by going after women at a gym. If he was going to kill himself anyway, he should of stopped off at the nearby law offices of Cohen & Grigsby.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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