For some reason,, an Indian internet news site, has been writing about me for several months. Here's what they had to say about my last post:


...The Indian IT/BPO/KPO will continue this growth for the next decade. While our techies rely on their superb education, skill and competitive costs, there is a darker side to our expansion. Not only has it caused job losses in America and Europe, the manner in which some foreigners are sidelined is quite demeaning. How does this work? An Indian IT/BPO company gets an outsourcing contract. One element of such a contract is to train Indians to run the show, the other element is to ‘let go’ Americans and Europeans working in that particular IT/BPO companies. Many Indian managers use psychological warfare and dirty tactics to drum westerners out of the company that has outsourced business to them. Western tech employees cost more and have the confidence to speak their minds. Indian workers are more malleable. ITGrunt has an irrational hatred for all things Indian and so lies discredited in the eyes of many Indians. But hidden away in this blog’s venom is the confused shock and humiliation of many of the Americans who have lost their jobs to Indians on working visas in USA. One such account of an American outsourcing victim was published in ITGrunt. While globalization and the movement of jobs to countries like India are inevitable and good for the international economy, this first hand account is certainly moving.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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