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A nasty collaborator named Barbara Hoffnagle, assistant general manager and chief information executive of Arizona utility Salt River Project, has sent out bid requests to two curry dens, Infosys and Accenture, so that it can shitcan 50 American techies now employed by SRP. This nasty bitch needs to be stopped. I heard Arizona has some pretty liberal gun laws:

This means that some nuclear plants in Arizona will be CONTROLLED BY SLUMDOGS.

WTF? As this writer put it, this is a disaster waiting to happen:

Oh great. That includes the biggest nuke plant in the U.S. - Palo Verde. So we're going to have people from a 3rd world country where the power goes out every 30 minutes now manage the most reliable power infrastructure in the world. Not to mention the Indian Mafia's propensity to network and worm their way into everything. They will do everything from steal the nuke plant plans and tech to steal the software to export fissionable material back to India. What someone needs to tell these moron beancounter MBA's is: NO AMOUNT OF COST SAVINGS IS GOOD IF THE PRODUCT DOESN'T WORK. Most people here do know that nearly all Indian degrees are FAKE, right? They destroyed Silicon Valley, then Wall St., then Detroit, now we're going to let them manage our power infrastructure? FOREIGN NATIONALS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TOUCH OUR CRITICAL SYSTEMS.

Here's the info for SRP:

• President: John M. Williams Jr.
• Associate General Manager, Commercial and Customer Services: Mark B. Bonsall
• Assistant General Manager and CIO: Barbara Hoffnagle

Contact Information
Address: 1521 N. Project Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281-1298
Phone: 602-236-5900
Fax: 602-236-4423


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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