Tunnel Rat posted on August 16, 2009 11:48

My DBA friend texted me this week. He finally found a contract (after months of looking) at one of the big studios in L.A. The company was turning over all their I.T. work to Cap Gemini, one of the biggest curry dens in the world.

The project is a disaster, in part because most of the local workers refused to transition over to become Cap Gemini employees. Much of the domain knowledge walked out the door. Americans still have some leverage in I.T., and many will now refuse to work with packs of slumdogs because bloggers like me have been getting the word out about how the Indian jackals work.

Here's what my friend had to say:

DBA: Offshore powered down started removing cables on wrong prod servers??

Last weekend crises was halted to swine flu building scare in india. So much for 24 hr support?

Keystone cops invasion. I have no one left to get support/info from !?!

ME: I am so blogging that.

DBA: So a minor prod issue over weekend was escalated to top mgmt because NOBOBY there on helpdesk to answer phones! Swine flu scare in building India. Classic.

One key selling point for offshoring is 24/7 and IT can work 2 times existing America only force. Deliver projects in half time to save $$$. Everybody wins ???


DBA: Nobody knows this in my organization. I found the swine flu scare info from taking train home and sitting next to top studio exec! They had to do emergency conference calls!

They think phone system was down or nobody came in to work in India. I'm keeping quiet but LMAO!

Wait! Munbai closes all schools. Its not over yet.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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