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The first real Curry Den I worked at was a giant food conglomerate where I contracted for eight months. It was in the last recession, and contract development work was scarce.

For the first month, I sat in a training room, without my own computer. I used one of the lab machines. The company was in the middle of a massive SAP migration, and I was hired to do some work related to data exports and imports from the DB2 system to Oracle.

The project was a clusterfuck, and I had little to do. I was chomping at the bit to get some .NET experience, but I was going to have to write some VB6 code for this project. The project manager was a diminutive DESI DOUCHEBAG named Jeet.

Finally, the company got it's shit together and moved my team out of the lab and upstairs to a mostly empty 2nd floor. It was four of us, and we shared the floor with a pack of Indians that were working on the SAP project.

Ironically, two of the ladies on my team had recently left a company that I contracted at for almost two years. One was a nice Russian programmer, and the other was an Indian. What was odd was that the Indian lady worked on HP systems at the old place, so I couldn't figure out what she was doing on a VB project.

It didn't take long for me to figure that the DESI BITCH couldn't code to save her life. After some snooping, I found out the reason that she was on my project.

The head of application development was a another DESI. Her husband.

After fumbling for a few weeks, Jeet figured out that the DESI BITCH could not code, so he made her a system analyst. She would sit in a room with the other analysts as they tried to figure out how to implement the data exchange between the legacy systems and the new ones.

This went on for months. In the meantime, I had nothing to do. I would sit at my desk, trying to look like I was coding. I couldn't surf the net blatantly, because the DESI DOUCHEBAG, Jeet, had a habit of sneeking up to the second floor to spy on us.

The slumdogs working on the SAP project sat on the other side of the floor, and they were all in their twenties. They spent their days yapping in Hindi and making their stinky communal lunches.

The project dragged on, and the CIO eventually got fired because the project was a year and a half behind.

Eventually, I started to get dragged into these meeting with the analysts, including the DESI BITCH. She would demand all this "documentation" for an application that didn't exist, because it was solely reliant on the SAP project, which was going nowhere.

One day I got tired of her shit, and in so many words, told the DESI BITCH to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

So the next day, here comes Jett, the DESI DOUCHEBAG, and he tries to "counsel" me. I ignored him, and wrote a two page email to the honkey project manager that had hired me, giving him my side of the story. I was not about to let two DESI scumbags railroad me to make way for another fucking Indian programmer.

My honkey boss, a "consultant" that had worked his way into the upper echelons of the giant food conglomerate and was making 40% of my billable hours, managed to work a deal where I would be transferred to another department.

I ended up moving back downstairs, in a windowless room with six other programmers. Again, I sat there and did nothing. At least I didn't have to listen to the slumdogs yapping in Hindi. At that point in my career, I didn't really hate Indians, but I was starting to see a pattern with them. They were obviously tribalistic and nepotistic.

In that windowless room, the woman behind me was a SLUMDOG CUNT. Who knows what she did, but she sure acted like she was God's gift to the world.

One day, the SLUMDOG CUNT was bitching about her teeth, and how she needed a bunch of expensive dental work. She said it would be cheaper for her to fly back to India and get the work done there.

"I heard you can get your teeth worked on right on the street in India, they have these guys the live on the sidewalk, doing dental work," I said.


You should have seen her freak out.

"Indian cities are just like New York or any other big city!"

"Really," I said.

"You don't know what you are talking about! India is a "debeloped" country!"

Yeah, right, you stupid SLUMDOG CUNT.

So developed, millions of people eat rats. Young babies die of rabies all the time, because rats eat them alive. Half the population shits in public. Indians dump their trash in public -- it is a way of life. I heard that if you walk down the street, you may get a pile of trash dumped on your head, because INDIANS THROW THEIR TRASH OUT THE WINDOW.

Nice fuckin' place.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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