Tunnel Rat posted on July 28, 2009 11:33

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Actually if anyone actually read his posts from Jan 09 - Jul 09 and not the last few posts you can tell that his is frustrated with H1-B Indians. He had a very bad experience at one of his client and I think that is not and atypical situation. He only hates the bad ones and it is sad to say he might be right about some of them. I am open enough to feel confident enough to not be bothered by his comments. As someone who is in the top 20 percentile in my field I don't feel those comments are directed at me. If I ever meet him in person I'll tell him nicely bring it on - let's compare resumes. Come to think of it most of what he said is true. I will probably be the first Indian to admit it. From what I have seen, it is quite true if you are an Indian you only need to be average (or even below average) skillwise to be hired by an Indian manager. Every non Indian I came across who was hired by Indian manager is usually very well qualified. If you are non Indian why average skills and you are inherited (i.e. change of mgmt) by an Indian manager chances are you will either by kicked out or you will never by promoted. Unless we Indians chance this practice of hiring "friends" instead of being completely objective. Only such abuses of the immigration system (H1-B) can exist in American - of course I did not forget the other 10 million+ illegals as well. Let's give this guy a break -- read his post in the entirely you'd be amazed at how much he know about us. He's definitevely raised in America. Sometimes I even wonder if he is an Indian born in America. PEACE ...

Yup, I know ALL about you people from The Land That Time Forgot. I know how you treat your women, how you treat Dalits, how there are 1 MILLION CHILD PROSTITUTES in India, and how you have tried to purge Americans out of the United States I.T. industry.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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