The US had set up the H-1B visa program to hire on a short term basis highly skilled workers not available in America. The ground reality is that some tech firms have used every loophole in the H-1B system to bring in low cost workers. The ongoing misuse of the visas is an open secret. Now an anti H1B and anti Indian site has banned Indians from posting comments.

The American Government’s H1B policy has its fair share of supporters and critics. The critics have lobbied powerful politicians, launched public campaigns and even started a number of anonymous blogs. Some of these anti-H1B blogs stick to facts and civilized opinions; others are viciously anti-H1B and anti-Indian. The American constitution protects such ‘free’ speech.

One of the most vocal anti-Indian sites is ITGrunt. Itgrunt has built up such a high profile amongst anti-H1B campaigners that leading Business magazine Businessweek sought its views on the American working visa system. Its criticism of Indians became so personal and abusive that its California-based hosting company refused to host Itgrunt. Itgrunt refers to Indians as ‘slumdogs’ and much worse. then moved its website to Panama. But its readership is mainly from America.

What Itgrunt dishes out, the Indian techies give it back in full measure. Indians have sent in hate mail and even death threats. Till last week, Itgrunt allowed comments criticizing Itgrunt.

Last week, Itgrunt had enough. It chose to only dish out anonymous criticism of Indians and all things India. Indians cannot retaliate. Itgrunt posted last week.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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