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I'm a bit late to the story about how the recent Washington D.C. train wreck may have something to do with the fact that the WMTA (Washington Metro and Transit Authority) used a contractor that outsourced ALL THE CRITICAL COMPUTER WORK TO INDIA.

I've been a bit busy dealing with the media and publicizing the plight of the American techie in the midst India, Inc.'s campaign to ethnically cleanse non-Indians out of I.T. I even got some press on Business Week after chatting with writer Moira Herbst:

Others seem less enamored. "While I do admire Matloff and find his work to be substantial, his contribution to our cause has been academic and largely ignored by the I.T. industry," says "Kevin," who publishes a blog that routinely refers to Indian tech workers as "slumdogs" ( "THAT IS ONE ARTICULATE [expletive]", wrote Kevin in a post in April referring to Matloff. (Matloff distances himself from "Kevin" and his Web site and says his views are "unrepresentative.")

It is amazing how you create some controversy by quoting a racist slumdog CEO dissing Americans and follow it with the picture of a young Indian laying in an Australian hospital bed after getting his ass kicked.

Trust me, the two are not unrelated.

Now, back to the news...

You readers should know that, with the help of a few slumdogs, people are now dead.

American people.

Here's some notes from the blogosphere:

"Primary contractor for the DC Metro is Optimal Solutions & Technologies(OST)...

...Vivek Kundra has many connections to OST. He was even on their board.

..But that wasn’t the only reason Kundra put Optimal Solutions and Technologies in charge of nearly 100 subcontractors eager for a piece of as much as $75 million a year in technology contracts.

And what about the role of Optimal Solutions and Technologies, a D.C.-based company founded in 1999 by Vijay Narula?

Though allegedly Acar and Bansal violated city rules by regularly meeting and talking, Narula said his company, which has about eight employees assigned full time to the contract, was powerless to detect such behavior.

Remember Sushil Bansal? He was the one that was arrested and jailed, and was the reason the FBI raided Kundra’s office. Acar has been charged with bribery.

OST is heavily involved in our transportation infrastructure. They even have an FAA Software Design and Development Services Contract. Vijay Narula is their CEO. OST’s contracts are some of the most important in the nation because they involve public safety, and yet it’s very difficult to find out where Narula was born–he is very much an enigma. Try finding his biography with Google, and get back to me when you find out something.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Awards an Information Technology Contract to Optimal Solutions and Technologies (OST, Inc.)

GRPA is another outsourcer that does business with the WMATA. They have offices in India, and perhaps they send some work there...

GRPA is considered a minority owned business, which gives them a large advantage over other companies that want to win state contracts. The company name explains their minority status: G.R. Patel & Associates, Inc.

OMG! Slumdogs are now a protected minority that gets preference for government contracts??? WTF?

Here's what 2Truthy had to say:

According to the press release, BS also has strategic relationships with multinational project engineering companies such as Forster Wheeler, Bechtel, Fluor Daniel and Montgomery Watson who successfully use Bentley technology to run single virtual teams across countries including India.

Computer failure may have caused Tuesday's fatal DC Metro train crash, according to a preliminary report by the NTSB as they search for clues to explain why the computerized system designed to prevents such disasters failed. Outsourcing/insourcing American jobs to cheap, dubiously “skilled” third world workers is not only hazardous to the financial health of American citizens and the economy but to the U.S. population's health and safety.

Even the programmers are on to the link between shitty slumdog coding and DISASTER:

"Also, the company that WMATA outsourced its work to seems to have programmers located in India - so low-quality, low-wage work might be a cause as well."

And of course, was one of the first to break this story.

I've already written about how offshoring loan approval work to India contributed to the sub-prime meltdown.

Now, after years of rampant offshoring to the Land That Time Forgot, aka, India, we are reaping what we sow. Financial disaster, and tragedy.

What did all these "offshoring to India", "hire any one but an American", "bring me a cheap H-1B" cheerleaders expect when they sent critical pieces of I.T. work to a country that SUPPLIES ONE THIRD OF THE WORLD'S ILLITERATE POPULATION? That is correct -- every third illiterate person in the world is an Indian.

And now people are dead.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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