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H-1B restrictions would choke US of talent: Premji

Riaz,Qatar,says:I am sorry, I think Premji is wrong on this subject, by his own logic. He says, how can restricting 8,000 workers out of 2 million effect unemployment in US. Well then how can restricting 8,000 workers will choke US talent ? Americans achieve far more in 8 hours than Indians techies do working long hours. I have been on both sides of the border, so I know. I even worked at Wipro. The Americans constantly end up wasting time, training Indian techies, because in India techies do not stay in one job long enough to become masters

Tom,Seattle, WA,says:I really resent the common Indian man's point of view that an Indian in India works harder than an American works harder in America. This might be true for a few people but to make a generalization such as this is ridiculous. I have lived in India and in the United States and can comparatively say that life in the United States is much tougher than in India. The pay might of course be higher in the U.S. but that is because of the value of the U.S. dollar. As an engineer working for a Fortune 500 company, we work all year round and only get 2 weeks off a year compared to engineers who work in Europe and in India. We sometimes have to work 60-80 hrs a week to support our projects which can really take a toll on our personal lives. I would like to see a professional in India who matches that. Therefore before you state that Indians are willing to do a job that Americans do not want to do, please get your facts straight.

Dias Singh,London,says:My understanding of the Off-Shore model is that the people actually work from India and not abroad ? Another vital point is that India's trade with the US is so insignificant that the only losers would be India. Also India is no world leader or in any position to dictate trade policies. It is true like the previous readers have mentioned that most of the staff not only from Wipro are below average and are actually learning on the job. Furthermore their command of the English language is pretty poor both in written and oral form. Prmji should stop actually attempt to fool the vast number of educated Indians into flase pretences.

Nagaraj ,USA,says:All the big companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS should go back and seriously think about developing some decent software products and compete in the open market, Mr. Premji. Stop whining. Stop becoming rich body shopping.

ajay,India,says:Premji is trying to be too cute( read oversmart) here Everyone knows the type of Employees TCS, Wipro, Satyam has. They are just making fool of these American Companies. American professioanl people are much more hard working than the Indians, any day! Get your facts right, Mr Premji!

Venkat,Texas, USA,says:I have to agree with ronJon on this one. Top Indian IT companies have gotten very greedy and the talent level that is being sent or given to projects is mediocre at best. Lack of professionalism is another big defect of several Indian developers coming on H1B. 8000 is very insignificant in the overall picture both on the US side and the Indian side. Premji and others need to step up the talent base if tehy want to compete.

Rajiv,Delhi,says:Mr. Premji, Indians are reponsible for misusing these visas to the core. There are over half a million nonqualified Indian techies have been dumped in the US in last ten years, most of them are unemployable in a good company even in India. Majority of them are not even engineers or technical graduates and have some sort of diploma from diploma mills e.g Aptech, NIIT and some third rate MCA's. You guys should have thought it earlier that this fraud can not go forever.

ronJon,USA,says:Talent?? The fact is most of Wipro's so called talent are very mediocre people and taking over american jobs en masse. There was a time in the 90s early to mid 90s when Wipro,Infosys, etc hired top talent. No longer.Nowadays their programmers are very mediocre. No wonder there is backlash from Americans. Wipro and others had this one coming.

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R. Lawson , Florida , says: Dear Infosys, Wipro and Tata. And anyone left at Satyam: You had this coming. After years of discriminating against American workers - hiring a token few at your US operations - your actions are finally catching up to you. You lucked out with 8 years of Bush who was a corporate hack. But, your luck has run out. You deserve this. Had you done the right thing (you know, the ethical thing - look the word up since you probably don't understand what it means) you wouldn't be in this situation. You used an H-1b program designed to fill a shortage, and the L-1b visa which was designed for corporate executives to fill run of the mill IT jobs. You had no oversite, and plenty of legal loopholes. That's all coming to an end. Since we all know you paid your H-1b workers below market wages (and broke a few laws which may be discovered if the DOL decides to audit you), the cost of offshoring is going to go up when you are forced to hire people at market rates. Your unfair advantage is coming to an end. After watching your organizations rip the IT profession apart from its seams for the last 10 years, and turn it into a commoditized labor force, I can only hope the damage you have caused will one day be undone. I don't know who I blame the most. Unethical corporate executives who will rob their mothers if given the chance, or the politicians in our country who allowed it to happen.
[6 Jun, 2009 | 2112 hrs IST]

Sharad , USA , says: Great going Infosys. Hope you meet the same fate as Satyam.
[4 Jun, 2009 | 1909 hrs IST]

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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