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Stuart Anderson, a lobbyist for the National Foundation for American Policy, has been playing fast and lose with the numbers by saying that each H-1B holder that hi-tech companies hire creates five jobs around that position.

If so, why don't we raise the cap, import about 200,000 guest workers, and create a million new jobs?

Because the idea that H-1Bs create jobs is absurd.

Stuart Anderson will be on TV today at 9:35am EST on the CSPAN show "Washington Journal".

The show will probably be aired several times this week so check the online CSPAN schedule for all three channels. They also have an online streaming broadcast so you can catch it at your convenience.

There is one important reason to catch the show live is that they take call-ins. This is your chance to give "Mr. H-1B" a piece of your mind. Be sure to think about your comment before you call though because Stuart is a very polished shill that is a very talented liar.

To view the show online and to get the phone numbers go here.

Anderson's numbers have been the source of controversy ever since Microsoft used them to try to get more low-cost, low-skill guest workers, mostly from a relatively backwards sub-continent.
Carl Bialik, "The Numbers Guy" from the Wall Street Journal, wrote about the phony numbers and how they were being used by various proponents of unlimited hi-tech visas:

I sent the study — which has been cited by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire — to several statisticians, and most questioned the findings. "Can we be sure that the extra U.S. nationals wouldn’t have been hired anyway, regardless of the H-1B visa hires?" asked Anthony Hayter, a statistician at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

The study itself said, "most changes in a company’s employment are not driven solely by their temporary-visa high-skilled hires. It is likely that increased hiring of both H-1Bs and other workers are both influenced primarily by business opportunities specific to the firm."

Vivek Wadhwa, the most public face of the H-1B lobby, even had his questions:

"It is hard to prove that one thing led to another," said Vivek Wadhwa, a senior research associate at Harvard, who added, "There are other studies which make lesser claims but are much more defensible." He cited these studies as examples. (Wadhwa co-wrote a recent paper on a similar theme.)

In a stunning reversal, Vivek Wadhwa has now come out against the H-1B program because of the rampant fraud. He wrote me this email last week:

I agree about the issue of bringing in low-wage/low-level programmers. We don’t need them and the visas they enter on disadvantages American workers and the workers on these visas.

Hiring guest workers over Americans in this economy has become bad business. This just in from the Washington Post:

...The H-1B program brings in about 85,000 skilled foreign workers every year, ostensibly to fill jobs that U.S. workers cannot or will not do. But some companies in the science and technology fields, afraid of a backlash over hiring foreign professionals rather than American ones, are rescinding job offers. Analysts say it is part of a wave of mounting anger in the United States over work visas, especially at a time when more than half a million Americans are being laid off every month.

"Hiring H-1B visa holders has become as toxic as giving out corporate bonuses," said Vivek Wadhwa, a Duke University professor and Harvard University research fellow.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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