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While the insurgency only advocates rhetorical violence and psychological cyber-warfare, here is some good news, out of all bad comes good -- four more Americans may get jobs in the I.T. industry. And there are four slots open to get a MS in I.T. from EIU:

Four Indian students killed as drunk US cop crashes car

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NEW YORK: Four Indian students, including three girls, were killed and another was injured when an off-duty and apparently drunk policewoman crashed her car into their vehicle on a highway in Missouri.

The five, all hailing from Andhra Pradesh and studying for their MS degrees in information technology in Eastern Illinois University, were returning home on a Honda Accord when the policewoman's SUV, speeding on the wrong lane, hit them head-on in Des Peres, authorities said.

Four of the students — Anusha Anumolu (23), Satya S Chinta (25), Anita Lakshmi (23) and Priya Muppvarapu (23) — died on the spot while 27-year-old Nitesh Adusumilli, who was driving the car, was seriously injured.

The policewoman, identified as 41-year-old Chrissy Miller, was off-duty from her job at the Sunset Hills Police Department. She is also in a critical condition at St John's Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur, media reports said.

"They had gone to an Indian restaurant and then to a bowling alley, and were returning home," said Suren Pathuri, an acquaintance of the victims. He said the bodies of the four victims will be sent to India.

"We do suspect that alcohol may have played a part in this crash on Miss Miller's part," said Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergent Al Nothum.

"The investigation is ongoing," he said.

- http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2212796/posts

But let's just say a few "guest workers" "accidentally" fall off of a subway platform, why should we be surprised? With over 200,000 displaced American programmers, there are bound to be a few violent ones that snap. After all, they have been hearing this for years:

"This is Kumar, your replacement. Train him and then pack your stuff and get out. And don't gripe, or you won't get your severence and you will be blacklisted in I.T."

And why do all the slumdogs come from A.P.?

Finally, I am sure that the cost of these dead slumdog's poor deceased future indentured servants education was sponsored by their corrupt government, and they took the slots that could have gone to an American. Why aren't we sponsoring the I.T. education so that a black kid from Harlem or Mexican daughter of a drywaller in East L.A. can get a career in the industry? Because the H[indu]-1B lobby hates Hispanics and blacks, that's why.


BTW, the first official monthy H[indu]-1B blackout day will be on April 1. Get busy, insurgents.

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October 7. 2009 05:36
nursing jobs

What the hell.... why didn't i hear about this....and you were right this definitely pissed me off...another great example of racism in the US!


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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