Tunnel Rat posted on March 18, 2009 15:01

I live in the Bay area, and to put it mildly, THERE ARE A TON OF SLUMDOGS WALKING AROUND.

Anyplace you see some tilt-ups, extended-stay motels, and Indian fast-food places, you are in the midst of a slumdog kennel.

So as I walking to Starbucks the other day, I spotted a species of slumdog that was worthy of my attention -- the Show Shoe-Wearing Slumdog.

This guy had it all. Cheap Kirkland jeans. K-Mart polo shirt. A backpack.

White socks, and shower shoes.

I was so exited at catching a glimpse of the prototypical slumdog, I dashed across the street to the median, pulled out my cellphone, and took some pictures. I didn't want to be too obvious because you never know one of those fuckers will go rabid and try to throw acid in your face.

Unfortunately, my camera doesn't have much of a zoom, so the picture doesn't really do justice to what I saw. But you get the idea:

Anyway, I want my fellow members in the insurgency to send me your Slumdog Snapshots. I want to start a gallery, sort of like the one on the Mullet Madness site.

And one more thing before I sign out -- there was some crazy shit on my block last night. For those of you following along, some Desi has setup what I believe to be a slumdog clownhouse a few doors down. Nobody really lives there, and we only see the Desis and some dot-heads on the weekends when they gather in the mostly empty house. Supposedly, the rumor is that the rich Desi dad bought the house for the Desi kids that were going to get married and move in. Really weird.

But last night, a pack of Desis were partying on their patio all fucking night, getting big time belligerent and obnoxious. They were obviously coked-up. You don't stay up all night unless you are doing blow, just ask Larry Kudlow.

At 5 AM, I called the cops, and most of the block was out in force (we got some serious vigilante crackers on my street, and I'm the ringleader). This shit went on all morning, with the cops coming back at 6 AM, and they still wouldn't arrest the crazy coked-up Desis. I filmed the whole scene, and starting yelling at the Desis from my patio as they were sitting on the curb, getting the riot act from four cops. Minor shit like this:

"Go home, slumdog!"

"Get the fuck back in your kennel, mader chad!"

I gotta edit the video and then post the full narrative next week. It's funny as hell.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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