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Decisions, decisions. I could either blog today, or surf porn.

But there is work to be done, so I am blogging.

A shout out to NoSlaves.com, another fire team in the insurgency.

They have a great post about how shills like Duke's Vikek Wadhwa play the race card to justify the ongoing occupational apartheid that is being committed by the H[indu]-1B lobby:




I sent my own email to Mr. Wadhwa, and doubt I'll get a response:

Dear Sir,

I have 15 years in the programming business, with top skills, and I have seen my wages decline every year -- it is occupational apartheid at the hands of mostly upper-caste Hindus. Call me politically incorrect, just don't call me a coward. It is the truth, and for over ten years 200,000 American programmers have suffered the humiliation of being displaced by low-skill, low-wage H-1B imports, almost exclusively from India.

The monopoly of the IT profession by the mostly Indian H[indu]-1B lobby must stop. So few of those imports can communicate in English, much less code. And their phony "CVs"!!!! What a riot. 24-yr olds with 10 years of experience!!! And the idiot American I.T. managers drool over these guys, because they are docile, humble, and meek -- unlike the skilled U.S. developer, who maybe cocky yet talented and creative.

There is no "programmer shortage" -- just a shortage of American I.T. executives with integrity and gonads. And their sycophant, eat-their-young capitalists are helping to eliminate the American programmer from the industry. And you aren’t helping matters by promoting this myth, along with the stereotype that Americans can’t be engineers, programmers and scientists. I have a daughter and know that she will have a hard time becoming a software developer if the industry continues to monopolized by nepotistic and misogynist Indian males.

In addition, you are supporting a program that results in the exploitation of many Indian immigrants. They come here, get their passports confiscated, and then are forced to live in squalor while they work as indentured servants for corporate America. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a propagandist for this corrupt and abused program.

Tunnel Rat

What is scary is that this Desi is probably tenured, and discriminating against American college students at Duke.

Send him an email (wadhwa@duke.edu or vwadhwa@law.harvard.edu [thanks, Bob]) and let him know that we are on to his ways. His days are numbered. As the anti-H[indu]-1B revolt gains momentum, shills like him won't get any airtime, and will be lucky to have a job. They are the Goebbels of the H[indu]-1B lobby, and will pay the price. Fire for effect.

Also, thanks to my fellow insurgents for sending me these emails:

If you have not seen Robert Oak's work yet, you


A most excellent question: how come an H-1B can start a company, and snag a government job, and in IT security no less?

Good question. I am sure there is a logical explanation -- no American could be found to install keystroke loggers, uh um, I mean anti-virus software at the D.C. DMV.

Brad Reece at Networkworld.com has a great post on the Cisco connection to the AITC bust:

"Outrageously in the opinion of yours truly, it appears that there is absolutely nothing in Acar's work experience or technical education that would make him qualified to be an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)."

- http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/39660

And Brad has a point. It appears that there is absolutely nothing in the average slumdog's work experience or technical education that would make him qualified to be a .NET developer/DBA/Java programmer/pick one, yet they still keep flooding the market and displacing Americans.

Here's some more intel from the insurgency's recon team:

To: Tunnel Rat
Subject: Don't forget the L-1 visa


They are right to be worried. The L-1 has more restrictions on it than the H-1B, because of a crackdown about 5-6 years ago (if memory serves). They were interpreting ANY IT skill as 'specialized knowledge' that would justify bringing in their folks, then shopping them out to displace ours. Even that notorious traitor, Harris Miller (former head of ITAA) warned them to cut it out, but Hindu hubris prevailed. Until the crackdown. There are two types of L-1 visa, one for managers and one for subject specialists.

One interesting thing: over on Immigration Voice and on any board that allows posts, as soon as we start nailing the problems of the H-1B visa, they start whining, 'what about the L-1' and 'what about the illegals from Mexico' (as in, go worry about them and leave us alone). When the seat gets really hot for them, then the internal ethnic and caste hostilities often start to show. 'It's those gultis' (Andhra Pradeshis), 'It's those gujjus' (Gujaratis), 'It's those greedy Banias' (large merchant class), 'It's the northerners (or southerners)' and so on and so forth.

Another interesting thing: In all the years that I've been watching Immigrationvoice.org, I've seen many situations where an H-1B has fallen out of status. Firing, layoff, botched job switch, etc. In only ONE case have I seen the advice be, "pack your bags." There are a million loopholes that Americans might be outraged to learn about. 8-9 years ago, the average American had no clue about guestworkers visas, but now they know something has gone very wrong in the job market.

Here are some resources you might enjoy:


Keep 'em coming, fellow rats!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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