Like I said, I reported the Curry Den to the Department of Labor by filing a WH-4 (link is on the sidebar).

Within two weeks, I got a call from a DOL agent. Man, did that dude have a hard on for this case. He wanted to know ALL about it. When I told him I was the only white male on a team of 15 in the whitest county in American, he laughed his ass off.

I'm telling you, these agents are poping their cherries with all these H-1B scams. Many will move on to high government posts after their experiences purging the I.T. industry of the plague of slumdogs that has infested my chosen career.

But he said there are some loopholes that would make the Curry Den compliant. Yeah, no shit. The whole H[indu]-1B visa program is full of loopholes any dumbass immigration lawyer (sorry for being redundant) could drive a truck through.

I was told by the agent that a company can hire any H-1B, and not even recruit an American for the job, if the H-1B either makes over $60,000 a year OR has a Master's degree!


How hard is it for some scumbag slumdog (sorry for being redundant) to add a a Master's degree from some phony Indian school to his already huge stack of fake paperwork?

When I told the agent that the slumdogs may be here on L-1s, he said those are out of his jurisdiction. Evidently, the Department of Justice handles those cases, and he urged me to file a separate complaint with them. He did say that the DOL does throw those cases over the wall to the DOJ after their investigation, but the DOJ won't touch them unless that have a complaint filed by a U.S. citizen.

So, I just need to fill out this statement, and the complaint goes to D.C. for approval. The DOL agent said it will surely get greenlighted.

Here's the statement I need to complete (the agent wrote it up after he interviewed me and emailed me the draft):

This report is authorized by Section 11 of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other Wage-Hour laws. While you are not required to respond, your cooperation is needed for the Wage Hour Division to make a determination of compliance under the applicable Act(s). Your identity will be kept confidential to the maximum extent possible under existing law.



(Place of Interview)

I, Mr[Tunnel Rat] of .

(Name of employee) (Number, street, apt. no.)

(City or town) (State) (Zip) (Telephone number / email)

+18 years of age, (was/have been) employed by [The Curry Den] 000-00-0000

(Establishment) (Social Security #)

for the approximate period from [enter date] to [enter date]

(Location of Establishment) (If still employed state “present”)

IT Developer

(Job Title or Description of Occupations)


I am a U.S. Citizen. I worked on a job contract at the [Curry Den] for 3 weeks. My job title at [Curry Den] was IT Developer. [Curry Den] is an IT software development company. I was contracted out and placed to work at [Curry Den], I was not an employee of the business. I am an employee of [I.T. Staffing Agency], they are a division of [Big Ass Company]. I am compensated through them, they provide my W-2. [I.T. Staffing Agency] is an IT placement firm. I am an IT contractor and my job is to normally work on IT contracts with other business clients that can last 6 months to a year. [Curry Den] is a client of [I.T. Staffing Agency]. For the open position at [Curry Den] I was called and informed by my employer that there was an available contract for a computer programmer. To my knowledge there was no posting for the job position in writing. Most of the open job positions between the client and placing firms are kept secure. This is because they do not want it out there where a competing IT firm may get their hands on it. I was interviewed in-person at the [Curry Den] worksite. There were 3 people that interviewed me. There names were [fill in information]. I do not know if they are U.S. Citizen, Green Card Holders or H-1B workers. After the interview they offered me the job that same day. Based on what my recruiter stated to me at [I.T. Staffing Agency] there were about 40 candidates that applied for the same position, these were local U.S. Citizens. Another U.S. citizen and I ended up getting the contract work at [Curry Den]. A friend of mine, who is a U.S. Citizen, also applied for the position but was not hired. I was not given an employee handbook being that I was considered an IT contractor. I was given a non-disclosure agreement to sign. My first day of work on the contract was on [fill in date] and I resigned 3 weeks later. My team at [Curry Den] consisted of 15 people. Out of the 15 people, 4 were IT developers and 3 were QA staffs that were flown in from New Delhi, India. This is what my team Project Manager and VP of Application Development stated to me. These workers are either on H-1B or L-1 visas and live at a Motel around the corner from the business. I know that the company did not make any effort to recruit U.S. workers for these positions. My job responsibility there was software development, I did the coding of the software. I was paid $** and hour for the work that I did. I received a check from [I.T. Staffing Agency] being that they were my direct employer. I voluntarily resigned from the job contract 3 weeks later, I did not like working there. I took the next job contract offer that came along and gave my resignation. I was not pressured to leave [Curry Den], I left on my on will. [Curry Den] has a location on the *****, *****, ***** and in India. Their location in ****** has about 75-100 workers and most of them are either on H-1B or L-1 Visas. I have been working in the IT field for [enter number of years].

I have read the above and declare that it is true to the best of my knowledge.



Emailed for signature 03/10/09-WHI *******

Now, I want to know what is stopping thousands of American programmers who are seeing their workplaces dominated more and more by illegal H[indu]-1B slumdogs from filing an HW-4.

Are you all castrated and docile, fearing for your careers? Just trying to get along? Would you rather be eliminated instead of politically incorrect?

It just takes a few minutes of your time to send a report to the DOL each time a wave of slumdogs shows up in your I.T. shop. What is stopping you? After all, nobody will know it was you that dropped the dime. (Although I am sure the Desis at the Curry Den will put two and two together and realize that the honkey who was there for three weeks ratted them out. That is why I am the Tunnel Rat).

Sure, many of these investigations will be fruitless. There are so many ways to scam the system, any Desi dipshit can fly in a pack of slumdogs and still be legal.

But the investigations must be brutal. What a fuckin' cavity search that must be for a company. I am sure after one DOL or DOJ audit, they will think twice about filling the place with curry-scented pod-people.

Now get busy.

Stand up and fight or lay down and die.

"I used to think that only America's way was right
But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives
Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies

...There's a revolution calling
Revolution calling
Gotta make a change
Gotta push, gotta push it on through"

- Queensryche


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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