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Some sent me a link to a fascinating blog post written by a relatively articulate Desi called "The Evil called "'Desi Consultant'". It's pretty much another typical H-1B horror story, but the blogger hits the nail on the head with his final sentence:

“If we don’t act now this menace called desi consultants will grow into a big mafia powerful enough to suck the blood of genuine employment seekers in the US”

While true, this is a mantra spewed by many a Desi to rationalize the corruption in the H-1B program.

It's not like they will ever do anything to the Desi bodyshops. But they will continue to hire exclusively Indian programmers if they have the authority, and they will repeat the canard that there is a "programmer shortage", and say that American programmers are lazy and should be replaced by slumdogs.

But more than the post itself is the comments. I love reading what slumdogs and Desis have to say on the Internet when they think there are no crackers around:

'There is a much bigger problem we face.

The problem at stake is that of a "bad reputation" to the community as a whole.

What concerns me - is that once these "fake" professionals are not able to do their job well - they will give a "bad reputation" to all the genuine candidates with hard earned degrees/experience too !

At this point of time, Indians have a great reputation in the software field, and it is certainly helping us.

If this "reputation" is tarnished - it will have very serious implications to the
"India Shining" epitaph.

Remember - Short term greed and cheating always leads to long term losses.'

Too late, I have already done more to tarnish the reputation of Indians in the software field than all the Desi bodyshops combined.

"I agree that the US "needs" people to do their "highway work". They used Mexicans for the Interstate highways and they used the Indians for the information highways. That is true"


Like I always say, a team of slumdogs couldn't construct an orgy if I spotted them 10 whores and a kilo of blow.

"I agree we have guys from all over India doing fraud or cheating in USA; But, they are miniscule when compared to the Telegu or Andhra fellows, who have do 95% of the frauds without any shame or conscience; They have ruined the lives of many many Indians; So why not single them out? In my university most of the Telegus are notorious cheats on every quiz and exam; Samachar published an
article last year with Hyderabad as most corrupt city in India. It is hard for us Indians(-land of Mahatma Gandhi) to admit to the truth. Truth hurts, especially for people who cheat or scam. Let us not keep keep things under the carpet when the lives of many talented, deserving Indians are ruined by greedy cheats. It is time to expose these frauds!'"


"Thousands of Indians are Suffering becoz. of these Fraud Desi Consultants in USA, most of who are Andhra/Telugu aka Goltis! "


"My friend from Andhra studied Masters in CS at a university in Texas and in 2004 was suckered by a fellow Telugu Bloodsucker consultant. Now the parasite consultant 'owns' my friend just like the bonded labour people back in India. Here's how: the bloodsucker Telugu fraud consultant enticed my friend with H-1B visa. He took his OPT Card and kept it as ransom; then he made my friend pay for his H-1B and kept the H-1B original and copy to himself. My friend is trapped and cannot apply for a H-1B transfer even if he got another job. The Telugu fraud consultant keeps him on Bench atleast half the time and pays the guy $200 a month. They have not even applied for his Labour certification yet. If this is not Telugu fraud then what is???

The Telugu fraudsters have made it a Cottage Industry to cheat other
Indians. Fraudulent Bastards!


To one 'Venu', obviously a Telugu Goolti! Are you ashamed that Telugu name is being mentioned many times as Fraud Desi Consultants? Well,...you must feel ashamed for all criminal cheating done by Telugu frauds on others and even on their own people! You guys have destroyed thousands of careers and families of honest hard-working Indians [and 200,000 Americans]. Your Andhra CM came to Chicago, 3 days back, proclaiming and praising the 'Wonderful' work done by many fraud Telugus! He is obviously another fraud like you! Venu, i bet you are another of those 'failed B.E types' from 'Goolt-Land' who bribed and cheated your way to America and continuing to put 'Govinda' or 'Tirupati-Mottai...Shaving the head of others, Tirupati style!' on others, cheating everyone! Shame on you for your fraud Goolti pride!
-Babu [Is that you, Bababooey?]

I TOLD you the occupation apartheid of Americans was being done at the hands of a relative minority of Hindu nationalists. People like to call me a Nazi and compare me to Hitler, but I think I am more like a Jew or honest German in 1930's Germany, doing what he can to fight the increasing influence of the Nazi party. After all, the Hindutva fascists are the ones responsible for the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 American programmers in the United States.

And can one of Desi trolls explain to me what a Telugu is? Can you tells us about it, CodeCorrector? Any one? Bueller? Any one?

I just want to know so that the next time I come across one, I can call them a "madharchod". Can I recognize a Telugu or Andhra by their last name? I get a lot of Desi recruiters call me and I really what to read them the riot act. And if I come across one in my line of work, I want to ask them about the whole Dalit thing, and maybe have them explain why their mothers have to pick their wives. I also want to inquire about the whole shrimpdick thing and how it impacts their self-esteem. And WTF is going on with this dowry shit:

there is a lot of craze in India (particulary from southern state of Andhra Pradesh) to go to USA regardless of the technical skills and self interest. This is because of the peer/parental pressure from young age and also the craze for the guy who is employed in the USA, in the marriage market. It is really a alarming and pathetic situation. Perhaps India is the only country in the world where we see this strange situation.

Lot of my friends say their marriage prospects will be poor in the marriage market if they are not in the USA no matter what their financial/work situation is. It is just that they have to be a 'living human being' in the USA on the H1B visa or a GC holder. So this whole thing is going in loop....

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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