tunnel rat posted on February 19, 2009 13:15

That’s what my doctor asked me today, right before he gave me a prostate exam. How ironic.

“It’s supposed to be for guest workers. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of talented Indians in your field, but they have flooded the I.T. business, and they’re not the best and the brightest,” I told him. “They come over on a so called ‘H-1B’ visa, which was designed for guest workers to fill spots that supposedly no American can fill.” So, have you seen 'Slumdog Millionaire'?

“Oh, yeah, we got that too, with radiologists. And they’re pissed. I mean, anyone can send a chart digitally and have someone in India analyze it,” he said.

“Yeah, I got no problem with sending work overseas, but with H-1Bs, they ship ‘em in, and trust me, they aren’t rocket scientists. Then they get their wives over here with an H-4, and they aren’t supposed to work here, but they do. And they have totally destroyed my business. They can’t code, can’t communicate, nothing.”

“Bummer. Now bend over, rest your elbows on the bed. Here’s a napkin to cleanup.”

I did as I was told.

So, with his fist halfway up my ass, he goes "So, have you seen 'Slumdog Millionaire'?"

I made that last part up.

Man, it amazes me how clueless most people in America are about the whole H-1B and L-1 scam that has been going for years. The State Farm guy I talked to, my doctor, my white-trash neighbor with the pot-head son who lives next to the slumdog clown house (the one with the sheets over the windows), none of them have any idea.

But the word is getting out. Google H-1B and the results aren’t pretty. Among the usual “How To Scam The Visa System” types of articles, you get a lot of results like this:

Feds (finally) cracking down on H-1B abuses...

Fed indictments tell how H-1B visas were used to undercut wages...

H-1B visa racket busted in US, 11 Indians arrested...

How did H-1B get such a bad reputation? - Network World...

Amardeep Singh: Maltreated H-1B Workers Begin to Find a Voice...

It’s not looking good. H-1B is now almost synonymous with exploitation, fraud, and greed.

H-1B – Bad for America, worse for the slumdog, even worse for the American programmer.

Time to abolish it.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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