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According to ET, State Farm has terminated its contract with Satyam (ie, "Truth", hehehehe, typical Hindu lie) and sent 170 slumdogs home.

The executive said most of these employees were technical and support staff who were involved in delivery management and support to State Farm Insurance operations. “The disengagement took place in an abrupt manner. Satyam staffers were not allowed to access the computers and their belongings after termination of the contract,” he said.

WAIT! I thought all H-1Bs were rocket scientists or brain surgeons, not "technical and support staff."

But there seems to be some confusion, or denial amongst the Desis working for State Farm. Here's a sampling of their comments, of course in typical H-1B Pidgin English :

Jangar Shayi, CA, says: I was one of the guy in Infosys been asked to go back to India due to onsite effort rationalisation. I know there were close to 200 others been sent back. I also know Infosys fired close to 25 sr positions at US during Dec and another 20 EMs from BCM practice in Feb 09... If sending staff back to offshore is bad, Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc are the worst companies than Satyam which just sent 37 staff back!

Roby, Bloomington, says: Know the facts before putting on paper , your story on State farm insurance is totally false .There are H1's and L1's . Managers screwed up everything . only 37 are returning to satyam Hyderabad . others have changed the companies. Sack all the managers who are associated with these clients as they are not able to retain the projects and convince clients. State Farm Insurance don't have ethics and used other vendors for their welfare and put Satyam employess in jeopardy all Indian companies should teach them a lesson .

And here's a gem:

Nikky, Dublin, says: All these innocent employees who have faced the humiliation at the client site and have to return abruptly must file a criminal case against Satyam(R Raju) in India and Government of India should get them compensated. They should definitely form a group and try get the legal consultancy on this matter.

What about all the Americans that faced "humiliation at the client site" and had to train their H-1B replacement? Just who the fuck are they supposed to sue?

Also 7,000 Satyam slumdogs are in America with H-1Bs, and now will be promptly sent home. Looks like they were here illegally:

"It is possible that Satyam's I-140 petitions, whether pending or approved, will be denied or revoked for fraud. An essential piece of an I-140 petition is the petitioner's showing that it has the ability to pay the beneficiary's proffered wages. Satyam has admitted to accounting fraud, meaning that the I-140 petitions all necessarily relied on fraudulent documents..."

Here are some comments, which are almost beyond translation:

Two things possible for your frustrations:
1. You didnt have the 70 plus aggr whcih enables u to sit for IT aptitude tests. All your frnds would have got through and you're nopw jealous
2.U studied ina time pass college where no IT companies comes. So u missed out...

Satyam is in the process of sending all consultants on bench to India. A lot of my friends were working in Peoria, IL for Caterpiller and they were hired in the US. Some of my friends have kids that are US citizens and go to school here...

Now, Satyam is forcing them to resign or go to India. How can employees that were hired in the US go to India in the middle of a school year? What about their commitments? The credit card bills? The car payments? The student loans? The Green Card Applications? ...

[What about the American programmers replaced by low-skill, low-wage Indians? What about their bills, their kids? You should be ashamed of yourselves, Desis, for committing this fraud for over 10 years. It's time for some payback.]

Satyam's management is showing a very callous attitude and forcing their associates to either go to India or resign. In fact Satyam does not even have a point of contact in the US. Most associates are desperately calling people in India and unfortunately for them, the management is not picking up their phones. There is zero accountability in Satyam today...

Satyam is worse than any desi consulting company today forcing people to go on leave without pay if they not have projects. Frankly, this itself is an immigration violation and the DHS should investigate Satyam for not paying associates while on bench....

I understand ur passion for Telugu folks. But look at any fraud resume. It most likely will have last names like Reddy, Naidu, Palli, Bheemu, Akku, Yedda, Chiluka, Saddi, Bheemareddy, Lakhireddy, Moola, Mukkala, Mukka etc which are all AP last names...

YSR and the great Chandrababu Naidu also faked export numbers for AP and they claimed that they were # 1. Look at what happened today. AP falls from grace. Thats why faking wont help and Andhra wont prosper...

And this about sums it all up, from a guy named Amar Kumar:

Typical gult life:
fake degree, fake experience, fake resume, fake consulting, fake references, fake paystubs, fake marriage, fake orgasm...totally fake life..pooor gult...

But what really struck me while reading all those comments was the shear vitriol and hate Indians have for one another. Man, I thought I was a hater, but this was crazy:

In Maharashtra, most non locals are getting beaten up since the last 60 years. In Tamil Nadu, they hate all non tamils. In Karnataka, they have Karnataka rakshana vedike etc. The same is the case with Punjabis,Bengalis and Gujaratis...
Hay! don't say Bengalis. Bengalis are living in Calcutta and it's surrounding ares lika an outsiders and quite offen get beaten by BHAIAS(from UP and BIHAR)and MADRASI (from Tamilnadu). Bengalis are the most tolerant community in India...
Go to any tamil based company and find out the number of tamils employed there. The regionalism of any other community doesnt even come close...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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