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WashTech has a new YouTube video:


What is shocking is the guy who had to train H-1B replacements in not ONE, but TWO jobs. He finally said fuck it and is training to become a nurse. And the upper-cast Desis froth at the mouth when you mention Priyanka Joshi, because she is Indian, (and a woman), and on to their scam.

My favorite Indians are the women like Joshi, and the blogger of A Zillion reasons to escape from India; I am pretty sure she is a woman. That site has all the gory details about the damage done to India by its upper-caste minority. Ironically, on her About page, she has this message:

"So here I am, Hindutva idiots, Call me Chinese. Pakistani or Terrorist, You can target me or add in your ever increasing hit list."

Add me to that list also, motherfuckers.

Evidently, the only people trying to fix your basket case of a country are the women, you greedy shrimpdicks.

I also like the guys that work at the local smoke shop where I get my Macanudos. I was driving there today with my daughter and told her she could come in and meet the Indians that run the place (they were fascinated with my tales of the Curry Den).

"But I thought you hate Indians, Daddy?" she asked. She's been in the room when wifey teases me by putting on those reality shows with the giant Indian weddings, and I make a big scene of running out of the room, screaming.

"No, pumpkin, not Indians, just the ones called H-1Bs."

"What, they are Indian bees?"

"No, they are people that come here and lie and cheat so that Daddy has a hard time getting a job. They are called H-1Bs."

"Well, that's not nice," she said.

"No, it ain't babe. But things are startin' to change," I told her as we strolled into the cigar place. "They're going to get sent home."

Meanwhile, I've been getting a ton of traffic from the Desis working at Oracle, Motorola, Google, Cisco, and Morgan Stanley and ironically, George Mason University.

That last one explains the fist-typing slumdog trolls with Turret's that flood my comments section with illiterate rubbish -- they are the sons and daughters of rich Hindutvas sent here to learn at our great universities (odd, since India is supposed to have such great schools, but no foreigners go to those). And these spoiled rich-kid Desis do nothing all day but troll on sites like mine. They even have a term for my blog -- "Time-Passer," which in India means a school that teaches you nothing and is just a place to pass time (like almost all Indian institutions).

As for the traffic from corporate America, all those big companies have giant Indian-only I.T. ghettos. And it is there that the "best and the brightest" spend their time spewing shit on my blog and trying to defend their monopoly of the programming trade.

It is there that the battle will be waged.

Load and lock, bitch. Its time to police up the industry and get rid of the fakers, schemers, and hackers.

Thanks to all the lurkers out there, dropping off the recon about all sorts of shit the Desis don't want America to know about, like:

Indian Sex Predators in America

Well, that stands to reason. If you smuggle in young males from a foreign country, don't pay them well, steal their passports, and make them live ten to a room with nothing but basic cable and the internet, there is a good chance that they may resort to trolling for your girls on the web and get caught by Chris Hansen of Dateline's "To Catch A Predator."

Oh, and I got a call from the NAACP. It went something like this:

"We hear you been pissing off a bunch of Indians. Well, ain't that the shit! Those mofos been treating us like crap ever since they took over the I.T. biz. We muthafuckers can't even get jobs as janitors for the racist muthafuckers. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi."

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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