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Priyanka Joshi of WashTech was quoted in a Seattle Times article about the impact of the economy on H-1Bs. In just one day, that article has almost 400 comments, with tons of H-1B horror stories. Many people are coming forward to document the discrimination of Americans by Indians in I.T.

Here is just a sample of the comments:


I was recently laid off so an H1B visa holder could keep their job. We both worked for the same boss, who you guessed it is here from the same country as my former co-worker and she protected his job. And guess what. Her boss is also here from the same country. So all three of these foreign workers kept their jobs and protected their own, while I was laid off. And the person who kept tehir job was paid more than me and had about 15 years less experience. So I know this program is being abused and used against American citizens.


My husband worked at a Bellevue education start-up company, and I can attest to the H1B visa fraud that takes place in this country from my husband's work experience. The company he worked at was actually headed by a man that originally came to this country on a H1B visa. He surrounded himself with fellow Indians, some on H1B visas. One particular H1B visa hire that came aboard was one of the company's worst employees but ironically was a longtime friend of the company head. This person was originally denied his H1B visa, but this did not stop the company from fighting this denial. My husband was actually asked by this person if he could back date the job post. The company went on to conspire to get this person's H1B visa and was successful. In the wake of recent layoffs at the company, this H1B visa holder still has a job and so do almost all the Indians while all the non-Indians have been laid off. This company probably has less than 8 non-Indians and at least 30 Indians and H1B visa holders. You tell me, is there something wrong with this picture?


Another important issue to remember about H1B visa holders, especially those from third world/developing countries is HEALTH INSURANCE. I worked for a small consulting firm in 2002 and they could not get group insurance because the H1Bs and their families ran up claims that were exponentially higher percentage wise than normal. This is because they did not have good medical care at home, so with their families, they came here and decided to get all their health care problems taken care of on the company's dime. This included heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect on one worker's wife and also reconstructive surgery to correct orthopedic problems that another one's wife was born with. There were numerous other medical and dental issues that were attributed to the lack of good medical care in the home countries of these workers. This resulted in the company having to become 'self insured' and it created a hardship for everyone else. I know this information because it was quietly shared with non H1B workers by HR and other employees at the company. Oh and the best part, our premiums tripled.


What tends to happen at a certain large software company is that entire development groups become small ghettos of Indians. If a non-Indian applies for that job he will get an interview but won't be accepted for the position. This whole process is a type of colonization. The system becomes rigged in favor of the foriegners.

Also, there are stories where Indians will employ family members that are not entitled to work in the US, like the wife, to develop code. He effectively multiplies his productivity but he is still only paid one salary. Of course the company is quite happy with his high level of productivity.


MSGeek, your description sounds a lot like my husband's former work situation. He told me numerous stories of how the company weeded out non-Indian resumes from their open positions. Several Indian directors in the company would not even interview non-Indians no matter their work history or expertise. His company made a concerted effort to only interview Indians for many of the open positions. He said even when they interviewed some Indians for positions and gave across the board "no hire" that other Indians in the company would override their decisions because their Indian friend needed his H1B visa.

He also has tons of stories where new employees would suddenly show up to work. Several of the Indian executives or directors would simply hire their Indian friends on a whim without even going through the proper interview loop channels. My husband started investigating this practice and found many of these guys played on cricket teams together and were longtime friends. Also, he found their job histories were all very similar. He said they had a history of getting their Indian friends jobs at every company they were at.

To add insult to injury, it became clear a lot of these Indians with MS and grad degrees from Indian institutions were suspect. It became clear that many of these India based universities were merely degree mills.

Sorry folks, even playing the race card will not silence us. The truth is out, Desis -- you can't code, you cheat, and you discriminate.

Now please go home.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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