Tunnel Rat posted on February 9, 2009 16:58

A while back, I blogged that Doc Martins Are Not Business Casual.

I never thought that I would have to say this, but shower shoes are not business casual, either. The slumdogs at the Curry Den had a fondness for
wearing the oddest shoes on Fridays, if not every day.

For example, there was the men's shower sandal; very popular amongst the new imports from Delhi.

Then there is the Sensi Regatta Basic, a favorite of the Desi DBA and Sikh PM.

And then of course we have the Merrell Waterpro Animas, found frequently on un-pedicured toes of many an H-1B.

That is one of the bummers about this business -- the cheapening of protocol, manners, and grooming. When I started in the early 90's, I had to wear a tie to work. Big I.T. consultants that worked for the likes of EDS, Anderson, and PWC were respected and dressed to command respect.

Now that I am competing with illiterate slumdogs shipped in from India and Pakistan, none of that really matters. Although I still get a haircut and manicure before putting on a sharp suit and tie and going on an interview, the Desis interviewing me are wearing things like this:

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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