Tunnel Rat posted on February 4, 2009 16:45

The Daily Kos, the lunatic left site, has a post from the Donna Conroy of Bright Future Jobs:

Nationwide Arrests of Offshore Labor Contractors for H-1b Fraud

It's time to play fair. Now.

Update: >ICE reporting what Bright Future Jobs has said for years. H-1bs come here and discover they don't even have a job!

the companies allegedly have not always had jobs available for these workers,thereby placing them in non-pay status after they arrive in the United States.

So much for Bill Gates demand for the "best and the brightest"!

Now the left has joined with the right-wing folks like myself and VDare to put an end to the scam called the H-1B visa.

I'll let Bright Future Jobs, Programmer's Guild, NumbersUSA, VDare, Wastech, etc. fight the battle in politically correct terms.

BTW, I made a contribution to BFJ. You should also, unless you don't mind losing your job to an illiterate slumdog.

I myself am a covert operator, exposing the scams from the inside, in blunt, no holds barred and politically incorrect manner.

This is not the Utne Reader, folks.

And please stop telling me that I need therapy or medication. I know it is the goal of the curry-scented pod-people and their apoligists and enablers to turn the American programmer into a docile, castrated zombie who sits cowering in his cube, fearing for his job as the Desi taskmasters take over. I suggest that you people curl yourselves up in little ball and go fuck yourselves.

I am not giving in.

I have skills, talent, balls, a pleasant demeanor, years of experience, and do not deserve to be marginalized just because I am white. I have done more for this country than any H-1B -- literally. My six years (1460 days) of service in the Marine Corps is more than the sum of service for the entire H-1B populace, and probably the whole Desi community.

So I deserve a career, bastards, and will not go quitely into the cab driving business just because some Americans prefer exotic brown people to middle-aged white guys.

Over and Out.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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