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Man, I got a ton of hits after publishing a post on Dice about the rampant anti-American discrimination going on at my new gig. My post was copied to a site that is dedicated to “'fixing Employment based green card delays” (which means 'We need more exotic non-whites here to make life miserable for the pale oppressors') and the responses are hilarious! They actually posted my “Real Resume” a dozen times to make the case that I am some sort of bigoted wacko who can’t hold a job.

Nope, I have no problems getting and holding a job, and when I encounter some fuckup in my line of work, I refuse to put my tail between my legs and take the abuse. THAT is what people hate – the fact that I don’t take shit, and I have the skills and balls to tell people what I think and move on.

As for life at CLS, things are good. I am creaming the junior H-1B developers and cranking out more solid code than my Indian team lead can keep up with. At the same time, I am tactfully pointing out that “Transaction” is spelled “TRANSACTION” and not “TRANSATION” – which is exactly the way the Hindi hack on my team spelled it when naming numerous classes and namespaces in our project solution.

I got in a little bit late today -- I had told my lead that I sometimes have to drop my adorable daughter off at school – and there he was, standing in my cube, waiting. WTF? I think he was admiring my wallpaper of screenshots. He was really pleasant, telling me that I could just print out the SRS instead of running to the copier all day. I actually like and respect the guy – he has his hands full.

So we chatted about the code, and I pointed out some deviations from the design patterns, explained my plan of attack, and made geek small talk. He is fully aware that I know my shit, and this is all that matters.

Like I said, I will try to bond as much as I can with the imports, just so they don’t cut my balls off when the wheels fall off of this over-scoped project. So after taking a little break this afternoon, I made eye-contact with an Indian smoking outside. BTW, Desi-boys, is it OK for an Anglo to look an Indian in the eye, or is it some sort of cultural act of disrespect? Just wondering.

So the guy says something about the weather, and I bum a smoke.

“I think I know you,” he says.

“Really?” I rattled off a bunch of names of the big local companies I had worked for, and one registered with him, a place I had contracted at about ten years ago.

But that was it. His name is Raj and he does “validation.” Sits caddy-corner from me. And he didn’t have much else to say. Oh well. Maybe he just hates white people.

The few honkeys at the place keep to themselves. We should all be hanging out together in the parking lot like the Aryan Brotherhood does at Folsom, but that might piss off the CEWPS.

The one really cool white guy is the cracker that sets up the PCs. He’s loud, throws around the F-Bomb, and knows his shit. I overheard him today saying that he has to set up four new workstations for the new QA folks coming from India, and two or three more for contractors being added to work on my team. Maybe my Anglo buddy still has a shot.

But four QA types have to be imported? WTF? Isn’t QA, like, banging away at an app and logging all the bugs? What, no American can do that “skilled” job? That is just wrong on so many levels.

Other than that, I am on my best behavior. No headphones, no web-surfing, no reading the Wall Street Journal with my feet propped up on the desk, which is my normal MO. I’ve only gotten the stink eye from a couple of CEWPS, and the honkeys, for the most part, go out of their way to introduce themselves and hold doors open for me.

The cube next to me is still open, and no sign of the second contractor that was supposed start when I did. The project is slipping, and the spec isn’t even final yet. And still my contractor buddies are begging me for leads. You gotta love that whole H-1B thing. I myself had to spend six months in an Italian refugee camp until my political dissident father got a sponsor in the USA, but the “best and brightest” from India get to fly in and take the job of an American in the worst economy in 30 years, no questions asked.

To be continued….

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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