Tunnel Rat posted on January 28, 2009 21:33

Notes from the front, and then off to bed -- busy day of coding tomorrow.

1. Dikshit is a common Indian name

2. H-1Bs wear very odd looking shoes

3. Junior Indian coders are as bad as Junior American coders

4. Indian software firms don't let women near the code. Maybe QA, but you'll never see one doing C# or SQL.

5. A good architect is a good architect. Period. I don't care where they're from. If a guy quotes "Martin Fowler" and knows all about NHibernate, Rails, and persistance, he knows his shit. I don't give a shit if his name is Abhishek. Right now, I am like the guy in "The English Patient" and if the Sikh can defuse the landmine, I am his buddy. Google those terms, retards. You'll get the idea.

6. I keep a post-it note with my team members names stuck to my wallet, and I am thinking about getting an arm-band -- like the football players use, with a laminated list of plays, but mine will have the names of my team members.

7. I spent the morning printing out screenshots of the app and pinning them on the walls of my cube. I must have covered about 80 square feet of cube, and when my lead and another "debeloper" saw that, it blew their mind. Plus I had sequence-diagramed all the code and laid it out on my desk (I hadn't even gotten the Gant chart yet). Just to let them know I wasn't fuckin' around.

8. Before the end of the day, I was cranking out classes in the business object, because I knew the Service/Entity pattern after working with NetTiers and other ORMs. BTW, since this was a C# project, it was very OO, and I dig that. As a former VB hack, I know what bad code looks like, and these guys had laid down a good foundation. And VB.NET programmers suck -- they will write a 10000 line method like it is cool -- the design guidelines on my project say each method should be 250 lines, max. You VB guys suck. Learn C#, for Christ's sake.

9. No word from my honky contractor buddy who is trying to get on the gig. I asked my lead when the other contractor is supposed to start, and he said he thought he was supposed to start when I did. So they passed on my homeboy, and now will lose a week while the new local guy gets up to speed. In the meantime, I will (with a little OT) probably crank out his deliverables and make him look worthless. Dumbass PM should have hired my Whitey friend, even if he did have to take care of his kids on Sundays. BUT NOOOOOOO -- Mr. PM has got three curry-boys cranking out code day and night for a cheaper rate, and sending all their money back to Dehli.

To be continued...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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