Tunnel Rat posted on January 27, 2009 21:46

I am going to have to go into Twitter-ish mode and suspend the long rants.

My new contract has a 250 page spec and the project has to be done by May 1. Balls-to-the-Walls coding.

But at least the curryboys have implemented Enterprise Library and Teleric. So far, they all seem nice, with decent communication skills. A lot of them smoke -- I may pick up the habit again in order to bond with them. Maybe then they will resist their urge to throw the token Anglo under the bus when the project schedule slips.

The place is 75% Hindi. I don't get it. If the pot-head white boys would get off WOW and learn some math, we probably wouldn't need to import so many H-1Bs.

But maybe the Americans are stupid and lazy, as the CEWPS like to say (trust me, I read their posts on their Desi forums).

For example, the scumbag teenager down the street built his own Linux box, could probably hack some code, and become a decent developer. But instead he joined the Amnesty Internation Club in his high school, started wearing Che-Guevara shirts, and smoking dope.

Now (when he is not playing WOW) he humps his anorexic girlfriend in the loft of his parent's house, and he can't even get a $17/hr summer job at his old man's concrete company because he wouldn't be able to pass a piss test. So the douchebag, like most lefty potheads, will live at home for years, never finish college, and bitch about the evil right-wing.

That is why H-1Bs are flooding the market. For the same price as an American, you can get a mediocre developer who doesn't surf porn constantly, get high, play video games, or live with his parents.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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