Tunnel Rat posted on January 27, 2009 21:34

I'll have to be pithy here.

My new gig is going to be called "Custer's Last Stand" -- CLS for short.

It is ten Americans surrounded by dozens of Indians.

No shit. In a state with almost 10% unemployment, this company that markets risk-management software to pharmacutical companies has managed to hire all of maybe a dozen non-Indians to code. And almost no women, except a couple of Asian chicks, the HR lady, and the receptionist. That is actually not a bad thing. FYI, women, for the most part can't code. But I'm generalizing. Like, for the most part, black dudes can't swim. My amphib platoon in the Corps had two brothers, so that is just the facts.

So my team is eight guys. THREE have been shipped over from India with an H-1B or L-1 to finish this death march of a project.

I met one of the imports today. Pleasant guy, but marble-mouthed, and it took him ten tries and two hours to get the project to compile on my box. Not exactly a codesmith. And he looked about 25, 30 tops. Junior developer.

Yet this curry shop has some how proved that no Americans were qualified to do his job. I made the cut out of 40 candidates, but Desi-boy gets to fly in from Delhi, live in a dorm with 10 others, and do the job an American guy could do.

In know this for a fact because they picked me over one of my Anglo programming buddies. I put in a good word for him, and his recruiter is putting the squeeze on the PM to get him on the gig. He texted me today, and here's the transcript:

HIM: What do you think about my people contact [the PM] today and ask if they might be interested in adding me to the team. One spin my rep might have is that they are housing and paying people from overseas.

[Not to mention committing rampant H-1B fraud, I thought to

HIM: [The PM] told my rep that he would love to have me there but he needs to get clearance to do it. So we wait...That is a very good sign. Thanks!

ME: Cool, because it is like Custer's Last Stand here.

HIM: LOL, that what I figured...Except the Indians are on your side.

ME: We'll see about that. I might just be here so they can meet a quota.

To be continued...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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