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After six months of looking, I finally landed another contract. I wasn't out of work for six months, but I knew my last consulting gig wasn't going to go further, so I started looking early. And especially after sending the 'The Email That Almost Got Me Fired', my days were numbered.

So with two weeks left to go, I landed an interview at a place close by. Which is good, because I had been sending resumes for jobs to cities all across the country, and even flew out of town for an interview for a remote gig.

That's how bad it is.

Thanks to the flood of cheap H-1Bs and the dumbass I.T. managers that hire them, I now have to become a migrant worker. While a retard from Mumbai sits in an office with an ocean view, doing bad coding in a high-rise 15 minutes from my home, I have to plan to leave my family for six months and live in a hotel working for a client 400 hundred mile away.

Nice. Way to go, H-1B fans. You have contributed to a modern day equivalent of the Grapes of Wrath so that you can displace Americans with docile, illiterate Indian coders.

So when I got the eager call from an agency that I had worked for in the past for a local gig, I jumped at it. The skillset was right in my wheelhouse -- .NET AND Oracle, which is rare. Oracle projects are almost exclusively Java now.

"How soon can you start?" the recruiter asked.

"I like to give a couple of weeks notice, but I am winding down, so I am sure my manager wouldn't mind a week," I told him.

We talked rates (not very good, but ok), and he said the position would be moving fast.

In the meantime, I Googled the company.


It was almost all Indian, from the CEO on down. Shit. The chances of an Indian shop hiring Whitey is slim to none.

Indians are the most racist culture on earth, next to the Nazis. The upper castes hate the lower castes, and the Northern Indians hate the Southern Indians (Talis), and all Indians hate Sri-Lankans, and Hindu Indians hate Muslim Indians, and they ALL hate Pakistanis, and the whole lot despises Anglos, unless they can make money off of the them.

So I didn't expect much. I was surprised when the recruiter called back a couple of days later.

"They rejected your resume because you'd have to give notice and they need someone to start right away." In the contracting world this translates to:

The project is late and it is turning into a death march and they are throwing bodies at it.

"Well, my boss is cool and he knows I am looking, so I could start next week," I told the agent.

"Great, we'll try again. If it works, can you interview tommorrow?"

"Sure," I told him. Man, I needed a new job. Fast. Fucking four mortages will kill a man.

I got the confirmation that night.

The next day, I show up at the place in my monkey suit, ready to wage war. I was not going to humbled by a bunch of marble-mouthed Indians. I am at the top of my game, coding-wise, and can compete with the imports any day.

The first thing I see is three H-1B types strolling outside for a break. I smiled and said hello. I can be a phony bastard when needed.

I sign in, and what do I see but the name of another contractor I used to work with a couple of years ago. Awesome dude. Local boy. Wow, if it was me and him in the running, that might be tough. Hopefully they would hire both of us.

So after meeting the PM, I was put in a conference room for the techinical interview. Who walks in but the three chaps that I had seen early. They introduced themeselves, and of course I couldn't pronounce their names or remember them.

But I kicked their ass.

They tried to throw some curveballs, but they got too cute and ended up fumbling the questions and demonstrating their poor communication skills.

But all in all, they weren't bad folks. I think the shop sends most of the work to Dehli, but because of this project's deadline, they shipped the boys over here temporarily, not because they are cheap and docile. I have no problems with that.

I got that call that night.

"Congratulations! " said the recruiter. "You should be very proud -- it was a coin toss between you and another one, and they picked you. It was a tough spot, they had interviewed over 40."

Turns out the other guy was my buddy; I had called him after the interview and he said he did well. But he couldn't work overtime because he just got over a bad divorce and gets the kids on weekends.

If he got the gig, I would have been glad for him. But if neither of us hot-shot C# programmers with over ten years of experience didn't get it, well then, things would have gotten ugly.

Especially if I had found out that two Indians got two open spots.

I would have pulled a "Gran Torino" and like Clint Eastwood, I would have been back at that place, raising fucking hell. I would stir up so much shit, my face would be on T.V. I might have even gone to jail, but it would have been worth it, because it would publicize the plight of the middle-aged white boy going postal because of anti-American descrimination.

But lucky for them, I start Monday.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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