tunnel rat posted on October 20, 2007 18:48
Judging by the comments left on this blog, some of my readers seem to take issue with my repeated references to my time in the Marine Corps. Fair enough. But it’s not like I am going to back in the closet, acting like my stint in the grunts wasn’t the defining period of my life. I am what I am.

As for the military card, I play it to add texture to my writing. It's not like I live my day-to-day life with a high-and-tight and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoos that I shove in people’s faces, acting like some deranged jarhead. I save that for the blog.
Code Pink calls Marines assasins
I found out years ago that web developers for the most part "loathe the military" (to steal a line from Clinton), and I don't even put my service on my resume.

Since none of my coworkers know about it, they say all sorts of demeaning garbage about "stupid soldiers", "cannon fodder", "idiots who couldn't get a job", "baby killers", “assassins”, "predators", etc. and I just listen silently. And I find that anti-military venom "kind of irritating."

So to keep my job and not make any waves, I shut up and blog, sprinkling my rants with jarhead lingo -- because this is about life in the trenches, not Google. This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around. This is life during wartime.

Not only the Iraq war, but a war to save the American programmer. And to make my case, I use several tactics:

  1. Demonstrating the incompetence of the typical American I.T. manager.

  2. Exposing the myth that there is a shortage of American programmers.

  3. Mocking the low-paid, unskilled, illiterate folks who come here under false pretenses to fill the mythical programmer shortage.

  4. And, while I’m at, sharing what I think are shocking anecdotes about the appalling cast of characters in this business in a tone that is controversial, inflammatory, and definitely not politically correct -- but hopefully not boring. You can go to Slashdot.com for boring techie talk that doesn’t violate any speech codes.

I'm going to leave it to the Programmers Guild to make the case against H-1Bs through political means. I, on the other hand, am fighting an insurgency against an occupying force -- low wage indentured servants brought here under false pretenses to I.T. keep wages low.

That said, I have to stay focused…stand by for the conclusion of One Week Job.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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