tunnel rat posted on October 18, 2007 18:42
Some of you may have been following the exchange between me and some scumbag from another blog. To recap, this dweeb decided to slander me and then post my name and an address on that blog. His post was a hit job of salacious lies and privacy violations. The moderator quickly censored my personal info, but left the post up, which was ok with me because I got to rebut it. I'm all for free speech. But for the brief time my info was online, Google cached the page, and lo and behold, that vile bullshit was showing up in search results.

With an address. But not my address.

And boy, was that posted shit vile. In short, this fuckwad called me a college dropout who got kicked out the Marine Corps, and an addict, unable to hold a job.

Well, technically, I did drop out of junior college – to go kill communists. And technically, I do switch jobs a lot – because I am an I.T. consultant. And I did get a bachelor's degree, even if it took 13 years. At least it was from a college most people have heard of, unlike BhavNagar University or something like that. And regardless of how much ho-banging and boozing I did in the Marines, I still got an Honorable-Fuckin’-Discharge after six years. So dissin’ a jarhead and making him out to be phony is major shit, in my book.

It has been said about Marines that there is No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

FYI, I like the new USMC commercial:

Now, back to my nemisis, the shit eating H-1B troll. After my personal info was deleted, I let it go with a stern warning to the guys that run that other fine blog, WTF. And it is a good blog -- solid I.T. info and some hard core techies shooting the shit, especially from the guy that runs it, Alex P. No one there digs flamewars and personal attacks. And unless you consent, no one gets to post your personal data online. It will get sites shut down in a heartbeat.

But, after I set the little libelous shitwad straight and exposed him for the lying turd that he was, he resurfaced. And he had this whiny mea culpa [my feedback in red]:

This an appeal against TunnelRat. An earlier motion to this was first censored and then deleted by the moderator.

The motion was quickly censored because it revealed the real name of TunnelRat. The censoring is acceptable though short sighted - the censored part was simply the Whois information from TunnelRat's blog site.

[And then some more data, like my birthdate, fuckwad]

The reason to expose him was this statement.

TunnelRat: In my book, any, and I mean any, Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires H1-Bs should be publicly shamed, their pictures and work addresses posted on the web like child molesters.

This was not an off-topic, thoughtless quick remark, but the major argument in an original post, repeated many times ver. He even devotes a web site exclusively to this issue.

For TunnelRat's information, you can't hire an H1-B - that's a visa program, not a person. Instead, you hire foreigners, and H1-B happens to be the only legal way to do that in the IT industry (barring L1-A and L1-B, alternatives that are only applicable to multinational intra-compny transfers). So you are actually saying this.

Any Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires foreigners should be publicly shamed.

[No, that is what you are saying, fuckwad]

It's sad that some members of this forum find this funny and truthful. The irony is that TunnelRat himself hires foreigners in an immoral and illegal way. Illegal, because he avoids social security and insurance payments and employer and import taxes. Immoral, because he charges $4000 while paying only $2500 to the foreigner for doing his work. TunnelRat's employer would have been better off paying $2500 directly to a law-abiding worker, be it a citizen or a foreigner.

[I payed a total of $500, fuckwad.]

Therefore, on his own request, the censored post publicly shamed him. That post has since been deleted, even though TunnelRat himself responded and verified that it was essentially correct.
- He dropped out of college
- Was disciplined for bad conduct in the military (though not discharged)
- Has a history of substance abuse
- Worked himself out of that successfully
- Does not hold on to jobs for long

The censored post did overstate this somewhat, for which I apologize.

[Otherstate? You lied your ass off, just like you did on that visa application, fuckwad]

On the other hand, TunnelRat suggests that I am a body pierced Che Guevara fanboy communist hating the military. Talk about slander. In fact, I respect the US military and the heroes who died to liberate my country. I am tax-paying worker on an H1-B visa with all the duties but none of the rights of an American citizen, paying for his dad's Medicaid bills, his daughter's tuition fees and his buddy's tour in Iraq.

The double irony is that TunnelRat is a foreigner himself: a Hungarian refugee from communist tyranny. So TunnelRat can't really mean what he says. Anybody who's followed his discourse can infer what he's really saying.

Any Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires Asians should be publicly shamed.

[No, that is what you are saying, fuckwad]

That sounds very much like

Any fair-skinned, blue-eyed German that hires Jews should be public shamed.

[Again, that is what you are saying, fuckwad]

We all know why such nonsense must be refuted by all possible means.

Suprise, suprise, surpise, he's an H-1B. And RatPoison’s lack of logical skills are clearly evident in his slide down to the Nazi card. And I love the rationalization of his slander – “TunnelRat kinda dropped out of college, TunnelRat kinda got in trouble in the military, yada, yada, fuckin’ yada” – so TunnelRat gets to have his personal data posted on the internet.

No, shit-for-brains, not even close. Let's get something straight, you H-1B Wage Pirate -- I don’t agree with reeducation camps, the Cultural Revolution, reprogramming, or any of the other concepts you are importing into this free country. We can say whatever the hell we want here, even if it pisses you off.

Now, like I said before, Mr. H-1B fuckwad, you are my bitch. No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

Unlike the shithole country you came from, we have something called the 1st Amendment here. Not that you would know anything about the Bill Of Rights, you freakin’ shower shoe-wearing bozo.

Even I don’t post the real names of the people I have thrown down with. Charlie, Ringbrow, etc. – all aliases. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Now you, RatPoison, on the other hand, have committed crimes.

And you don’t get to mine the Internet and post what you think is my name and address.

Because it’s not, dipshit. And if some unhinged lefty/H-1B fanboy/deranged lunatic/CodePink scum/MoveOn.org cretin commits some act of violence on an innocent family because he/she thought that was TunnelRat’s place, you and your phony H-1B-visa-carrying-ass are out of here.

But just in case, RatPoison, I have to take preemptive action. Like they taught me in the Corps, the best defense is a good offense. So, shitbird, I went on a little search and destroy mission.

You see, I’ve got some ex-military buddies in the ISP business, and they are really good at mining I.P. traffic logs. They have a few things in common:

  • They work for the big telecom outfits.
  • They hate the fact that their sys-admin drinking buddies are getting shitcanned left and right and getting replaced with surly illiterate CEWPs.
So they hooked me up. Plus, I also have bros in the Eastern Block who are real good at hacking websites, especially forums with weak security.

So, that said, tracking down who the fuck you are was pretty easy. We got your account from that other blog (you really should get a stronger password). And then my Hungarian buddies – God, they hate H-1Bs, because they are getting all the visas, even though the Europeans are far better programmers – tracked down your IP. Judging by your email traffic and the small amount of hits on my blog, we had all we need to pin your H-1B ass down and unleash a serious air and ground assault on your ability to stay in this country and deny another American a job in the I.T. field while you violate our piracy laws and expose people to identity theft. Fucker.

Like I said –

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

Finally, I suggest that all you 18-25 year old Comp Sci majors reading this get the hell out of that reeducation camp (college) that is turning you into sissyfied, politically correct pansies and drop out now. Get out while you still have some gonads, or get in ROTC (unless you go to one of this PC shitholes that banned ROTC).

Join the Corps, and spend a few years fighting Islamofascists and getting laid in exotic places. Then you can come back to finish school and kick ass in the I.T. world. We need some more smart hardchargers to take on the likes of RatPoison and his H-1B ilk, with their slanderous attacks and invasions of privacy.

Not to mention their bad breath and stinky lunches.

Sempre Fi....

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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