tunnel rat posted on October 12, 2007 18:52
I’ll have to detour around the One Week Job for a while.

The blogosphere is a wild and brutal ecosystem. Blogs are tied together in a multitude of conflicting ways, and on occasion, firefights break out. After getting under the skin of a few sanctimonious finger-waggers on another site, I was slandered by one such troll and had to fire back on full auto.

It started with a tongue in-cheek post inspired by something I saw on Craigslist:
...Even I had very bad experiences of doing business with Americans. I made a wrong choice to persue career in america. American companies never keep their word, they renage on their promises, find excuses to not pay long term incentives they had offered to employees at the start of employment. They constantly underpay H1 people and also use H1 as a modern day slavery tool to keep employees on payroll longer without much legal options...

...Also I found American companies and government are very "money" minded. They find out tricks on extracting more money. And I have to deal with such headaches and money extracting idiots everyday who are merely trying to take advantage of the situation to fill their coffers with no moral values...

...Seriously just like you cant stand Indians, I cant stand lot of things in America. When I came to US, it looked like a land of opportunity in the short run. I wish I was matured enough to know I was wasting my time in USA. Infact its not too late now, and I have decided I will go back to India in 1 years time. Cant stand bullshit!

I submitted that with my comments, under the title "H1-B Admits To Being "Modern Day Slave":

I stumbled across this on Craigslist. Just more proof that I.T. managers are using H1-Bs as indentured servants. Good job, Mr. I.T. Manager. In my book, any, and I mean any, Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires H1-Bs should be publicly shamed, their pictures and work addresses posted on the web like child molestors.
That unleashed a wave of passionate responses. If nothing else, I am controversial.

Then a troll calling himself Rat Poison decided to slander me by posting this crap (Xs are his):

We, the people, publicly shame XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a.k.a. TunnelRat, a.k.a. I.T. Grunt, a.k.a. xxxxxxxxxx, for outsourcing U.S. jobs.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was born July 18, 1966. After an uneventful youth, he flunked Pepperdine University and enlisted with the Marine Corps. He claims to be a Gulf War veteran, but in fact got a Bad Conduct Discharge before that war started.

After failing the Marines, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx went through a stint of alcohol abuse. He worked himself out of that to become something of an ASP.NET Guru. Because of his disorderly behavior he has never been able to hold on to a job for more than a few weeks.

xxxxxxxxxxxx, of Hungarian descent, is well known for infesting public forums with racist ranting towards Asians.

In August 2007, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, after screwing up yet another project, illegally contracted a Pakistani worker living in Melbourne, Australia to clean up his WTF code for a fraction of his own earnings.
Damn, what a bunch of slanderous bullshit...It just demanded a counterattack:


At first, I had to ask myself did I really say this:
In my book, any, and I mean any, Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires foreigners should be publicly shamed, their pictures and work addresses posted on the web like child molestors.
Because I don't have an issue with hiring foreigners, just H1-Bs. After all, I too am a foreigner. But in my haste, I could have mispoke. That is what they say John Kerry, aka Lurch, did when he said only stupid people join the military. I think I am pretty clear about the H1-B issue in my post, Curry Eating Wage Pirates.

So I checked the transcript, and sure enough, here's the quote:

In my book, any, and I mean any, Cheap I.T. Bastard that hires H1-Bs should be publicly shamed, their pictures and work addresses posted on the web like child molestors.
Moving on, it's time to make Rat Poison my bitch. Let the rebuttal begin:

I am not only of Hungarian descent, I was born in Hungary and left when I was four. My father sneaked into Yugoslavia and on a moonless night, drugged me full of sleeping pills, tied me with some belts to an air mattress, and swam two miles of shark infested waters to Trieste, Italy, where he declared asylum. For those of you prancing around in Che Guevara T-shirts, the communist regime we fled was hardly paradise; some people actually risk their lives to get out.

I know this picture was taken in Laguna.  And I have this shirt.
When I was 20, I dropped out of junior college and joined the Marine Corp. When my drill instructor got pissed off at me and asked "Dammit, TunnelRat, why the hell did you join the Marine Corps?", I shouted back "Sir, to kill communists, sir!" Because I was smart, he made me the scribe, just like the guy in Jarhead.

I ended up as a grunt, and spent the first few years in the Corps getting in and out of trouble. Minor stuff -- letting females in the barracks, drinking on duty, etc. I finally lost a stripe in Korea after a wild night involving the purchase of certain services and substances that the Corps took issue with.

I got my stripe back, ended up as a company radio operator in Kuwait, and after six years, got an honorable discharge as an E-5. That's a sergeant to you civilians.

Now, in light of the facts, that's some pretty lame sh*t Rat Poison is trying to pull, implying that someone with three rows of ribbons, including a Combat Action Ribbon, got kicked out with a BCD. But his ilk hates the military, so it's not surprising.

Now permit me to continue setting Rat Poison straight.

After 3 years of night school, I got a Bachelors, 13 years after my very first college class. I leveraged the skills I learned in the Marine Corps (getting things done, not being a pussy, working with a sense of urgency, good grooming, etc.) into a successful career as an Applications Developer.

Finally, I paid an offshore Australian programmer (nice Anglo dude) $30 hr. on a project for which I was getting $50 hr to write a few modules for a web app. Yeah, I paid him a fraction of my earnings, 60%. Since I had to do the code review and integration, I figured that was fair.

And I've never been able to hold a job for more than two years, because most of my contracts are 3-6 months stints. The few times I was an FTE (being in the Box, as I like to say), I got bored and underpaid.

As for you Rat Poison, I think you are getting lead poisoning from all the infected piercings on your body and it is impacting your ability to think rationally. Your post is a true WTF.
Flame away, Che fans.

Now, back to the show...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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