tunnel rat posted on October 10, 2007 19:10

I drove down to the new gig on a crystal clear summer day, heading south past downtown Laguna. I parked in the back and headed up the creaky wooden stairs.

Bruce was in office, with a view of Catalina 26 miles away. He was on the phone. He motioned for me to sit down.

I waited. Five minutes later he hung up.

“Great, let’s get you started.” He stood up and walked me to my desk. A boxed up PC was on the floor. “I just ran out to Fry’s and got you this. Ask one of the guys to help you set it up. Let me know when you are ready and I’ll walk you through the app.”

Good job, dumbass, I said to myself. You took a job where you have to setup your own PC.

Ten minutes later I had everything hooked up. The PC booted. Windows Media Center. What the fuck?

I walked down to his office. He was on the phone again. I walked back to my desk. It was in a corner of the second floor with three other desks where young guys were banging away at their keyboards. I tapped one on the shoulder. “Do you know who takes care of the PCs around here?”

He shrugged. The kid was about twenty. “Check with Paul.” He pointed to some other guy on the other side of the office. I headed that way. Everybody was on the phone, banging away at a keyboard, or vigorously hunched over somebody’s shoulder, pointing at a monitor. I think I was one of four people over thirty, not counting the Mexican lady emptying the trash cans.

“Are you Paul?”

He took his headphones off. “Wassup?”

“Are you Paul?”


“Do you have Windows XP? This new box has Media Center, and I don’t think SQL-Server 2005 runs on that. Plus, I don’t need all that media stuff.”

“Sure, no prob.” He dug through a pile of disks and handed me a disk that had “XP” written on it by a Sharpie. “The key is in the in-fo file.”


“Yeah, you know, dot-EN-EF-O.” He put his headphones back on.

“Oh, ‘.nfo’. Got it.” Freakin’ disk was from a Warez site.

Bye the end of the day I had my development environment setup. Visual Studio 2005, Sql-Server, etc. All loaded from bootleg disks provided by Paul.

To be continued...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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