The Insurgency is now officially collaborating with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  We share many of the same goals as the Occupation, especially in regards to reigning in corporate America and crippling the high-tech junta and starving it of its supply of low-wage slumdog scabs.

For years American companies have been offshoring/outsourcing jobs and decimating the local techie workforce, while paying little or no taxes.  They feed at the public trough, constantly lobbying our government for an unlimited amount of guest worker scabs.

They made training your slumdog replacement a condition of receiving your severance.  They forced us to work unpaid overtime, always with the threat of a docile, compliant guest worker that could be brought in to attempt to do our jobs.

They allowed Desi douchebag bosses like Amir Desai to climb their way up the corporate ladder, where they could act as gatekeepers and tip the scales in favor of their Hindu breathren.

These corporations committed ethnic purges that left entire IT departments stinking of BO and curry, where Hinglish was the lingua franca and Goras were a brutalized minority.  The retaliated viciously when confronted with their crimes, blacklisting and marginalizing American workers who dared speak up for their rights.

They planted shills in the media and academia, people like Vivek Wadhwa, Stuart Anderson, Robert Hoffman, Alex Nowrasteh, and Stephen Fleming to perpetuate the myth that American workers are lazy and dumb and need to be replaced by some master race of booger-farming chair-warmers with an average IQ of 84.

And now the time has come.  You must do something, or the future of American IT will look like this:




Don Tennant at has been, until recently, a vigorous peddler of propaganda and lies supporting the slumdog slave trade. The insurgency has been hammering him hard for months, and obviously getting under his skin.  I've been banned from even reading his blog, and even politically correct, articulate insurgents like Donna Conroy of have been admonished by "Mubai Don" for not toeing the party line when it comes to the Indian Outsourcing Regime.  He frequentlty baited and taunted American techies, going so far as to issue thinly-vield threats of blacklisting anybody who crossed him.

But recently, he started blogging about the crimes committed by Infosys, and the ethnic cleansing of Americans at Cisco, and something must have snapped.  Or perhaps some insurgents paid a visit to his Maine residence and asked him to ponder the wisdom of shipping young men his son's age to die in Iraq and Afghanistan while we import tons of young marble-mouthed retards from India to do nothing but chair warming and booger farming. 

Either way, here is his Mea Culpa:

I Was Wrong — The H-1B Visa Program Must Be Abolished

Posted by Don Tennant                Jun 6, 2011 9:35:59 PM

In the 10 years or so that I’ve been writing about the H-1B visa program, I have steadfastly argued that despite rampant abuse of the system, the positive contributions of many, many people here on H-1B visas warrant continued support of the program. I was wrong. The H-1B visa program needs to be abolished.

It has long been my view that our focus should be on fighting abuse of the program, rather than on fighting for its annihilation. I have been so sickened for so long by the hatefulness of anti-H-1B fanatics who have capitalized on the issue to spew anti-foreigner venom that I was compelled to find every reason I could to support what they hate. I have argued for years that the hatefulness is horribly damaging to the effort to fix the H-1B program, and I feel as strongly about that now as I ever have. But what I have come to recognize is that the H-1B program in irreparable. So I was wrong to support its continued existence.

It wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to. I remain humbled and inspired by the examples set by many families whose outstanding accomplishments here have been made possible by the H-1B program. I remain blown away by the fact the 60 percent of the finalists in the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search competition are the children of parents who came to the United States on H-1B visas, and I see absolutely no reason to try to discredit that competition or those findings as a means of discrediting the H-1B program. I remain blown away by the stories of people like Dan Simpelo, a high school senior in New City, N.Y., whose family came here from the Philippines four years ago, and whose father had come here two years earlier on an H-1B visa. Dan, whose first language is not English, was the valedictorian of his graduating class of 390 seniors. It’s very difficult for me to call for the abolition of a visa program that has made stories like that possible. But I had no choice.

What changed for me is that finally — finally — the voice of reason has drowned out the voice of hate. There’s no better example than the string of hundreds of reader comments that were contributed in response to my recent post, "Will H-1B Visa Holders Feel the Pain of Impending Cisco Layoffs?" Yes, that reader commentary was spiked with the requisite bickering and mean-spiritedness that have marred the discussion on both sides all along. But what predominated was reasoned, compelling, substantiated information contributed by knowledgeable, thoughtful individuals whose inclination is to challenge and document abuse of the program rather than deride and lambast the individuals who hold the visas the program has created.

One of the most reasoned, sensible and articulate voices in opposition to the H-1B program has been that of Roy Lawson, a software developer in Florida who regularly contributes his commentary to the postings here. He made several comments in response to the aforementioned post, none more important than the one in which he conveyed this viewpoint:

I believe [the H-1B program] is flawed beyond repair, and as such it needs to be abolished in favor of something smarter. I believe that corporations should not be immigration middle-men. Immigration is about something much more pure and sacrosanct than corporate profits. I believe it needs to be abolished in favor of permanent immigration, self sponsorship as opposed to corporate sponsorship, the favoring of relatives (families) over new immigrants, and sustainable numbers. I would limit new immigration to 25% of net job gains each year. In years where we have job loss, I would restrict immigration. Finally, certainly more people would apply than we have openings for. I would make the acceptance based on merit, not first come or a lottery. … My case is about economics and national interest, and has nothing to do with race. In fact, I want greater protections for immigrants. I believe the reason they are so easily exploited is because of corporate sponsorship. Green cards (in sustainable numbers) would make them equal players in the labor market. An H-1b visa amounts to second class labor and corporate sponsorship gives companies leverage against your wages and salary. This hurts you directly and it hurts us indirectly – because we now must compete against workers who are easily exploited.

While some of his points are fodder for additional legitimate debate, in essence, Roy is right. I want to express my thanks to him and to all of the other readers who have worked so diligently to make the anti-H-1B argument not only in a way that is convincing, but in a way that upholds the principles of honor, compassion, fairness and decency that our country stands for. I’m proud to join you in opposition to the H-1B program.

Don cites Roy Lawson as his saviour.  Roy used to be a finger wagging scold in the movement, contantly harping on the insurgents to stop talking about the Indians, but of late Roy has trafficked heavily in the connection between Hindoos and Nazis, and the caste system that is part of the slumdog DNA.  As I always say, I'd rather be perceived a racist than confirmed a coward.

Now, the shills for the H-1B visa are few and far between.  Most don't need the redicule and shaming (and even death threats) that come with a puff-piece proclaiming the intellectual superiority of slumdogs and the lie that we need them to run our IT departments.  Business Week had Moira Herbst and Steve Hamm (and Vivek Fraudwha) who made up what I used to call the Tandoori Trifecta, but now all that is left to peddle the NASSCOM lies is the Punjabi Professor.  Moira interviewed me by phone, and then her editor had to make a groveling apology to IVers who threatened to rape her and throw acid in his face if they did not remove the link to my blog.  She hasn't been heard from since Bloomberg bought Business Week.  As for Steve Hamm, who, after spending years working as a shill for NASSCOM, did a hard-hitting piece called "America's High-Tech Sweatshops" and then ran off work at Indian Bowel Movement (IBM).

Even NASSCOM agent Vivek Wadhwa has tired of the threats and stalking that come with the territory, and slinked off to the Washington Post to write mushy crap about "innovation" and "immigrants" with not a mention of fuckin' H-1Bs.  Fellow Desi shill Farhad Manjoo regurgitated one article with Wadhwa's lies, and was last seen crying to the FBI and blogging on Slate about the lastest iPhone.

There really is nothing left for the H-1Bs now.  They are slowly getting shitcanned at American companies, and forced to become illegal aliens, working at motels, cigar shops, and dry cleaners.  Of course, that beats the hell out of going back to India, which even the enlightened New York Times has deemed a stinking shithole full feral racist scum.  Even at Vivek's new home at the Washington Post, over 700 commenters countered the biased notion that H-1Bs are somehow smarter than the locals.  The Hispanics are also getting the hint, and are tiring of being denigrated as criminals by the chest-thumping Indians that proclaim themselves to be the "better brown immigrants."





tunnel rat posted on January 2, 2010 11:48

Here's the latest from "sfdrew", a castrated collaborator who hangs out on Dice:

"One day a programmer wakes up and goes into work only to find out he is being let go. A couple of weeks later he finds out he is being replaced by a guest worker along with many others who were let go at the same time. He scrubs all the local resources but work is hard to find in the immediate area because so many other programmers are also freshly out of work there. A few weeks have gone by but he is still optimistic about finding another job.

Six months later the unemployment, personal savings, and borrowed money are starting to run out. His marriage is suffering and he is starting to seriously consider moving to find work. He gets on the internet and starts looking for long distance jobs on Dice. He doesn't have anything else to do all day so he pops into the message boards and creates an account. He posts an innocent enough topic asking for advice. I don't think I need to fill in the blanks on what kind of replies he is going to get. The man becomes angry and wants to learn more.

A couple more months have passed and he still hasn't found work. he spends most of his time trolling message boards like the ones on Dice and is an active member and supporter of groups like the programmers guild. All he does all day is read the same rhetoric over and over again. He is convinced that he is the victim of a conspiracy by the government and the large mufti-national corporations. At this point he despises any employer who might consider giving him a job if they hire guest workers or do any kind of outsourcing, which is practically all of them. Instead of trying to get his life back on track he just focuses more and more on the rally cries of the cause.

He becomes increasing active in the fight and join picket protests, goes to Washington, and harasses every member of congress every chance he gets with phone calls and letters. The more time that goes by without anything changing the more angry he becomes. His entire life is consumed by negativity and he is convinced that if the evil corporations would be indited and the all the filthy Indians would leave then things would go back to the way they used to be. He has lost his family, his job, his dignity and the only thing he has left to hold onto is his hatred for guest workers, off-shoring, the government, and large corporations.

A senator announces a bill to double the amount of guest workers and groups like the programmers guild send out a call to action. When the usual letters and phone calls are ignored for the hundredth time he finally snaps and sends a bomb in the mail to the senators office with a note attached. He goes down to his old employer and shoots every Indian in the office and then himself leaving a suicide note.

If you don't think something like that could happen then you need to pull your head out of your *** because that is exactly the type of story that unfolds in all those tragic cases."

Geez, dude, you say it like it's a bad thing...

Admin posted on June 2, 2009 12:17

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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