Well, in so many words...

Intel, IBM May Benefit From Green-Card Bill for Skilled Workers

Intel Corp. (INTC) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) may have help in their multiyear effort to bring more high-skill workers from overseas into the U.S. under a bill Representative Zoe Lofgren introduced today.

Lofgren, a Democrat from California, introduced a bill that would provide green cards, or permanent residence, to more foreign students who earn at least a master’s degree in science or engineering at U.S. universities. It also gives green cards to foreign entrepreneurs who start companies employing five or more U.S. citizens.

Technology companies, from Intel and Microsoft to International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), have backed efforts to make it easier for scientists and engineers from abroad to come to the U.S. Many scientists come to the U.S. for their post- graduate education and leave when they can’t get a visa to stay, said Peter Cleveland, Intel’s vice president of global public policy.

“We drop the ball when we let these individuals take this education elsewhere,” he said in a phone interview. “We should have them stay here and work for Apple, work for Facebook, work for Intel.”

Graduates with master’s degrees and higher in science, technology, engineering and math who get jobs related to their degrees would qualify for green cards under Lofgren’s bill. Entrepreneurs from abroad would get a temporary residence and could petition to stay permanently after two years if their businesses are still open and employing U.S. citizens.

Republican Co-Sponsor

Lofgren is looking for a Republican to co-sponsor the bill.

“I hope we will have Republican support,” she said in a phone interview today.

The bill is broader than past efforts, said Ron Hira, an associate professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, citing other bills that haven’t been passed. In 2009, Representative Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, introduced a bill that would have allowed in more foreign graduates with doctorate degrees. It never left the House Judiciary Committee.

“There’s a lot more master’s than Ph.Ds,” Hira said.

Current laws cap the number of employment-based green cards at 140,000 per year. Under the bill, the green cards for graduates and entrepreneurs wouldn’t count against the quotas.


Originally, I was tempted to post this and call it a night:

EMAIL Katie anytime, I hear that she is into "rough trade", and you won't be able to reach her by phone because she probably HAS MAYOR BLOOMBERG'S DICK IN HER MOUTH: khoffmann4@bloomberg.net.

Also for those insurgents with time on their hands, this is her boss: pelstrom@bloomberg.net

They are both collaborators sucking off Slumdog Slave Trader Michael Bloomberg, who seems to think WE NEED MORE FUCKING SLUMDOGS

Hey Katie, please stop sucking Mayor Bloomberg's dick, please?

But then I started doing some cyber-stalking of Katie Hoffman.

It really is sad to see such a pretty girl shilling for the Indian Outsourcing Regime.  I mean, her she is, all innocent and demure, supposedly "covering" technology for Bloomberg, not knowing that she is being used as a pawn for slumdog slave traders like her boss.  Shit, she looks like my daughter in 10 years.  They sent her out there and said "Here, babe, go write this propaganda piece fed to us by NASSCOM."  She probably has no clue about WHAT THE FUCK SHE IS WRITING ABOUT.  To throw the locals a bone, her boss Peter Elstrom says "BTW, go interview this Indian dude, Hira, give him 2 lines and Zoe Lofgren 100 lines, and then you won't look biased and get, uh, death threats, or nasty emails from those 'antis'."

What would you do if your daughter, say, started fucking the Nazis while you were a covert Jew running a little bakery in 1942 Paris?  Cheer her on? Say:  "Hey sweetie, go FUCK THE ENEMY!"

I don't think so.  

But then I saw Katie's cute fuckin' picture, and was tempted to superimpose the usual cross-hair on the .gif, and then thought otherwise.  Shit, this is AN AMERICAN WOMAN, MIND-RAPED BY THE COLLABORATORS.  She doesn't know any better!  She has been brainwashed into thinking that we need slumdogs, and her sponsors at INTEL and MICROSOFT basically SIGN HER FUCKING PAYCHECKS.

HOW DARE YOU, Peter Elstrom and Michael Bloomberg?  How dare you rape the ethical soul of a young American writer like Katie Hoffman and turn her into a shill for your pro-Slumdog, anti-American techie agenda?


Don Tennant at ITBusinessEdge.com has been, until recently, a vigorous peddler of propaganda and lies supporting the slumdog slave trade. The insurgency has been hammering him hard for months, and obviously getting under his skin.  I've been banned from even reading his blog, and even politically correct, articulate insurgents like Donna Conroy of BrightFutureJobs.com have been admonished by "Mubai Don" for not toeing the party line when it comes to the Indian Outsourcing Regime.  He frequentlty baited and taunted American techies, going so far as to issue thinly-vield threats of blacklisting anybody who crossed him.

But recently, he started blogging about the crimes committed by Infosys, and the ethnic cleansing of Americans at Cisco, and something must have snapped.  Or perhaps some insurgents paid a visit to his Maine residence and asked him to ponder the wisdom of shipping young men his son's age to die in Iraq and Afghanistan while we import tons of young marble-mouthed retards from India to do nothing but chair warming and booger farming. 

Either way, here is his Mea Culpa:

I Was Wrong — The H-1B Visa Program Must Be Abolished

Posted by Don Tennant                Jun 6, 2011 9:35:59 PM

In the 10 years or so that I’ve been writing about the H-1B visa program, I have steadfastly argued that despite rampant abuse of the system, the positive contributions of many, many people here on H-1B visas warrant continued support of the program. I was wrong. The H-1B visa program needs to be abolished.

It has long been my view that our focus should be on fighting abuse of the program, rather than on fighting for its annihilation. I have been so sickened for so long by the hatefulness of anti-H-1B fanatics who have capitalized on the issue to spew anti-foreigner venom that I was compelled to find every reason I could to support what they hate. I have argued for years that the hatefulness is horribly damaging to the effort to fix the H-1B program, and I feel as strongly about that now as I ever have. But what I have come to recognize is that the H-1B program in irreparable. So I was wrong to support its continued existence.

It wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to. I remain humbled and inspired by the examples set by many families whose outstanding accomplishments here have been made possible by the H-1B program. I remain blown away by the fact the 60 percent of the finalists in the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search competition are the children of parents who came to the United States on H-1B visas, and I see absolutely no reason to try to discredit that competition or those findings as a means of discrediting the H-1B program. I remain blown away by the stories of people like Dan Simpelo, a high school senior in New City, N.Y., whose family came here from the Philippines four years ago, and whose father had come here two years earlier on an H-1B visa. Dan, whose first language is not English, was the valedictorian of his graduating class of 390 seniors. It’s very difficult for me to call for the abolition of a visa program that has made stories like that possible. But I had no choice.

What changed for me is that finally — finally — the voice of reason has drowned out the voice of hate. There’s no better example than the string of hundreds of reader comments that were contributed in response to my recent post, "Will H-1B Visa Holders Feel the Pain of Impending Cisco Layoffs?" Yes, that reader commentary was spiked with the requisite bickering and mean-spiritedness that have marred the discussion on both sides all along. But what predominated was reasoned, compelling, substantiated information contributed by knowledgeable, thoughtful individuals whose inclination is to challenge and document abuse of the program rather than deride and lambast the individuals who hold the visas the program has created.

One of the most reasoned, sensible and articulate voices in opposition to the H-1B program has been that of Roy Lawson, a software developer in Florida who regularly contributes his commentary to the postings here. He made several comments in response to the aforementioned post, none more important than the one in which he conveyed this viewpoint:

I believe [the H-1B program] is flawed beyond repair, and as such it needs to be abolished in favor of something smarter. I believe that corporations should not be immigration middle-men. Immigration is about something much more pure and sacrosanct than corporate profits. I believe it needs to be abolished in favor of permanent immigration, self sponsorship as opposed to corporate sponsorship, the favoring of relatives (families) over new immigrants, and sustainable numbers. I would limit new immigration to 25% of net job gains each year. In years where we have job loss, I would restrict immigration. Finally, certainly more people would apply than we have openings for. I would make the acceptance based on merit, not first come or a lottery. … My case is about economics and national interest, and has nothing to do with race. In fact, I want greater protections for immigrants. I believe the reason they are so easily exploited is because of corporate sponsorship. Green cards (in sustainable numbers) would make them equal players in the labor market. An H-1b visa amounts to second class labor and corporate sponsorship gives companies leverage against your wages and salary. This hurts you directly and it hurts us indirectly – because we now must compete against workers who are easily exploited.

While some of his points are fodder for additional legitimate debate, in essence, Roy is right. I want to express my thanks to him and to all of the other readers who have worked so diligently to make the anti-H-1B argument not only in a way that is convincing, but in a way that upholds the principles of honor, compassion, fairness and decency that our country stands for. I’m proud to join you in opposition to the H-1B program.

Don cites Roy Lawson as his saviour.  Roy used to be a finger wagging scold in the movement, contantly harping on the insurgents to stop talking about the Indians, but of late Roy has trafficked heavily in the connection between Hindoos and Nazis, and the caste system that is part of the slumdog DNA.  As I always say, I'd rather be perceived a racist than confirmed a coward.

Now, the shills for the H-1B visa are few and far between.  Most don't need the redicule and shaming (and even death threats) that come with a puff-piece proclaiming the intellectual superiority of slumdogs and the lie that we need them to run our IT departments.  Business Week had Moira Herbst and Steve Hamm (and Vivek Fraudwha) who made up what I used to call the Tandoori Trifecta, but now all that is left to peddle the NASSCOM lies is the Punjabi Professor.  Moira interviewed me by phone, and then her editor had to make a groveling apology to IVers who threatened to rape her and throw acid in his face if they did not remove the link to my blog.  She hasn't been heard from since Bloomberg bought Business Week.  As for Steve Hamm, who, after spending years working as a shill for NASSCOM, did a hard-hitting piece called "America's High-Tech Sweatshops" and then ran off work at Indian Bowel Movement (IBM).

Even NASSCOM agent Vivek Wadhwa has tired of the threats and stalking that come with the territory, and slinked off to the Washington Post to write mushy crap about "innovation" and "immigrants" with not a mention of fuckin' H-1Bs.  Fellow Desi shill Farhad Manjoo regurgitated one article with Wadhwa's lies, and was last seen crying to the FBI and blogging on Slate about the lastest iPhone.

There really is nothing left for the H-1Bs now.  They are slowly getting shitcanned at American companies, and forced to become illegal aliens, working at motels, cigar shops, and dry cleaners.  Of course, that beats the hell out of going back to India, which even the enlightened New York Times has deemed a stinking shithole full feral racist scum.  Even at Vivek's new home at the Washington Post, over 700 commenters countered the biased notion that H-1Bs are somehow smarter than the locals.  The Hispanics are also getting the hint, and are tiring of being denigrated as criminals by the chest-thumping Indians that proclaim themselves to be the "better brown immigrants."





tunnel rat posted on June 4, 2011 13:04

Back 2009, I reported on how a Desi bodyshop ripped off New York City to the tune of $15 million, and now there is news of yet another dry anal rape of NYC taxpayers at the hands of more slumdog slave traders:

June 1, 2011, 2:41 pm

Company Tied to Payroll Project Shuts Down

WAYNE, N.J. — A New Jersey technology company that had been a major contractor on the Bloomberg administration’s troubled CityTime payroll project abruptly halted operations and terminated its employees amid a widening city and federal investigation, according to a company memorandum sent out this week.

The top two executives of the company, TechnoDyne L.L.C., have returned to their native India, according to people familiar with the case who were not authorized to speak publicly because the investigation was continuing.

Whether the executives — Reddy and Padma Allen, American citizens who are husband and wife — will return is unclear. They are alluded to but not identified by name as co-conspirators in a federal complaint that was made public on Friday; neither they nor their company has been charged...

So these maderchads got busted, packed their shit and went back to that 3rd-world sewer called India?  WTF?  Why can't this happen to every slumdog slave trader?

But wait, it gets even more interesting...

...The company, which investigators said relied on Science Applications International for 80 percent of its revenue, pledged to cooperate with immigration lawyers to help workers who have H-1B visas or green cards. The company also said it would keep employees updated on compensation, health insurance and other issues.

A spokeswoman for the company did not respond to phone calls and e-mails to her. Meanwhile, a visit to the company’s two addresses here on Wednesday — one in an office park, the other at a U.P.S. store — did not reveal any activity or presence, other than the company’s name tacked onto a building directory. One person who works in the office park said few people had shown up to TechnoDyne’s office in recent months.

TechnoDyne billed itself as an information technology consulting company that helped governments and private businesses with software development and cloud-computing management...

OMG!  You mean they used low-wage, low-skill slumdogs? 


I've already contacted my friends at the N.J. Department of Labor to make sure that they keep an eye out on you scabs, and they will make sure that you are deported ASAP.

In the meantime, Insurgents can target the fat fuck collaborator who enabled this rape of NYC taxpayers, Gerard Denault:

He is out on bail and can easily be tracked down. 

Happy hunting.




It is the beginning of the end for notorious slumdog bodyshop Infosys.  The Wall Street Journal reports:

Infosys Gets U.S. Court Subpoena

BANGALORE – India's Infosys Technologies Ltd. Tuesday said it received a subpoena from a lower court in the U.S. asking the software exporter to provide sponsorship details of visas meant for its staff visiting the country for meetings, conferences and business negotiations.

The Grand Jury in the United States District Court for Texas has asked the company to submit documents and records related to the company's sponsorship for, and uses of, B1 business visas, which are meant for a short duration, the Indian company said in a statement.

Infosys said it intends to comply with the notice and co-operate with the jury's investigation.

Earlier this year, local media reports suggested that an American employee of the company, who has been working as a principal consultant since August 2008, filed a complaint with the a U.S. court, saying the company was sending employees on B1 visas to work full time in the U.S.

In its annual report released earlier this month, Infosys said that one of its employees had filed a lawsuit in the U.S. alleging, among other things, that the company was "improperly" utilizing B1 visas.

The company also said in the annual report that a U.S. senator has submitted a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security asking them to review the B1 business visa program.

Americans can capitalize on the inevitable demise of these high-tech human traffickers by buying put options.  I myself like the Jan 2012 puts with a strike price of 50. Relatively cheap, and with plenty of time. 

As news spreads through the chat rooms and investing forums of this company's busted business model, traders will be dumping this stock in droves.

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While the fine was trivial, at least two insurgents got to pocket over $7K after the DOJ went after the slumdog slave-trading scumbags at Iflowsoft (Infosys, Apex Technology Group, Fulcrum Logic, and others are next):

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department announced today that it has reached a settlement agreement with Iflowsoft LLC, a computer programming services provider in Iselin, N.J ., to settle allegations that Iflowsoft engaged in a pattern or practice of citizenship status discrimination by preferring to hire temporary visa holders over United States citizens.

According to the department’s findings, Iflowsoft posted several job advertisements for IT professionals expressing a preference for temporary visa holders (specifically H-1B transfers and/or OPT candidates). The facially discriminatory advertisements deterred the charging party, a United States citizen, from applying to Iflowsoft. In addition, the department found Iflowsoft hired an H1-B visa holder without considering a qualified United States citizen applicant. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) generally prohibits employers from discriminating based on citizenship status during the hiring process.

Under the terms of the settlement, Iflowsoft has agreed to pay $6,400 in civil penalties and $7,158.49 in back pay to two United States citizens who were qualified for the positions advertised and applied, or would have applied for the positions. Iflowsoft has also agreed to provide its employees training on the INA anti-discrimination requirements, adopt nondiscrimination policies with respect to recruitment and hiring, and maintain and submit records to the United States for the three-year term of the agreement.

“ All workers who are authorized to work in the United States, whether they are citizens or not, have the right to look for a job without facing discrimination,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “We are pleased to have reached a settlement with Iflowsoft and look forward to continuing to work with public and private employers to educate them about anti-discrimination protections and employer obligations under the law.”

The Civil Rights Division’s Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices (OSC) is responsible for enforcing the INA anti-discrimination provision, which prohibits employers from discriminating against work-authorized individuals on the basis of citizenship status or national origin in hiring, firing, recruitment or referral for a fee.

For more information about protections against employment discrimination under federal immigration law, call OSC’s worker hotline at 1-800-255-7688 (1-800-237-2525, TDD for hearing impaired), OSC’s employer hotline at 1-800-255-8155 (1-800-362-2735, TDD for hearing impaired), or 202-616-5594; email osccrt@usdoj.gov ; or visit the website at www.justice/gov/crt/osc .


- Link

Here are some more details, with an accurate image of Iflowsoft (WTF is up with that name?) headquarters, in case some insurgents want to seek some retribution.

Insurgents in New Joisey are urged to contact the scumbag owner of Iflowsoft and pay that DESI MOTHERFUCKER A VISIT:

Sankar Veeramalai


BTW, I heard through the grapevine that infamous Desi bodyshop lawyer Patrick Papalia of Herten, Burstein, Sheridan, Cevasco, Bottinelli, Litt & Harz, LLC represented (if you could call it that) Iflowsoft. 

Like I always say:


After being spoon-fed an obvious piece of Vivek Wadhwa/NASSCOM inspired propaganda, low-rent hack "journalist" Claudia Cruz (pictured here fondling the curry-scented gland of Sanjay Patel)

snapped on the bait and posted some crap about a poor Indian "product manager" who faced having to return back to that shithole called India.


Originally from India, Sanjay Patel worked as a product manager for eBay in San Jose for three years after the company sponsored his H-1B visa. 

Patel—his name has been changed in this story to protect his identity—would like to remain in the United States, and his desire to obtain a permanent residency card, or a green card, weighs heavily on his mind.

“The six-year limit bothers many people,” Patel said, about the minimum period it takes to get a green card. “If you are trying to get your green card, then six years is a limited amount of time.”

Many U.S.-based companies have turned to foreign countries to supply them with employees, like Patel, who possess the specialized skills needed for technology jobs.[WTF?  WHAT SKILLS?  ASS-KISSING? WOMEN-HATING?]

Often these professionals arrive withlimited work visas and create new homes here for themselves and their families. But if they don’t get their permanent resident cards within the six years their H-1B visas are valid, they usually have to uproot themselves and return home. 

The emotional toll can be overwhelming, and the stalled immigration reform debate in Congress doesn’t help matters.

“It’s been difficult for them to listen to the debate when they are helping develop products, helping U.S. competitiveness, and then they hear Americans attack foreigners,” said Cynthia Lange, attorney and managing partner for the Santa Clara office of the global international immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen and Loewy, LLP. [AKA SCUMBAG IMMIGRATION LAWYERS THAT PLACED FAKE ADS FOR HP]

“Up until now, Congress has been deadlocked on doing anything with immigration. It has stopped movement on other changes that would help people.”

Immigration reform has a unique effect upon the Silicon Valley. It’s home to Fortune 500 technology companies that hire people from all over the world, lured with the H1-B visa, issued to professional workers who have the appropriate degrees or a combination of education and experience.  

When their visas expire, however, more often than not these professionals have only 30 days to get out of the country, according to Gali Gordon, an immigration attorney in San Francisco.

Patel said his visa had been extended for another three years, and he has already started to work with one of the company’s lawyers to try to get his green card. But, explained Lange, because of the U.S. quota to approve for permanent residency 5 percent of the applicants from every country in the world—for engineers from highly represented countries like India and China—the wait then becomes longer.

His job with eBay appears to be working out, and Patel—who received his master’s degree from Arizona State University [AKA BEST JUNIOR COLLEGE IN ARIZONA] in 2005—said he believes he’ll be able to renew his H-1B visa every year until he receives his green card. His wife, who accompanied him to the United States on the H4 visa issued to immediate family members of H-1B visa holders, would also have her visa renewed.

According to Lange, the cost to apply for visas continue to increase, though the employers, not the employees, pay for them. Still, the cost could preclude smaller companies from recruiting and applying for visas for their workers, she explained.

Patel acknowledged that he was one of the fortunate ones.

Before the approval of the “American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act” in October 2000, upon the expiration of an H-1B, visa-holders would have had to “yank their families and kids out of school and had to leave,” said Lange.[GOOD - GET THE FUCK OUT]

Now Patel’s wife has a chance to remain, too.

“Her H4 visa will be extended when mine is, and she will receive her green card when I do,” Patel said.

According Gordon, if a person’s green-card process has been pending for at least one year, the H-1B visa can be extended past the six-year mark. This would apply to the spouse’s H4, too, which has more restrictions than an H-1B visa and does not allow people to work. Patel’s wife, however, can attend school, and she has decided to pursue her master’s degree at San Jose State University.

But ever since the economic boom turned to bust in the U.S., the number of immigrants getting H-1B visas, their renewals or a green card has dropped.

According to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) H-1B Program Report figures, in fiscal year 2007 304,877 H-1B petitions were filed and 281,444 approved. In 2008, the number filed decreased to 288,764 as did the number approved to 276,252. The prospects for H-1B petitioners looked even glimmer in 2009, when filings dropped 15 percent to 246,647 and approvals fell 22 percent to 214,271 compared to 2008.

Of those approvals, the number of H1-Bs approved for continuing employment, that is, renewals, in 2009 was 127,971—a sharp decreased of 23 percent from 2008 when the number approved was 166,917. Renewal approvals had actually increased slightly from 2007 to 2008 by 3.3 percent.

Approximately 48 percent of H-1Bs approved in 2009 were for workers born in India, according to the USCIS. H-1B figures are not yet available for 2010.

For the government’s fiscal year that started April 1, 2010, it took 10 months to reach the 65,000 H-1Bs for initial filers mandated by Congress. In contrast in 2008, when companies were still hiring foreign professionals, that cap was reached within days, according to Compete America, a coalition that advocates for reform of U.S. immigration policy.

The 2012 fiscal year, which began on April 1 and U.S. companies will file H-1B visa applications until the cap is reached, Gordon explained. Then H-1B visas go into effect on Oct. 1, 2011 at which point the employee can start work under the visa, she continued.

Also even though only 65,000 H-1B visas are available each year, multiple companies can file on behalf of a new foreign worker. Renewals do not count towards the government cap.

In recent years, Mountain View-based Google has recruited fewer H-1B eligible employees than in years past, according to Google spokesman Dan Martin.

In 2007, Google filed 641 H-1B visa applications, with 583 approved. In 2008, 424 were filed, with 334 approved; and in 2009, only 183 H-1B visas were filed, and all were approved, according to Martin.

Both eBay and Mountain View-based Symantec declined to release the number of foreign workers on H-1B visas at their companies. An eBay spokesperson said the number of visa holders “aren’t statistics that we track” and that “for privacy reasons, this isn’t a topic we can discuss.”

However, the USCIS did provide figures of approved petitions in 2009 that show eBay received 24 and Symantec 57 H-1B visas for employees. The largest number of H1-Bs went to Intel–723–followed by Cisco at 308 and Oracle 272.

Meanwhile, until Congress changes the immigration laws, companies can only give employees a month to find work or obtain another visa, once it’s expired.

Patel said that if he’s unable to get his green card in time, he won’t stay in the U.S. illegally, because he wouldn’t want to risk getting caught. In India, he could earn the same pay, and both he and his wife would be able to work successfully, he said.

“It’s a limited amount of time,” he said, “and in that situation, if I don’t get another job, then I pack my bags.”[GOOD - GET THE FUCK OUT]


When she was flammed by the Insurgency, this dumb cunt pleaded ignorance and insisted that she had no agenda, a blatant lie that fellow Insurgents called her on.

To readers,
Claudia Cruz replied to my offer on a follow-up article. Her reply is unprofessional and unbusiness like.
Claudia repeated twice that she doesn't have an agenda. I have worked with many journalists on this issue; this concept of "agenda" would never even be entertained with these professionals!

She starts her email response with "I had started this response this morning (before you chose to attack me for remaining silent ... really? I have a lot of other things to do and it's much easier to formulate a response with time than to react without thinking.) If I choose to reply to a comments, it's because it was an immediate problem and I must moderate the site. Violence is never the answer, unless you are okay with people advocating violence (and then of course hiding under the shield of anonymity)."

Claudia, it's your responsibility to monitor comments and pull offensive or inappropriate comments. You failed to do so. Instead, you played the "violence" card in attempt to discredit all the valid comments that, if you had taken seriously, would have sharpened your grasp of the issue and made you a better reporter.

You wrote to me, "So people can attack me all they want and accuse me of not admitting that I got facts wrong. The facts I put in the article are correct for the article that was written. If I was writing a different article, the facts would have been different."

This is your agenda; to maintain your illusions of journalistic accuracy.




You can reach her at:

Email: claudiac@patch.com
Phone: 650-218-7580



In typical collaborator fashion, Patch shut down comments on this thread because the conversation has turned "disrepectful."  Well, what did these shils for the high-tech junta expect, a high-brow discussion on how Americans should accept being displaced by marble-mouthed slumdog scabs?  WTF?

Every week, we get more stories of the federal crackdown on the Desi bodyshop business.  What is important about the latest bust in Iowa is this nugget buried in the original story:

The Associated Press is reporting that the two men appear to be included in a national crackdown into suspected immigration fraud.

Hours after their arrest, the U.S. attorneys office announced it would hold a news conference today detailing “a nationwide coordinated enforcement action targeting visa fraud.” Officials wouldn’t immediately release other details.

That's right, slumdogs and Desi pimps, the FEDS ARE COMING AFTER YOU.  I told you that THERE WILL BE RETRIBUTION:


2 men to be sentenced in work visa fraud case

2 men who ran software firm in Clinton to be sentenced on visa fraud conspiracy charges

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- Two men, who ran a software company in Clinton, Iowa, are expected to be sentenced on charges they committed visa fraud to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Fazal Mehmood and Viheet Maheshwari have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to make false statements and commit visa fraud in connection with several applications to bring foreign workers to the U.S. under H-1B Visas.

Mehmood and Maheshwari ran companies called Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems.

Federal prosecutors say they applied for H-1B Visas for foreign workers that contained false statements about their jobs and work locations. For instance, they told the government that employees would be working as programmers and analysts, but those jobs did not exist after they arrived in the U.S.

Sentencing is Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Davenport.

tunnel rat posted on April 13, 2011 23:23

It's been quite a busy week in terms of H-1Bs, and the slumdogs can't be happy.  First off was a propaganda piece in Newsweek that parroted the (NASSCOM lobbyist paid by your tax dollars) Vivek Wadhwa "brain drain" lie in a post called "America’s ‘National Suicide'":

"...As it has for generations of immigrants before him, America opened new possibilities. After finishing his M.B.A., Ganti was courted by Irving Oil and EMC, a top technology firm. Again, he chose a less traditional path, joining Sharpridge Capital Management, a startup fund launched by Kevin Grant, who had been a star bond trader at Fidelity but had left to try Everest for a second time. Ganti was the company’s seventh employee, brought on at a critical time when Sharpridge was building toward an initial public offering of shares. A promising career, it seemed, had begun. After working a year at Sharpridge, Ganti decided to visit his family in India. But what should have been a quick trip became an extended ordeal—a bureaucratic nightmare that would cost him his job, his car, and his life in the United States..."

As if we need more bond traders...

But the comments section was flooded with insight (HUNDREDS OF ANTI H-1B MESSAGES) from the victims of India's Occupational Genocide:

"Sadly, H-1b has been used to exclude U.S. citizens from the workforce and to bring in engineers whose sole purpose was to remove whole departments. Unfortunately the H-1b law has no protection for U.S. workers, an H-1b may be hired even if a better qualified U.S. citizen applied, interviewed, and wants the job. The fact that there is no protection for U.S. workers to be able to compete equally, has made the H-1b visa the "Outsourcing" visa, as it is officially described back in India.  
Abuse of other visa's is also quite common, that is why Infosys tried to coerce a U.S. employee into falsifying federal documents in order facilitate the illegal acquisition of B-1 visas for Infosys Indian employees. The B-1 visa is not supposed to be used by people coming here to actually work on a job, yet that is exactly how Infosys is using these visas.  
Have you heard about the 300 billion dollars in tax cheating that goes on each year? Infosys is right there, because under B-1 they don't have to pay U.S. taxes for the workers they bring in to take your job.  
Look we cannot afford to have a Visa system that facilitates the removal of jobs. And U.S. workers must be allowed to compete equally for jobs on U.S. soil.  
Infosys uses the Visa system to find it's U.S. engineering workforce, they actively discriminate against U.S. engineers in their hiring practices, and are using the visa system to create a U.S. engineering workforce that is 90% from India. Because their sole purpose is to use U.S. visas to cheat on their taxes and remove U.S.jobs.  
Sadly companies such as Infosys, which actively discriminates against U.S. citizens, have badly abused the U.S. visa system, to the point that it is a National Disgrace."

If training my slumdog replacement is suicide, I'll aim for the red dots before I drink the Cool Aid.

And then Fox News had another piece of crap from collaborator Alex Nowrasteh, entitled "Why Can't Obama and Congress See That Our Poor Immigration Policies Punish American Companies Who Want to Hire Skilled Immigrants?"

Again, the comments were revealing, and there where HUNDREDS OF ANTI-H1B COMMENTS:

"H-1B visa holders displace US citizen workers. There is NO requirement that the company try to hire in the US before importing these foreign nationals. There are many instances of discriminatory exclusion of citizen workers in job ads. There are qualified and willing US citizens and current permanent residents unemployed or underemployed and wanting these jobs. Their only disqualifications are their age and expectations of fair pay for the education and experience required for the job."

Of course, fuck-story collaborator Don Tennant had to chime in, with a not-so veiled threat of blacklisting anti-H-1B techies here.  Flame-baiting Don didn't get much traffic from that crap post, but this comment was telling:

If Carnecero wants a red flag, perhaps she should look to India (where 71% of H-1Bs come from). In India they kill the company CEO if he lays the workers off. And they throw acid in peoples' faces. And they fake their degrees and resumes. Except for slight exagerations in some resumes, I don't know a single native-born American who does any of those things. After all, tolerance caused 9-11 - one of the 19 hijackers was an H-1B software worker in Silicon Valley. No red flag there.

Now that last threat from slumdog shill Don Tennant is what is key here.  The collaborators and slumdog shills want you to be terrified of being called a "racist" or a "violent" person for expressing your views regarding the displacement and denigration of American techies at the hands of the H[indu]-1B lobby.  Their message is:


Well, all I can say is bring it on, douchebags.  Retaliation will be swift and severe.  It will take the form of lawsuits and vicious public retribution that will make you regret making an enemy of honest American techies. 

It has already started.  Just note this communique that I got from fellow insurgent Donna Conroy:

Exciting development.  An investigative reporter is examing how widespread the issue of corporate visa fraud is--particularly by major Indian outsourcing companies and companies that have a large presence in India, such as IBM.

They are particularly interested in companies that use the L-1 and the B1/B2 visa programs to fill their US job openings and transfer personnel to the US for short term work.

All information will be confidential.  Pls. reply to this message with a short description of what you know and what you have seen.  Also, state whether you would be willing to talk to the reporter off the record.

For many years, our members have been pleading with us to find in-depth coverage on this issue.  We now have that opportunity.  The more information we can gather, the more material the reporter will be able to cover.

And please contribute; projects you are looking for have been put on hold due to lack of funds.

The team at BFJ,

Donna, Mike, Brendan, Baxter, Barbara M.


Just think, you Fuckin' Slumdog Slave Trader or Cocksucker Collaborator working at Tata, HCL, Infosys, ITBusinessEdge, or Apex Technology Group -- the word is out.  We will hunt you down and expose you. 

Already, the collaborators that have hired the scabs from WiPro, etc. are feeling the wrath of the Insurgency's Retribution.  Collaborator Cunt Karenann Terrell had to resign from Baxter after overseeing a purge of Americans, and now a Google search of her name has my blog in the top results (along with keywords like 'i hate indian software engineers', 'India Indian culture bigotry racism', 'indian engineers suck') . 

Here is our message:


If you are proud of your acts, then you have nothing to worry about.  But if you get a reputation for being a shill for the slumdog slave trade, good luck getting another job.  If you do find work, get some cheap tires for your fancy sedan, because you will find them slashed in the parking lot of the next corporate gig you get.



tunnel rat posted on April 11, 2011 22:15

What the Insurgency lacks in cohesion and organization, it makes up for in quality and quantity.  Everyday we find another lone wolf attacking the slumdog slave trade in articulate and coherent ways.  How much longer can the upper-caste invaders tolerate this drip-drip of reality before they start to snap? 

The latest salvo comes from another blogger, Robert Lindsay, who introduces us to the case of an HIV-Spreading Slumdog.  He also touches on a topic that I have been posting about for years -- the inherent racism and nepotism of the H[indu]-1B scabs.  Some of the groups that have been most impacted by the ethnic cleansing conducted by the high-tech junta and the IOR (Indian Outsourcing Regime) have been (with the perhaps the exception of middle-aged Americans) blacks, Hispanics, and women.  All these groups are seen as "untouchables" to the average slumdog.

Here, in its entirety, is one of the most eloquent condemnations of the slumdog slave trade that I have yet to read:


Death to the H-1B Program

Repost from the old site.

90% of all computer jobs in the US are going to H-1B visa holders. To understand what an H-1B visa is, check out the essential Zazona website.

There is need for few, if any, H-1B jobs in the US.

We are allowing around 200,000-350,000 H-1B’s into the US every year, mostly from India to work in computers, but also in many other fields, such as school psychologist, long-haul truck driver and just about every job you could possibly imagine. Some of the jobs that have been filled via guest worker programs are

  • Accountants
  • Administrators
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Software Programmers
  • Computer Scientists
  • Any type of Engineer and Technician you could imagine
  • Research Associates
  • Scientists
  • Lawyers
  • Tax Analysts
  • Teachers
  • College Professors
  • Postdocs
  • Fellows
  • Sports Instructors
  • Physiologists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Med-Techs
  • Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Surgical and Dental Assistants
  • Fashion Models
  • Secretaries
  • Clerks
  • Architects
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Youth Counselors
  • Day Care Workers
  • Cashiers


This whole program and all of its various evil twins are about cheap labor and nothing else. There is no shortage of workers in any capacity in America.

Since 1990, the laws of economics have been overturned in the US. This coincides with the introduction of the H-1B program and its babies. Formerly, businesses hired when business was good and laid off when business was bad. In economics, that is called “normal”.

H-1B turned that upside down and introduced something called “churning”. This is where profitable businesses both massively fire and massively hire workers with no relationship at all to their profits.

This is what happens:

Suppose business at company A is going like gangbusters. Paradoxically, the company is laying off huge numbers of workers. At the same time, they are hiring huge numbers of workers to replace them.

What’s the catch? All of the fired workers are Americans. All of the hired workers are H-1B’s, mostly from India. This is churning, and it has been going on the US for 17 years now. Both parties support the H-1B madness to the absolute hilt!

Need to import agricultural and blue collar workers? Just get an H-2B or H-2A visa for them.

Need to import workers for your educational or government enterprise? Just get a J-1 visa for them.

Feel like importing Canadians or Mexicans for anything whatsoever? No problem, just get a TN (NAFTA) visa for them.

People wonder why those of us on the Left hated NAFTA and have opposed all of its attempted children. This is one excellent reason.
The fact that NAFTA caused a lowering of wages and a loss of jobs in the US, Canada and Mexico is yet another. It harmed workers and consumers in all three countries. The only people making out like bandits were businesses, in particular large businesses.

The Indian H-1B’s are all brought here on visas that are stipulated as “non-immigrant visas”. If they are not immigrants, what are they then? They are “guest workers”, that’s what they are!

The H-1B visa program quota fills up rapidly every year, leaving the US computer corporation liars screaming in paroxysms at Congress to raise the quota due to the “desperate job shortage”. But there is no desperate worker shortage in that field. There are more than enough Americans to fill every single one of these jobs. No one calls the liars on it. Not one newspaper or magazine, not one politician.

In the past 6 years, an incredible 2 million of America’s finest, our best and brightest, with years of education under their belts and the debts to show for it, have been tossed out on the streets like so much trash, replaced by inferior scabs from India.

I have heard stories like the one below before. Typically, the way H-1B works in a US computer corporation is this:

At first a few Indians are brought in. American workers are made, in abject humiliation, to train their replacements. This is akin to forcing a man to help his executioners prepare themselves for his own execution.

The opinion of most US tech workers is that these Indian tech workers are not very good. Most of them have been through a sleazy, corrupt 6-month program to get some “Masters of Computer Sciences Degree”. A 6-month degree, with no prerequisite, that costs a whole $40! A 3-week training course in India is dishonestly written up as 4 years of experience.

The Indian H-1B’s can’t cut it, so the Americans have to make up for them. Or the Indians start to wreck the shop with their incompetence, but the management could care less.

The Indian H-1B’s are almost all liars. They are some of the most dishonest people in this country. Show me an Indian H-1B, and I will show you a shameless, continuous, venal liar. Management knows they are lying all the time, but does not care.

Indian H-1B’s tell the US government and their employer that they have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and that they 4 years of experience. The government and the employer both know the H-1B is lying; it’s only a 6-month degree and he only had 3 weeks of experience, but neither cares.

An INS investigation of H-1B’s revealed outrageous levels of fraud – 47% of H-1B’s had faked credentials, experience or other essential facts. Most of the body shops are actually breaking the law via tax scams. This is one more way that American businesses cannot compete. Further, the body shops file the visa for one job and then reselling the employee as contractors.

After a while, the management, for some reason, fires the American supervisor. An Indian supervisor is now brought in the supervise the American-Indian mixed workforce. The Indian supervisor, either acting on management’s order or through sheer ethnic chauvinism, begins to slowly fire all of the American workers.

He replaces them all with his Indian compatriots. Before they are terminated, each American is asked to train his Indian replacement. Most American workers training their replacements are shocked at how unqualified the Indian is for the job.

Whatever the motivations for this game, it smells like Indian ethnic warfare waged against non-Indian Americans through and through.

Indian H-1B’s, unlike most scabs, have a large public relations industry in back of them, flush with cash. This industry gets charged up every year, along with the computer corporation liars, to squawk about the hallucinatory worker shortage.

Further, the Indian H-1B’s themselves, being fairly intelligent, are known to pitch their case on the Net. Typically, the Indian liars say that any American who lost his job to an Indian scab is a “loser” who “could not cut it” and got fired to be replaced by his superior Indian replacement. He is urged to go out and hit the pavement in search of another job, no matter that 90% of them are reserved for foreign scabs.

The Indians below do not represent all Indians. The Indian H-1B scabs coming here are almost all Hindus from the upper castes. As such, they are the shock troops of the fascist Hindutva movement, since this movement appeals disproportionately to the upper castes.

These Indians either are part of the venal and wicked Indian ruling class, or they ally themselves with these parasites. At any rate, they see themselves as part of a racial and ethnic ruling class of India.

The Hindutva movement, like all ultranationalist rightwing movements, hates Western colonialism of their land. All India’s problems are blamed on India’s colonization by the British. In particular, Hinduism and especially the despicable caste system are upheld as the highest achievements of humanity1.

The movement is characterized by extreme hatred of Muslims and especially Muslim rule in India, which admittedly was not a picnic. The Hindutvas demand that Muslims apologize for the terror of their rule in India, but being Muslims, they never will, because Muslims never apologize for anything.

But the Hindutvas, like all ultranationalist fools, will never apologize for anything either. The hatred of the British, as you see below, extends to hatred of “the White man”, as these types refer to us.

When the British came to India, they were appalled at the sickening and backwards aspects of its “ancient and glorious” religion and culture.

They banned burning women on funeral pyres after their husbands’ death. They hated caste and campaigned against it. They pointed out the idiocy and backwardness of scientifically illiterate Indian “science”, demanded its removal from all Indian school texts, and ordered that it be replaced by fact-based Western science.

They did impose English-language education, but that was more to kill the power of backwards Hindu religion infiltrating via language.

To the Dalits, the horribly persecuted dark-skinned “nigger” untouchables of South India, the British were a Godsend. To the Hindutvas, they were the worst thing that ever happened.

As you can see, and despite their colonial exploitation of India, the British did try to civilize the Indians. For this the Hindutvas will forever hate them.

The Hindutva scabs that currently infest out guest worker program are usually shockingly racist (by US White standard) towards our African Americans. About this, the US Left is utterly silent, because the only racism they care about is White racism. The Hindutvas have had lots of practice hating Blacks, with the centuries of ultra-Jim Crow the higher castes have been dealing out to their own Dalit “Blacks”.*

Sure, the Hindutvas call themselves Aryans. They even allied with Hitler during World War 2. In the 1930′s, the Nazis sent some of their fool racial scientists to India to research the early “Aryan” race. Except that Nazi Aryanism meant “German”. According to Nazi morons, Germanics were the original White people.

In truth, Whites probably came out of an 11,000 foot pass in the Pamir Mountains, Baroghil Pass, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, some 35,000 years ago, although this is highly controversial. One group went west to become the Caucasoids or Whites, another north and east to become the Mongoloids, or East Asians.

Baroghil Pass on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border – birthplace of the White Race? DNA studies suggest that a group left here 35,000 years ago. One group went east and became the Mongoloids or East Asians. Another went west to become the Caucasians or Whites.

To this day, there are many blond, blue-eyed natives in this area whose presence is pretty much unexplained. One group is called the Kalash. These pagans are said to be related to Alexander the Great’s army, but others say that connection is fanciful. They may go back much further than that.

A clearly 100% Caucasian Kalash woman from Pakistan, south of Chitral. Leftovers from Alexander the Great’s army, or remnants of the first Whites from antiquity?

Poppies growing in Argo, Badakhshan Province, in Afghanistan. Badakhshan Province is in the far northeast of Afghanistan. Baroghil Pass is to the east, on the southern border of the Wakhan Corridor on the border with Chitral Province in Pakistan. The post about bin Laden linked above has a lot of information about both Badakhshan and the profoundly isolated Wakhan Corridor.

One model of the origin of the East Asians and Whites shows both of them coming out the Middle East. I favor an alternate model that has them coming out of northern Pakistan. I also wonder what evidence there is for proto-Amerindians crossing the Pacific Ocean to come to America 13,000 years ago?

The origin of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, the true Aryans, lies with the Tajiks of Tajikistan.

The hatred of “Whitey” seen in many Indians comes from ruling class, upper caste and ultra-racist Hindutva scum. So, most Indians don’t really hate Whites at all, and Dalits may even love Whites – many Dalits loved the British. It’s more of an Indian ruling class hatred for the colonizer who shamed them and tried to take away their stupid, evil and insanely racist caste customs.

I do not think there is any way under democracy to uproot India’s wicked caste system since it is so deeply entrenched. The only way is a complete revolution, possibly a Maoist one. As Indian capitalism kills at least 4 million Indians every year, I figure any system that kills a lot less than that is pretty much worth it.

For this reason, I support India’s Maoist revolutionaries, fanatics though they are. Killing 4 million people a year is already extreme. Perhaps that necessitates an extreme response.

The article below, written by Simon Jones, originally appeared on the NewsBlaze website. The article:

After responding recently to articles about the Indian invasion of America, I was finally encouraged to write an article about my experiences in the high-tech industry. Because of severance agreements, the names of my former company and former coworkers have been changed or omitted.

I am a computer programmer, and have been for 15 years. I worked for a company in California for 6 years, and I was the director of one of the R&D projects.

About a year ago, most of the other American employees and I were fired and replaced with people from India on H-1B and L-1 visas. The people from India were making only a fraction of what we Americans were making. I was making $110K a year; my replacement, $37K. The people under me were making about $75K; their replacements, about $29K.

To keep my severance pay, I was required to stay on for an additional six months (after the other Americans were fired) to train the replacements. This was probably the most humiliating experience of my life.

What I describe above is happening now every day.

Many of my friends in high-tech have also recently been fired, and are being replaced with cheap imported labor from India or China. Microsoft says there is a “high-tech shortage,” which is a lie. Almost every American programmer I know is now unemployed and has been replaced by a cheap import. There is not a “shortage.” Big business only wants more cheap labor.

But the story only gets better…

You would think that the Indians would be appreciative of being allowed to work in the United States, but this was very far from the case. Most of their conversations involved extreme hatred of America, Americans, and anyone of European descent.

Here are some examples of their daily conversations:

- Indians are the real “Aryans.” The Human Genome Project shows that Indians are closely related to Africans. Thus Indians and Africans are the real “Aryans.”

- All people of European descent (i.e. all whites) must be exterminated.

- Blond hair and blue eyes are inferior traits. By the year 2090, all people with blond hair and blue eyes will either be bred or executed out of existence.

- One day India will invade and take over. It is India’s destiny to rule over Whites.

- Christianity is a disease that can only be cured with a bullet.

- Although most of the Indians were Hindu, a few were Muslim, and they were quite openly fond of Bin Laden.

The Hindus, however, seemed to hate white Americans just as much as if not more than the Muslims. On this they could agree.

And then there is the story about Praveen.

Praveen, a Hindu from Northern India, was often very “touchy” with me and the other Americans. He was always shaking our hands and patting us on the backs. I noticed too that after touching me he often left “red marks” on my clothes, and on others’ clothes.

There was also a break room that only a few Americans frequented. (Indians never visited it.) And Praveen was always in there tampering with the coffee machine.

After seeing him one day pricking himself with a safety pin to make himself bleed, it all came together. He was trying to transmit his blood to others – either by direct contact or by putting it in the coffee machine.

I heard that he was HIV+ and was trying to transmit it to the Americans.

Praveen went back to India shortly after that, so no criminal action was able to be taken. But a few of the other Indians did transmit HIV to a couple of the American women – and seemed very proud of it.

Management of the company was informed of this, but they did very little to look into it. When I told our CEO that I suspected that the Indians were spreading HIV around the workers, he called me a “racist” and told me to be quiet.

I’m sure he was aware of what was going on – but simply did not care. Cheap labor is cheap labor, that that is the bottom line for big business.

The only loyalty of big business is profit, and they could care less about American workers, American values, or the well-being of the United States.

And what about the future of America?

Are we going to auction off every American job to low-paid imports until there are no good American jobs left? Are we going to let third-world hordes take over our high-tech sector until not a single American is left in any important position?

The only effective and patriotic way to stop this is by massive deportations of all the cheap labor from India and China. Otherwise, with the help of big business, we are well on our way to becoming a third-world country.

*My condemnation of Hindutva Indian ultra-racists is not coming from a White nationalist POV. Instead, it is coming from an anti-racist universalist POV that condemns all ethnic chauvinism and racism, including Black, Hispanic, Indian and Arab racism, to name a few.

It is no accident that the strongest allies of Hindutva are the quasi-fascist neoconservatives in the US and the Judeo-fascist criminals currently decamping in Palestine. Their discourse and abusive, obnoxious, belligerent and bullying mentality is much the same as Jewish radical nationalist Zionists.


1.The relationship of Hindutva to caste is very complex. Some of the movement’s leaders were against the persecution of the Dalits, but in India today, almost all upper caste Indians are strong supporters of, or at least apologists for, the caste system (my observation).

My personal experience with Indians in India who are even slightly sympathetic to Hindutva shows that almost all of them support caste-ism in one way or another.

Typically, they either deny that there is a caste problem in India (all the castes get on just fine), deny anti-Dalit violence, claim that the real problem is reverse discrimination by Dalits, claim that caste is not really a bad thing at all and in fact is what has made India great, claim that the Dalits are happy in their lot (cf: US Southerners notion that the slaves were happy in the fields), etc.

It goes without saying that the Indians in the story above are Hindutvas (note their Indian supremacism, their hatred of Whites and Christianity, etc.).

The experience of Americans working with Hindu immigrants is that almost all of them are from upper castes or the Indian middle and upper classes. Our experience has been that a huge number of these Indians are strong supporters of caste-ism, in fact, they have committed the serious crime of infecting America with their sickening system.

Our observation is that these same Indians in the US almost all hate US Blacks and at the same time hate the Dalits of India, whatever concessions Hindutva theory makes to anti-caste-ism. In India today, the upper castes who engage in massive anti-Dalit violence are often supporters of rightwing Hindutva movements.

Those wanting to allow more and more Indian Hindus to immigrate to the US need to consider how many of them are bringing their sickening and wicked caste ideology to our land.

I suggest a screening process for Indian immigrants to see to what extent they believe in caste. Those who show strong support for it should be banned from the US. Further, support for caste-ism could be a reason to deport Indian immigrants from the US. The US doesn’t need caste!

For more on the highly complex, and, as is typical for fascists, extremely dishonest Hindutva discourse on caste, see here, here and here. This article in particular is insightful.

Remember when HCL boss Vineet Nayar started this rhetorical race war?

When questioned about his firm's US hiring, Information Week reports that Vineet Nayar, the CEO of the Indian outsourcing giant HCL Technologies, showed he can stereotype with the best of them, telling an audience in NYC that most American tech grads are 'unemployable.' Explaining that Americans are far less willing than students from developing economies like India, China, and Brazil to master the 'boring' details of tech process and methodology, the HCL chief added that most Americans are just too expensive to train

Well, in the second article in as many days, slumdogs have been deemed -- wait for it -- dumb and unemployable.  So if Americans are too fat a lazy to work in IT and only a fraction of Indians are worth hiring, who the fuck is working at HCL these days, Brazilians and Chinese? 


Only 25 % IT graduates readily employable: Nasscom

DELHI I BANGALORE: At 25, and with a computer science degree from one of the top regional engineering colleges , Sandesh Kumar considered himself to be the luckiest among all his batch mates when he was picked by Infosys Technologies last year. But within three months, Kumar realised the initial training at Infosys' sprawling Mysore campus was getting nowhere. "I actually sucked at everything - communications, language and understanding about some of the latest development tools," Kumar says [OMG, THE RARE HONEST SLUMDOG]. "The company was kind enough to flag early that I might face hurdles ahead and I decided to quit," he adds.

While Kumar's unemployability is an extreme case, of the 550,000 engineering graduates passing out
[FROM WHAT, THE STENCH OF THEIR OWN BO?] every year, anywhere between 10% and 25% cannot be readily employed by any technology firm in the country . Software lobby Nasscom says only 25% of graduates working in IT are readily employable, while it is roughly 15% for back-office jobs. Growing gaps in skills needed for computer science graduates to start coding at the earliest is nothing new, but India Inc's modest progress in dealing with the problem is what marks the seriousness of the issue. India's $60-billion outsourcing industry is already spending almost $1 billion a year on readying these graduates, picked up from different campuses. But only marginal headway has been made with the percentage of employable engineering graduates moving up by just a per cent over the past six years to 25%.

"I did go to a private institute in Hyderabad for a three months refresher course, but they taught us more of the same. It didn't seem to help at all," agrees Kumar who joined a multinational tech support centre in Bangalore last month. While Nasscom believes a quarter of the engineering graduates are unemployable , consulting firm Aspiring Minds paints a gloomier picture. In an employability study conducted last August, the firm found that merely 4.22% of engineering graduates are employable in product companies and only 17% in IT services. On its part, Nasscom says India's large pool of engineers makes the employability percentage look even more daunting. "Comparison of India's employability percentage with other nations is not fair.

The talent pool in those countries is much smaller, and the quality of education has been much higher. The right to education bill has just been passed in India, and it will take time for it to show results," says Nasscom vice-president Sangeeta Gupta. Nasscom has started two common assessment tests, which set a common benchmark for employability especially for students from tier 2-3 engineering colleges. "The 45-minute evaluation tests you on analytical, comprehension, writing and verbal skills. If a person is not good in voice, good analytical skills will get him a job in the BPO function in an IT firm. We have also started the train-the-trainer programme for universities," she says.

"The percentage of non-engineering graduates in the pool of IT and BPO firms is also rising steadily. Companies are not complaining of any dearth of talent, as there is a large pool of three million graduates available to them a year, of which the industry's demand is about 240,000 only per year. We don't see a dearth for talent in future as well, though there will be competition from other sectors," she adds. Tech employers such as Adobe, the world's biggest maker of graphic design software, says a stronger coordination between campuses and companies is needed. "The issue is real but not too much of a glaring problem for us as we go to the Tier I institutes where the curriculum is uptodate and our experience has been good. But in other technology schools it is a problem.

The curriculum is stuck in a time warp and there is very limited exposure to the industry," says Jaleel Abdul, senior director, HR, Adobe Asia-Pacific . "The best practice would be to let students learn from the industry and have strong university programs. Several of our senior technical team go to colleges as guest faculty and students come for internships, that helps a lot. As a result of most colleges not being in touch with the actual requirements, companies have to make a lot of additional investments in training which can be avoided," he adds. Sanyukta, an engineering student set to graduate next year, says she had tough time finding a course that taught software testing-a growing, multi-billion dollar business for Indian tech firms.

"We need premier institutes to offer such courses, most of my batchmates are doing crash courses in testing from smaller private institutes," she says. Some tech executives, however, play down the employability issue. "When you have such a big pool, these challenges will exist and I would say that going forward training will become core to companies. This will help us realign skills to business needs as and when needed and not wait for an institute to offer graduates in a particular discipline ," says the CEO of one of the top 10 software exporters. He requested anonymity because his company is under a silent period.

Apart from investing more in inhouse training, IT companies have also started looking at non-engineering graduates for carrying out simpler tasks. As technology firms automate their commoditised service offerings, they do not necessarily need engineers to perform all tasks. Instead, they are increasingly hiring non-engineering graduates for testing software applications and managing computer infrastructure of their clients in order to do more with fewer staff and at lower wages than computer engineers. From nearly 10% of their current workforce, non-engineering graduates could now account for nearly 20-25 % of the staff at companies such as TCS,
Wipro and HCL, over the next one to two years. Multinational rival Cognizant already has almost 20% of its global workforce who are non-engineering graduates.

Meanwhile, efforts made by Nasscom and other educational institutions are expected to improve employability for IT engineers to 30% over next few years. "I wish our institutes were situated inside these IT companies or vice versa. It can help bridge the skill gap," Kumar says



- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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