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Corporations are at it again.

This time they are taking advantage of temporary workers to drive down wages and working conditions for U.S. workers.

Loopholes, like the ones inside the H1-B visa program, allow big businesses to hire temporary workers from other countries at substandard wages. American workers making $60,000 or more are being replaced by temporary workers making half as much.

Unbelievably, a group of Senators wants to expand this program by issuing even more H1-B visas. Email your Senators today and tell them to stop the expansion of the H1-B visa program.

Workers holding  H1-B visas are at the mercy of their employers. They cannot move from one employer to the next without the risk of deportation. They cannot organize to negotiate for better wages or working conditions.

Big companies like IBM, Accenture and Infosys claim that these visas help improve our competitiveness by bringing highly skilled workers to the U.S., but a recent study showed that most of these workers return home, taking their skills with them. Instead of providing a path to citizenship, the H1-B visa program helps facilitate offshoring.[1]

Email your Senators today and tell them to oppose Senate Bill 169, ...

There is some great news for those American techies victimized by the high-tech junta and the slumdog slave traders -- the tide is turning.  What used to be a steady drip of pro-H-1B propaganda dished out by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, the Republican party, and other organs of the plutocracy is now becoming an anti-H-1B torrent of facts, reason, and sympathy for those displaced, denigrated, and discriminated by the Indian Offshoring/Outsourcing Regime.

Here's a quick summary of recent stories:

Norman Matloff released a study laying waste to the myth that foreign workers are smarter than Americans:


That study got positive coverage in several forums:



In another article, Sam Harnett of PRI got excoriated by commenters disgusted with his take on Stanford PhD from India scamming her way to an H-1B visa:


Our old friend Don Tennant, who we used to call Mumbai Don for his pro-slumdog coverage, has turned a new leaf after the Jay Palmer/Infosys case and is now doing good coverage about a criminal indictment of slumdog bodyshop Dibon Solutions:


On a personal note, I am now seeing less anecdotal evidence of companies going out of their way to fill their IT staffing needs by hiring slumdogs.  It may take years, but eventually the bottom line catches up to reality and corporations learn what a fraud the typical slumdog programmer is.  Wages are rising in my field, and I am now making close to what I was in the dot-com boom, and 50% more than I made when I was at the notorious Curry Den four years ago. 


- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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