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This is what you'll get

When you mess with us...

- Karma Police, Radiohead


Two N.J. men charged with extortion, obstruction in case of Illinois firm that allegedly intimidated whistle-blower

By Star-Ledger Staff

April 05, 2010, 7:52PM

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — Shortly after a foreign computer consultant complained he had been lured to the United States on a promise of a job and cheated out of $53,000, he received a late-night visit from two hostile men, according to authorities.

He was pulled from his Middlesex County house on Jan. 22, forced into a car and taken for a long ride on a cold night while the two men threaten to "take care" him. They wanted the consultant to withdraw complaints he made to federal labor investigators about their employer, an Illinois company that recruited the consultant to come to the United States, according to a federal indictment unsealed today.

Now, two employees of the firm are facing extortion and obstruction of justice charges, which carry up to 20 years in prison.

Trinath Chigurupati, a 36-year-old Indian citizen living in Monmouth Junction, was arrested at his home Wednesday and released on $150,000 bail. Sateesh Yalamanchili, 38, who recently moved from New Jersey to Wood Dale, Ill., surrendered today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Shipp in Newark, who set his bail at $150,000.

The intimidated consultant, said federal prosecutors, is a witness in a year-old probe by the U.S. Department of Labor into the suspects’ employer, ComData Consulting Inc. of Rolling Meadows, Ill., which recruits foreign workers with an expertise in web development, information technology and software development. The firm generally outsources the employees to other companies after sponsoring them for entry into the United States on special temporary visas, known as H-1Bs, reserved for foreign workers with specialized skills.

On Jan. 15, labor officials filed a civil complaint accusing ComData of failing to pay and underpaying four immigrant workers, including the consultant, about $142,000 after recruiting them under the H-1B program. Harassment of the computer consultant by Chigurupati and Yalamanchili began five days later, federal prosecutors said.

ComData was not named in the indictment, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato declined in court today to discuss whether his office is probing the firm or other witnesses have been harassed. ComData failed to return multiple telephone calls.

Chigurupati and Yalamanchili initially pressured the consultant on Jan. 20, after inviting him to a restaurant for what was supposed to be a job interview, authorities said. The threatening car ride followed two days later, and on a third night, the two men entered the consultant’s home, rousing him from sleep with slaps to the chest and shoulders, according to the charges.

On Feb. 4, the two men met him again at a restaurant and offered to pay $5,000 for him to recant his story, authorities said, adding the consultant had gone to federal authorities by then and was outfitted with a hidden recorder that captured every threat.

Yalamanchili and his lawyer, William Lundsten, declined comment on the charges today. Chigurupati’s lawyer, James A. Plaisted, said he was still reviewing the charges and called Chigurupati a "respectable hard-working individual."

I like the way now all forums on Dice are filled with bitching about the slumdog infestation:

I used to work with guys and gals with names like Bob, Frank, Ted and Mary. Everybody got along and we would go out for happy hours and had a lot of office parties. **bleep** got done, and the the companies were becoming Fortune 500 ones.

We had cubicles, but they were huge. Pay was good. Not great. Insurance paid for everything.

Now I am thrown into a 10 foot by 10 foot windowless room with Sanjeep, Rajiv and Kumar. They have no personalities, rarelyspeak english, smell like **bleep** (haven't figured out what a shower is), wear the same clothes everyday, and eat their hideously smelling lunches and dinners at their desks. I am making 40 dollars an hour corp-to-corp. I have no insurance.   

Where did it all go wrong?

I hear ya' brother.

"computergeek08" has a great response:

I hear you loud and clear.  At my last job you would be lucky to see 2 non Indians at any given meeting except upper management of course.  And when the last Americans like me got traded off for yet another H1b, i decided that the IT train left the station.  I am switching careers.  Not that it is easy.  Not that I really want to.  However, if I go down I am going down with a fight.  I will at least try to make a living albeit not as good as I did in the 90's but at least I will wake up and have a job.   I think the key is to choose a field that has a union and strong requirements.  Also, specialize so it will be harder to outsource you.  Just think about what you always wanted to do and do it.  Better to do that than be put in a room with people who have no idea what a shower is.

If I am going down, I am taking some H1b's down with me.  I have a friend at ICE and I try to point him in the direction of possible H1b fraud.  Even if i send ONE H1b home, it is a victory.  I always think of one thing.  They may have jobs NOW, but it is just siutational.  It will change as the next low wage country emerges.  Bu think Fred,  would you really want to be an Indian?  I can go anywhere I want (Mexico, Europe, Israel, Canada) with just a passport.  THEY need visas for every country because their country is such a piece of **Bleep** that no country wants them.  When i go to Mexico for my upcoming vacation,  I will breeze through both borders with my US passport and the border officers will smile and wave at me. When I am in Mexico, I will ride the buses with the natives and they will  go out of their way to be polite to me.  They treat me like I am a neighbor.  Then, back at the airport I will laugh as I see the  line of THEM being questioned by ICE, Border Patrol, etc and  being put in those rooms for further questioning......  I try to think of the big picture.  Yes, right now they are winning but nothing lasts forever.   This is a temporary situation,  they are opportunists stealing jobs and RIGHT NOW the MNC's are in power The balance of power will eventually shift  - we have all seen it  before and  the Indians will either be DEPORTED  or leave because their precious visa ends.  They are not getting green cards. so easily.  My aunt who works for Homeland Security tells me that green cards these days are harder to get than winning lottery tickets.  IT is not a given that they come here on an H1b, and a green card is waiting for them. There are other countries that are way preferred and will get green cards first.  They and the Phillipines are DEAD LAST. 

The balance of power will shift back, maybe not today but eventually it will..  The Indians may have jobs (they are indentured slaves essentially) but seriously they are prisoners without a jail.  They will have to return to their stinkhole in the ground soon enough and I will still be here as a free citizen.

When I think of that I feel better. 


Let's get rid of the legal "GUEST" workers (aka H-1Bs, aka slumdogs, aka scabs) also.



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Looks like the judge on the Vision Systems case, Robert W. Pratt, is getting a bit wobbly, as fellow Insurgent TooTruthy reports:

"In his ruling on Vision Systems, Inc. at least the paper files were not suppressed. But how far will the Feds get in their prosecution without the digital goods to present as evidence? The case against Vision Systems, Inc. has been described as “the largest H-1B fraud case ever brought forward”, a visa fraud case that the then Bush appointee U.S. DOJ Southern District of Iowa Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker described as "just the tip of the iceberg" (who is now gone and replaced with Obama appointee Nicholas A. Klinefeldt who was also sworn in by Chief United States District Court Judge Robert W. Pratt). Kleinfeldt has a truly impressive legal rise, despite his father's prison sentence for a meth-related conviction as this article chronicles him clerking for Judge Robert W. Pratt from 2000 to 2002 along with his “strong ties” to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, having worked for his 1996 reelection campaign and on his Senate staff before attending law school at the University of Iowa. Nothing new there – an ambitious law school bound student staffs for an Iowa Senator and then goes on to clerk for an Iowa judge who later swears him in for his new gig as and Obama appointed U.S. DOJ Attorney. So, what happens to Whitaker's take on this visa fraud case being “the tip of the iceberg”? Stay tuned.

Thibodeau also observed that Judge Pratt's ruling about the outcome of this case is “uncertain”.

Let's hope that during this neo-frat boy corporate state's War on America's Middle Class, the same inspiration that drives decision makers like Judge Pratt in his Judges Against the Drug War will guide future judges to rule fairly and squarely when it comes to protecting American jobs from being given away to imported, cheap workers under the ruse of a Great American Labor Shortage. As Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said in eWeek:


 "We're closing loopholes that employers have exploited by requiring them to be more transparent about their hiring, and we're ensuring more oversight of these visa programs to reduce fraud and abuse. A little sunshine will go a long way to help the American worker."

And yeah, yeah loopholes ain't good, yeah yeah visa fraud is bad, yeah yeah yeah yeah..."


It is actually my opionion that this judge took a fat bribe from Vision to water this prosecution down.  But that is just my opinion, and legally protected speech.  Just to let you slumdogs know. 

No need to take a screenshot of my blog post and send it to judge Pratt, with big read Sharpie anotations, like you jackals did with my more controversial posts in the past. 

Feel free to stop by often and I will educate you GUEST workers about the finer points of this country's First Amendment.

Now go back to your tandoori, maderchods.

- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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