tunnel rat posted on December 21, 2009 18:21

One last post before I sign off...

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas
-Ode to Tunnel Rat's Victory-

Twas two nights before Christmas, when all through the house
Champagne corks were popping, but not for that louse.
The one from New Jersey - that fat Hindi creep
Who hoped he could sue me but now he's in deep.

My New Jersey lawyer who could not be there,
While the judge threw the case out - all fair and square.
And the slave-driving Maderchod, who tried to ream me
Has now shined the light on his abuse of H-1B.

The techies were nestled all snug in their cubes,
Awaiting the verdict on these Apex boobs.
Away to my keyboard I stroked the good news,
Tore open the pantry and broke out the booze!

The moon exposed light on their labor petitions
Where they lied to the judge and made faulty admissions.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A text on my cellphone, that their time was near.

With a little old driver, like Tiger Woods' wife
I wanted to bash him, for trying to ruin my life.
More restraint followed, his coursers they came,
As the judge redeemed End-H1B, and restored my good name.

Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
To the front page of InfoWeek, to the top of Google Rank,
I sent this yule tiding “GO SUCK ON MY CRANK!”

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
That the rat bastard Hindi had jack shit for proof.
As I drew in my head, a sketch of his face,
Being blown up to bits all over the place!

He was messed up for sure, from his head to his neck,
And his clothes were all trashed, as he mailed me my check.
For MY lawyer fees, which he tried to elude
He hadn't expected to pay for me getting sued.

His eyes-how they winced! His expression was scary!
His ass-cheeks were straining, his news wasn't merry!
His droll, weasley mouth was drawn up like a bow,
As he looked like he was getting ready to blow.

He was creepy and plump, a quivering mass of jelly,
And I laughed when I heard curry hurled from his belly.
A wink from my friends that this case was now dead,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, and when I went back to work,
I knew I had triumphed over this Maderchod jerk.
If Santa Claus gave me one of my wishes
This creep would be swimming with the New Jersey fishes!

I sprang on my way, to my pals gave a whistle,
That this mess is on them, like an old itchy thistle.
And he heard me exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, Tunnel Rat won the fight!”

tunnel rat posted on December 21, 2009 07:08

I'll be taking some time off from the blog. 

Let's just say the "Current Threat Level" in my life is HIGH.  The creepy calls from people with heavy Indian accents, talking about raping my daughter and killing my wife, are increasing in volume.  The emails keep coming, all in Hinglish, some entirely in Hindi from Indian IP addresses.  I think the enemy thinks I am some Paki propagandist, and others are H-1Bs and Desi bodyshoppers who just want me gone.

I've moved Wifey and the daughter out; I've sent them to her mom's.  I am compiling my blog posts into a book that I will self publish, and include stuff like all the death threats, the email exchanges with the Feds, and my correspondence with members of the Indian Outsourcing Mafia like Vivek Wadhwa.  I need to get all this down on paper before I am run off the road by that weird looking Indian guy in the white sedan that follows me to work everyday.




tunnel rat posted on December 18, 2009 12:13


The slumdogs were always saying that I would be convicted of some vague shit like inciting violence or writing hate speech. They were especially excited when Hal Turner, a right-wing blogger, got prosecuted.

But guess what, slumdogs.  Hal Turner got off, rightly so, and one of the shining jewels of your glorious IIT is the one who will become the bitch of a dude named Tyrone:

CHICAGO: IIT alumnus Vikram Buddhi was today sentenced to four years and nine months in prison and an additional three years of supervised release by a US court for posting hate messages in 2006 against former president George Bush and calling for bombings of American infrastructure. ( Watch Video )

Indiana court district judge James Moody said the supervised release would be monitored by a probation officer.

Buddhi was arrested in 2006 after being convicted of making threats to Bush, the then Vice President Dick Cheney and their wives, and calling for bombings of US infrastructure.

The 38-year-old Phd student of Purdue University, convicted in 2007, had fired his lawyer yesterday when his sentencing hearing began. He represented himself in the court and said "the trial was unfair. I am not the kind of person the government is trying to portray".

After the sentence, Buddhi wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, spoke for a little while with his former lawyer. He was then taken into custody and led out of the courtroom. Buddhi has a right to appeal against the judgement in a Chicago court within 10 days.

Since Buddhi was representing himself, the notice of appeal can be filed through the court or by his previous lawyer Arlington Foley, whom he had fired but remained his stand-by counsel.

"Every person has a right to appeal. The court has asked me to ensure that (the notice of appeal) is filed," Foley told reporters after the sentencing.


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tunnel rat posted on December 15, 2009 08:16

The INSURGENCY is the winning this battle.  We have managed to convince the American I.T. industry that the typical H-1B from India is a fraud.  Now that American corporations know it, they are treating slumdogs like a plague of locusts and forcing them to self-deport.  Even the Punjabi Professor, Vivek Wadhwa, aka Fraudwha, admits it, in that organ for USINPAC, the Wall Street Journal: 

Displaced workers with H-1B work visas find themselves with no options other than returning home, says Michael Wildes, managing partner of Wildes & Weinberg PC, a New York-based immigration-law firm. Mr. Wildes says there is no official grace period after a worker with an H-1B visa is laid off, so there's pressure to find a new job immediately, a daunting task in today's hiring climate. The only legal option for these displaced workers is a plane ticket home or a change to visitor status—often limited to a six-month stay—he says.

Many home countries have made significant economic strides in the past decade, making them more appealing to expats living in the U.S.

"When people came here a decade ago from India and China, they left behind a land where the opportunities aren't nearly what they are today," says Mr. Wadhwa. He expects more than 100,000 expats to return to India in the next five years and says human-resource directors in India and China he has surveyed have noticed a tenfold increase in the number of résumés from the U.S.


Ironically, that same damn paper has the Indian bigot and head of WiPro, Azim Premji, talking about how his company is going to hire non-Indians in America -- TO CLEAN FUCKIN' TOILETS.



tunnel rat posted on December 13, 2009 18:34

Here is one more reason to refuse to deal with call centers in India:

ORANGE – Stacy Gore was on the phone with a computer technician in India who had remotely accessed her computer to help repair it when an image flashed across her laptop screen, shocking her.

It was a snapshot of her bare breasts...

...Gore, a real estate agent, alleges that Neos activated her built-in laptop camera while he was working and snapped photos of her and displayed them on her computer screen, making her feel uncomfortable, she says.

He also found and flashed the photos of her breasts.

Then, two days later, when she signed onto her laptop for the first time since connecting with the technician in India, the picture of her breasts appeared as her screen wallpaper, she says.

"Look, I'm a pretty mellow person," Gore says. "If some guy wants to look at a nude picture of some 45-year-old chick who was hot 20 years ago, then I say go ahead – that's fine with me.

"What concerns me is that other women and minors everywhere are probably using this DellConnect service, and this guy could be a predator."

Gore said the photo of her breasts was shot from her phone and e-mailed to an old friend several months ago.

And here is where it gets really weired -- the fuckin' slumdog tried to contact this woman:

Gore provided to the Register a screen shot of her computer that shows a blown-up picture of her naked breasts as the wallpaper, as well as an e-mail Neos allegedly wrote to her after their 2½-hour computer and phone session. The e-mail came from an Indian address.

In the Nov. 24 e-mail, which is riddled with misspellings and grammatical mistakes, Neos asks Gore how she is doing and whether she is having any issues with her computer.

He admits to finding a nude picture of her while trying to set up wallpaper for her laptop. He wrote:

"I saw ur NUDE pics i m really sry I couldn't say that over the phone that is y I m saying it now.

"N u look very very very very cute...it boosted me up and hope to have a good, sweet, cute, adorable, friend like U : )"

In the letter, Neos makes a reference to Gore's daughter – even though she doesn't have one. Gore believes this reference indicates that Neos may sending similar letters to other women by cutting and pasting portions of them.

"I bet I'm not the only one," she says.

A few days after the two spoke, Gore received a "friend request" from Neos on her Facebook account. She didn't respond.

According to his Facebook profile, Neos is 21 and attends Mumbai University.

Neos didn't respond to the Register's attempt to contact him at the e-mail address he used to contact Gore.

I myself, if faced with the misfortune of getting an Indian voice on the other end of a call, act quickly.  In my loudest voice, I shout "SHUT THE FUCK UP, MADERCHAD!  I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE ELSE, YOU COW-PISS DRINKER!"

Now, everybody should take this pledge:


It is a win-win.  If millions of Americans take this vow, companies like Dell would have to shut down their Indian call centers, which are packed with perverts, scammers, and identity thieves.

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tunnel rat posted on December 13, 2009 10:49


My thoughts exactly.  Face it -- the Indians want us to give up all our fancy cars and big houses, and live like they do.  You know, four generations in a house, one car between them all, hording gold, communal meals, etc.  That way the the average I.T. pro can live off of $10/hr, like the typical shower-shoe wearing slumdog.



tunnel rat posted on December 12, 2009 10:27

The Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO, has just released a blockbuster report entitled "Gaming the System: Guest Worker Visa Programs and Professional and Technical Workers in the U.S" that blows the lid off of the slumdog slave trade.

This is just absolutely epic.

No, really -- this means that the most powerful union in the country is on the case, and whole fuckin' H-1B scam is about to be exposed to the rest of the country.  We all know techies are aware of the issue, but this report goes into detail about the H-1Bs scams in the teaching profession also.  It is not a pretty picture, and all the slumdogs should be scared shitless about this report.  It means that no longer will you be able to delude yourself into thinking that most of America views I.T. professionals as indulgent pigs that need to be purged.  Now you will incur the wrath of teachers and other STEM professionals.

All of your sordid little schemes will now become part of the public domain.  The lies your shills tell about prevailing wages, phony labor shortages, and the inability of Americans to do engineering work are all about to repudiated.  Here are some of the highlights that the whole damn country will now be aware of:

  • In Cleveland, the school district used TPG to hire new teachers from abroad in 2001 . Under their contract, the Cleveland school system was the employer of record and the new teachers were able to join the Cleveland Teachers’ Union (CTU).  The CTU was outraged by what was in the terms of the new teacher contracts with the recruiter. The TPG contract required teachers to pay the company $15,000 if they returned to India in the first year of the contract, $10,000 if they returned in the second year and $7,500 in the third. In response, the school district required that that clause be removed from the contract and also forced TPG to assist the teachers in bringing their families to the United States.
  • Guest worker visa programs have allowed companies to outsource jobs. Half of the top 20 companies that used L-1 visas in 2006 were IT outsourcing firms based in India, many of whom are also among the top users of the H-1 B program. Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) has called for reform of both the L-1 and H-1 B visa programs saying these visa programs are “plagued with fraud and abuse and [are] now a vehicle for outsourcing that deprives qualified American workers of their jobs. ”This scenario supports earlier warnings that the H-1 B and similar programs were forcing U.S. workers to “train their replacements”, as trained guest workers return to their home countries. The U.S. tech industry has, in large part, followed these workers overseas where the standard of living and expected compensation for professionals are far lower. Many of the largest and most powerful supporters of guest worker programs, such as Microsoft, Intel and GE, now have research and development centers abroad in countries such as China and India and across Eastern Europe.
  • Decreased wages occur despite provisions requiring that H-1 B visa holders be paid the prevailing wage. Phiroz Vandrevala, an executive at Indian IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) remarked in an interview that "our wage per employee is 20-25 percent less than US wage for a similar employee. "Under current law, employers are given three options for determining an H-1 B visa holder's wage: request a determination from the State Workforce Agency; use a survey conducted by an independent source; or use another legitimate source of information. Employers often set lower salaries by: selecting a survey source with the lowest salaries, misclassifying experienced employees as entry-level, giving an H-1 B visa holder a lower job title than their work requires, or citing wages for a low-cost area of the country while the H-1 B holder is unlawfully transferred to a higher cost area.

One of the problems about this whole issue is that our government, with the aide of corporate lobbyists, has been able to supress the real data so that the shills, collaborators, and propagandists in the H-1B lobby can parrot the lie about the 65k visa cap.  Now the data has been rounded up by the AFL-CIO and it reinforces what the INSURGENCY has been saying for a long time - THE CAP IS A MYTH:

Despite several government agencies charged with monitoring and administering the H-1 B visa program, the U.S. government does not readily provide the public with detailed information about the use of H-1 B visas. For example, USCIS is required by law to release comprehensive reports on the number of H-1 B visas issued and renewed annually. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), of which USCIS is a part, has written these documents but not publicly released a fully updated report since 2005.




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tunnel rat posted on December 11, 2009 08:48

I've been collecting testimonials from the internet about life under the upper-caste Indu regime in American I.T.  Here is a great one:

"Bob I certainly hope no one here thinks H-1B is a new issue because it surely is not. I became aware of this over 10 years ago. In those days you could see the beginnings.. .. a few here, a few there. And it gradually and consistently became worse by the year.

Get this: back 25 years ago I worked my first IT job and one day our manager without advance notice called us in and introduced our new boss, which ended the meeting. Dar was happy to meet us.

At first things went OK because he was new but it only took a month before he started showing his fangs. He immediately went after me. Shortly thereafter one person had enough of the guy (and it was just the beginning) and she left. After having done excellent work I suddenly was told I was performing poorly. He and I found ourselves in a strange situation where both of us had weekly meetings with the VP, who decided to mirco-manage the relationship. That's weird.

After 3 months of being subjected to the Caste System and needless harassing I left for a better job. I then warned a fellow worker he was next. Months later he called and confirmed I was right. The only other programmer left was an Indian woman who sided with us against Dar. She evidently left India to escape the Caste System. Sadly, it followed her. Dar intended to harass the entire department out the door.

She was terminated for taking "too many sick days". It seems she took some time off after her miscarriage in which she lost twins. Obviously suffering such a terrible fate was reason for Mr. Caste System to terminate her. Last I knew she filed suit against the company for wrongful termination.

Please forgive me for leaving the best for last: while I was making a mere $17K Mr. Caste System bragged to a fellow programmer (the guy who later became the next target) who passed on to me that Mr. Caste System was making $45K (nearly 3 times what I was making) but paid NO TAXES. Mr. Caste System was getting a free ride."


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tunnel rat posted on December 8, 2009 03:56

Man, what a long strange trip it's been, as the the Grateful Dead sang.

Over three years ago, I started blogging and I'm still going strong. I've been porting over 200 posts over to my new platform, and I've had a chance to reflect.

At first, I told the story of my six weeks at THE COMPANY THAT SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS. That is where the inspiration for Tunnel Rat came from -- I was a grunt chasing down my nemesis, a Vietnamese renegade coder that was recking havoc in my shop. You can read about Charlie starting with my very first post.

I didn't get any traffic, until some folks at another site catering to software developers posted some links to my blog.  Of course, I got flamed, for being racist and politically incorrect.  Racism is the new McCarthyism.


Anyway, who gives a shit.  I sure don't.  There are worse things than politically incorrect speech, like the ethnic cleansing of Americans out of the STEM professions by a culture with a fondness for Hitler, child brides, and the worship of farm animals.

So I blogged sporadically, like the Zodiac Killer, emerging every now and then to spew venom in cyberspace.  Then once, while I was working on a year long contract for a client in another state, the lead IM'd me and asked about my blog.

Oh shit!  I was just about to start blogging about him and his refusal to do anything right and the dumb alcoholic bitch that was posing as PM/Analyst/HMFIC on the project.  "i like ur blog" he texted.

Thanks, but it is my blog, fucker.  And it is no fun writing about douchebags I work with if I know they are reading my shit.

So I laid low for awhile, and got my private domain.

And then I had the misfortune of working for a gang of hackers, and the daily frustrations of that gig made me want to write.   

But what really set me off was being forced to work for three weeks at the Curry Den.  That experience literally scared the shit out of me.  I am still traumatized.  Being the only white guy on a team of 15, with only four non-Indians, was a major fuckin' wake up call.  Trust me, it is nasty.  Just look at the shit Infosys pulls in America.  There have always been sweatshops in I.T., and I have done my time in many, but the slumdog kennel is unique type of gulag. 

Desperate, sweaty, and musky guys, suffering from blue balls, eager to go back home and command a nice dowry, in over their heads because they can't code, pressured to make inhumane deadlines by the Desi that shipped them over and paid their freight.  Three or four at a time, barking at a monitor as some fresher types unformatted, misspelled code.

Back then, I was open minded, knowing that I could hold my own against any developer in the world.  And I had been to other side of the earth and back, and was hardly the dumb country fuck that people like Vivek Wadhwa, aka "Fraudwa", like to portray us American techies.  (BTW, Google "Vivek Wadhwa" and my blog post is the eighth result on the first page -- it must suck being him; that NASSCOM agent has a nasty online rep).

Regardless of my background, I saw for the first time the real truth about Indian coders -- they fuckin' suck.  The Curry Den was supposed to be ISO certified and CMM 5, but they could not code a single thing without someone telling them, line by line, what to type.  Usually it was the overworked Desi architect.  Sometimes it was me or Chinaman.  And the project went NOWHERE.  Three weeks I spent, trying to look busy, waiting for a build to compile, or sitting on my ass while we waited for some fucker in New Delhi to come in that night and fix the control wrapper he had hacked. 

All the while, there was the yapping in Hindi or Hinglish, the bullying, the viruses being spread by the stupid imports who shared their infested folders on the LAN, the smelly meeting rooms, the surly paranoia, the primitive cultural norms, the half dozen slumdogs smoking outside, talking on their cell phones to their immigration lawyers, the reeking communal lunches, the stench of shower-shoes, people falling asleep at their desk, the honkie boss screaming "don't lie to me, I want the truth this time, is it a bug?!", the scams by the imported QA team to throw the cracker analyst under the bus, the slimy Desi account exec, always boasting, blustering in his nasal voice...

And something occurred to me.

This could be your future unless you do something...

So I blogged.  Some fellow insurgent posted my stuff on Dice and Immigration Voice, and the traffic shot up.  The slumdogs came out of the woodwork, enraged.  They are all gone now, dead, deported, or busted by the Feds for cybercrimes.  I reported them all.  They got a taste of the 1st Amendment, and like most arrogant Indians, they ran away after trying to act like badasses. 

Now here I am, writing. 

And doing some other shit, which I will write about later.  Once the statute of limitations is up...

tunnel rat posted on December 6, 2009 16:36

Oh man, this is painful. No, not writing about the demise of the CrunchPad, Michael Arrington's web device. But posting the picture of his former business partner and nemesis, Chandra Rathakrishnan.


Jesus Fuckin' Christ, that dude is ugly. And nasty, from what I read online:

Mostly though I’m just sad. I never envisioned the CrunchPad as a huge business. I just wanted a tablet computer that I could use to consume the Internet while sitting on a couch. I’ve always pushed to open source all or parts of the project. So this isn’t really about money. It was about the thrill of building something with a team that had the same vision. Now that’s going to be impossible. And I’ve also lost a friend – Chandra spent months in our office this year and, until a week and a half ago, was the kind of young, determined entrepreneur that I admire. I thought we’d be friends for the rest of our lives.

Ah, I just love it when Karma kicks someone like Arrington in the balls.  After all, his website, TechCrunch, has been shilling for the Indu-Invaders for a long time now.  Prof. Vivek Wadhwa has been blogging daily there, pushing the same old shit about how we need all these cheap immigrants for the VC readers of Arrington's blog to exploit.

Michael even sent one of the biggest dumbasses in Silicon Valley, Sarah Lacey, to India to suck some curry-scented cum.

This was her reward for cloning some of Vivek's "we need more Indians because Americans are dumb" writings.  Here she is riding Vivek's cock, uhm, I mean, camel.

The posts lately on TechCruch have been driving me crazy.  Most recently, Vivek spat in the face of all Americans and basically called all us locals that disagree with his crazy schemes to purge Americans out of I.T. "xenophobes" and whining about how his bullshit posts get flooded with hateful comments:


Every time I publish a research paper on immigration or write an article for BusinessWeek or TechCrunch, the xenophobes rush out of their caves to launch mindless attacks. They fill the comment sections with bile, send me nasty emails and sometimes threaten to do me harm.


I can neither confirm nor deny that I have threatened to do harm to Vivek Whadhwa, the nutty professor and NASSCOM agent.  What really sucks is that TechCrunch censors their comments arbitrarily and you can't really tell if your feedback shows up.  I think Vivek just posts his crap there, and then tries to moderate all the comments himself. 

But every now and then, he slips, and things like this get through:


how about all those h1b cheating bastards that lie their asses off about their qualifications… have seen my fair share of those.

Would you blame an American that is fired from his job and replaced with a hot air Indian Douche Bag who knows half and all he is better in is lying his ass off.

A few years back I had to fire good US guys, to replace with worthless lying crap.. that had to be trained and educated, because they were full of shit. Meanwhile the honest previous employee lost his job, and family moved on to food stamps.

You can whine all you want here about h1b’s and immigration, but there’s also this element to the story and I would dare to say that the MAJORITY of h1b’s is that way (from personal experience). The held back genius.. is probably 1 in a million.

You are Indian… you know the reality… so be a bit more fair and balanced. There are 2 sides to the coin.




- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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