Tunnel Rat posted on November 19, 2009 07:10

Some of you may know that I recently had to take my site down after Operation Honey Pot, where I locked down the site and was working with the Feds to track down the feral creeps that had been trying to hack my server and use it to send phony death threats.  I've been working with them and some volunteers to cull through the logs and pursue criminal and civil charges against my enemies.  These things take forever, but I will keep you posted.  What I do know is that a lot of the suspicious traffic comes from the domains of some American universities and large companies -- the exact places that are flooded with slumdogs.

Without going into too much detail, one of the attacks involved a fake email that was traced back to me.  This email involved some sort of "threat" that was later deemed to not be a threat by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the same folks that dropped the ball on the Ft. Hood massacre.  Evidently, these guys at the JTTF are too busy harassing bloggers like me or a tea-bagger who writes letters to his congressmen to mess with a jihadist posing as a major in the U.S. Army.  That is the way Al-Quada and NASSCOM like it -- middle-aged white men cowering in fear of FBI surveillance while their agents commit crimes against Americans.  You can read about how the DHS wants to go after vets here, as opposed to tracking down homicidal maniacs in the Army and cyber-terrorists from India entrenched in our corporations and colleges.

What was strange was that the email address that the agent mentioned was one that I HAVE NEVER USED.  It was from the freebie email account that my ISP gives you when you sign up.  It had my first initial, my last name, and the domain of the ISP mail server.  When I finally logged into that account, I saw that I had one email -- from my ISP in 2008.  I even had to retrieve the password.

So this would indicate that this was an inside job by a slumdog at my ISP, which according to www.endh1b.com, hired a few H-1Bs.  That is the world we live in know -- if you make an enemy of some group, like the Indian outsourcing and offshoring industry, they have no qualms about using their access to private data to commit crimes against U.S. citizens.  What power do American techies have, now that Indians have infiltrated all of the I.T. industry?  We really are NOT free to speak out against the Upper-Caste Indian Invasion without having to worry about some slumdog hacking our email account, committing identity theft, or worse.  Anyway, my lawyer is working on the suit against my ISP so that they turn over this rabid slumdog that attacked me.

That is why Indians need to be purged from I.T., unless they have green cards or are U.S. citizens [maybe].  No H-1Bs, no L-1s, none of them.  They are corrupt scabs that need to be disposed of. 

Getting back to the topic at hand, one of the crimes committed by our enemy, the Indian H-1B lobby, was a DDOS attack on my ISP awhile back.  Fortunately, we still live in a country where the First Amendment trumps computer hacking.  Thus, I am free to write whatever the fuck I want on this blog, and it is all protected speech, contrary to what some slumdog thinks.  And that means that launching a DDOS attack on my servers is a criminal act, while blogging is not, as this guy found out:

An 18-year-old New Jersey man agreed to plead guilty to federal computer hacking charges Friday for participating in a denial-of-service attack against Church of Scientology websites, as part of collective of online troublemakers known as "Anonymous."

Dmitriy Guzner is charged with a single felony count of unauthorized impairment of a protected computer for the January distributed denial-of-service attack. He faces a likely sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison based on stipulations in his plea agreement, which also obliges him to pay $37,500 in restitution.

See you in court, slumdogs.



Tunnel Rat posted on November 17, 2009 08:22

I was going over my blog referrers and I found this nugget from about a year ago:

Life in America - Indian Software Engineer Visits USA

This guy seems like a nice Indian.  For one, he can write English above a 3rd grade level.  One of the reasons we Americans hate slumdogs is that their communication skills absolutely suck, and they don't seem to be trying to improve them.  They refuse to use punctuation, and even verbally they speak too fast for their meager capabilities.

Secondly, this guy came for two years, worked, and got the fuck out of America.  I think that was the goal of the H-1B program -- to fill short term labor shortages in skilled sectors.  As opposed to showing up in the USA after a 3-week crash course in programming, doing 6-months of "knowledge transfer" from an American, getting a collaborator American I.T. manager to purge all the locals, and then spending their work days flooding the boards of Dice.com, Immigration Voice, and trackitt, bitching about how you can't get a green card, boasting in Hinglish about how great Indians are and how dumb Americans are, and sending death threats to American citizens. 

This guy makes some good points, stuff that I have been talking about for quite awhile:

3.Desi's hate Desi's: Do you believe this !!
Contrary to my initial belief, I was surprised to find this out that unknown Indians do not like each other too much, I had actually thought that Indian people would like each other more in a foreign country. Let me clarify, people who you know well are not jealous of you, you still share a good relationship with them, but if you go in shopping malls, library or grocery stores, there will be Caucasians (white or gora people) who will say "Hi!" to you, but when you cross an unknown desi, they will 99% times ignore you. They will not mind to say "Hi!" to other white guys but just not Indians (Why ??). Indian software Engineers hate working under Indian Managers because most Indian managers try to assign more work to their Indian counterparts then others. When interviewing a candidate for a job, Indians will ask the most difficult questions to fellow desi's than they would ask to people from other communities. the only time I had a more friendlier experience was when I went to an Indian community mela / function.

Actually, I think Indians first instinct is to hate anyone that is not in their immediate family, and then anyone that is not in their caste, and then anyone who is not in the same tribe.  Pretty good at hating, those Indians.

6. Racism.. Not Much:
Racism in America is quite low especially when compared to UK, there are people who you may find a bit racist but their percentage is quite low. They certainly do not like the idea of people on H1 and L1 visa's as most consider that those visa's are taking their jobs away. Similarly, American's are also not too happy when they are transferred to Call Centers in India because many representatives have a strong Indian accent.

Hating slumdogs is not racist -- it is an American obligation and demonstrates patriotism, good business sense, and is an appropriate career move, in light of the current invasion we are facing.

8. Exaggerated Resume:
Many software engineers who were especially working for Desi consulting companies and were new to US, are often told to exaggerate things in their resume. Some go even to an extent of showing false US work experience, but this practice seems to be slowing down a lot.


10. American workers value life outside work:
It was not uncommon for an American colleagues to take a day off because they had to take their dog for a medical checkup or is their child had a soccer match. If an American person is told to work on a weekend, he does not appreciate it very much. Most people are quite sincere during their 8 hours of work.

It is tragic that we have to make this clear to our collaborator I.T. execs and the Indian invaders.  But this is a good point to make in the online forums -- working with Indians sucks because they have nothing else to do.  They live out of a suitcase in a motel, for Christ's sake.  What else are they going to do except work?  And then when you head home after a 10 hour day, they are still there, working, and the collaborator cunt project manager that hired the slumdogs gives you the stink-eye.  WTF?

12. Lonely Desi Bachelors:
It is not easy to make a white American girl friend and there is a great scarcity of desi bachelor girls. You can have a better flirt/love life in India than in United States. I did go to some disc clubs many times but was no match in front of tall and muscular American males. Although some lucky desi's are successful in making Indian or American girl friends. Some Indian guys go to strip clubs to see topless women dancing on poles and very few go after illegal prostitutes.

Yup, they are pretty much like Nazis in Paris.  Bored, lonely, horny, reading Mein Kampf, and trying to seduce American teenage girls online.  Thanks for flooding the country with predators, Mr./Ms. H-1B pimp.

Tunnel Rat posted on November 15, 2009 11:29

On trackitt.com, that is.  All because of another piece of legislation designed to stop the slumdog invasion:

Those frikking morons (A-hole politicians) forgot about B1 visas. Most companies out there lay off their employees (Ctzn, GC, EAD, TN1, H1.etc) but would bring contractors from the Indian Big-5 for onsite work and that too on B1 visa! wtf?

If u guys notice anyone on B1 visa at work doing the work intended for a specialty worker, call your local ICE office. Dont hesitate even if ur on a H1B or an EAD. You could be axed anytime and replaced by probably your high school buddy or your childhood friend who could arrive from Indie land on B1.

to Olympian:

Atleast Indie land only produce IT guys who do not harm other people on the name of God. Think about their freaking moron paki neighbours who only produce extremist and buddy they are not even high school pass out :) I am shocked and surprised that why U.S still give even those 10-15 visas per year to people from pak when world know the fact.


I wanted to share the news as I consider us as one big immigration family. I am shocked how sick minded you guys are and just turned this tread into a indo-pak war. I am not going to say any thing against India or Indians as I do not think that just because of the Morons like you the entire Indian community should be blamed. Atleast first decide if you are against Pakistan.....

Shame on you!

I wish you to get well soon.


IndianGC I did the right thing by replying to that Paki imposter who posted crap about Indians. I am generally not judgemental or racist but won't tolerate such infringing comments. If these people can focus more on education rather than thinking crazy things they can also come here on B1 and stop posting shit about others.


to Greeni2008:

Pakistan is the cradle of terrorism and its politicians and mullahs have historically supported and funded terrorist groups, and thanks to its surrogate bitch mother aka nuclear proliferator China, and shameless USA , Paki land is now a nuclear "terrorist" state, and a complete failure when it comes to democracy.



Pakistan is the main sponsor of terrorists aka islamic fundamentalists. China and USA are the main sponsors of Pakistan. Shame on China & USA.


to BeerBoy:

"At least Indie land only produce IT guys who do not harm other people on the name of God."

They only harm other people in the name of Money.

And WTF is a B1 visa?

I like seeing the whole slumdog movement fall apart.  Immigration Voice raised all of $50 last month, and all their threads deteriorate into some Teluga vs. Gujurati race riot.  And the legitimate guest workers hate the Indian ones that have flooded the whole USCIS system, to the point that the entire program needs to be scrapped. 

Somaraju Chilukuri and wife Silaja, seen here in a wedding picture, are now the proud parents of their first offspring.

The young couple, who met at the Bangalore offices of Wipro, where they were both freshers, recently gave birth to a six-legged goat with four testicles and three penises.

"We hope that he can be sent to America in a few years to work as a software debeloper, hopefully long enough to command a nice dowry," Somaraju said.

When asked if the unique goat would face any challenges in the American I.T. industry, Silaja had this to say:

"He will be trained by an American to do programming, and then replace the native worker.  We have many connections in the United States, and he is guaranteed to get a job at one of the big companies."

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Tunnel Rat posted on November 11, 2009 20:17

Thanks to all the readers who thanked me for my service.  I think after the masacre at Ft. Hood, this year's Veteran's Day has a special meaning.

One of the things I read this week was a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal from a college professor.  I can't find a link, but it said basically that the best students that he had were those that dropped out of college and joined the military, and then returned to finish their education.  The writer said that today's typical college student only knows rote memorization, and is obsessed with social networks.

In short, the typical slumdog.

When I first started blogging, I would get comments from slumdogs, mostly Indian college students here on H-1Bs, mocking my military service and the fact that it took me 13 years to get my Bachelors Degree.  Others were Indians who bragged about the degrees from IIT and Masters degrees from places like Ivy League schools.  Never mind that not a single Indian H-1B or former H-1B has ever served a day in the U.S. Armed Forces -- to them it was all about "credentials".

And don't send me links to articles about the one or two Indians that signed up for the National Guard or the Border Patrol.  Indians don't serve, and we all know it.

That is why they are hated.

They come to this country, get educated at our expense, and expect to reap the benefits of our system, and then openly mock us for sponsoring them and training them to do our jobs.

They have a point.

When I worked at the Sweatshop In A Nightclub, I was surrounded by creative types who couldn't last a single hour in boot camp or do a single day's work of manual labor.  These feminized Flash developers and graphic artists were the types of people that were terrified of looking politically incorrect.  In short, they are the types of "men" that work at Google, Adobe, and Microsoft.

So the slumdogs know this, and use this fact to their advantage.  They show up, with their phony "credentials", perform half-assed work, and know that no pansy American will challenge them.  They get away with murder, because their are few Marines and real men (and women) in I.T., especially in the Internet space.

That is why the slumdogs show up here, on my blog, ranting about their degrees from IIT and other shithole colleges in India.  They think they can boast and bluster their way to the top.

But how wrong they are.

The fact is that many of the insurgents are ex-military.  And immigrants like myself, who served proudly.  And women, like Donna Conroy of BrightFutureJobs.com, and Dianne Drozdowski, forced to train her Indian replacement by her slumdog boss.  One is high level I.T. manager at a major college, who knows all about the scams perpetrated by the Indians flooding the market.  Another is a Chinese guy that faced down the tanks at Tiananmen Square before making his way, LEGALLY, to America.  Unlike this fucker, Rajendrasinh Makwana, the typical H-1B slime, these people deserve a place in America.

All you stupid curry-scented vermin think that it is one guy, who you refer to as "Kevin", flooding the comments sections and letters to the editor.  No fuckin' way, Kumar.  It is millions of Americans.  And this fucker here likes to slander innocent Americans, thinking that if someone "wishes" a slumdog would find the wrong end of hallow-point bullet, it is the same as a "death threat."  Sorry, Manjuice Sucker, American names are not like Indian names -- not everyone is unique.  And I hope another real Michael A. hunts you down and reports you to DHS, you scumbag.

And we are on to you, slumdog.

Just look at the comments on TechCrunch, were people are openly dismissive about the slumdog invasion at Adobe.  Many are embarrassed, having been brainwashed at top colleges to think that Indians are some master race of programmers and techies.

Now the truth has slapped them in the face, in the form of a pink slip, courtesy of Adobe management who tried to ethnically cleanse Americans out of its company, and is now paying the price.

Trust me, if Adobe had a few Marines in its ranks, it would still be a solid company.  But most of Silicon Valley, and I.T. in general, is full of feminized pussies who are scared to death of confronting the upper-caste Indu Invasion.

So the layoffs, and the violence, continues.

In closing, I have this to say:

Fuck you, Mr/Mrs American I.T. pansy.  You at Cisco/Google/Adobe/[pick one] deserve your pink slip and need to train your slumdog replacement.  I see your comments on the internet, things like "I hate to sound like a racist..." where you agonize over the fact that you are being displaced by a freak from a bigoted culture, and yet do nothing.

Go drive a cab, or retrain to change the bedpans of the growing hordes of Indian H-1Bs, L-1s, F-4s, and other guest workers that are trying to take over the I.T. industry.

The rest of us have work to do.

As more news comes out about the crazy Muslim who shot up the soldiers in Ft. Hood, it appears that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was on the radar of the FBI and NSA, and they did nothing.

We all know why – they were scared of being labeled xenophobes.  In short, they were cowards.  That’s right, Mr. Joint Terrorism Task Force and Mrs. NSA – you are a bunch of pussies.  You didn’t want to investigate a Muslim in the Army because you would be called racists and xenophobes by his defenders in CAIR.

So you did nothing. 

In short, these feds have blood on their hands.  Hell, I got more calls from the FBI than Major Hasan.

But the reality is that political correctness and identity politics are behind the tragedies in Ft. Hood, and perhaps Orlando.  American tech professionals have been forced to cower to the Indu-Invaders in I.T. because if they stood up for themselves, they would be labeled racists.   And thus, like the feds, they said nothing, even as they were training their slumdog replacements and packing their boxes.

We all know what happens when you oppose the H-1B program online – Vivek Wadhwa or Farhad Manjoo calls you a xenophobe.  They know that all you have to do is charge someone with illicit, evil, non-PC thoughts, and they will run into the woods, terrified of having their online reputation destroyed.  In this day and age of Google profiling, people will go out of their way to find the identity of their enemies online, just to slander them. 

Slumdogs are famous for this tactic.  In any flame war, they try to Google the nyms of anybody who dares to speak out against the corrupt H-1B program, and publicize some connection between a random American and some non-PC internet postings.  Slumdogs are stupid enough to think that a name like “Kevin Smith” is unique, and they post a link to some guy’s Facebook page with triumphant cries of “I found the RACIST XENOPHOBE – here is his web page!!!!”

These stupid fucking Indians think that like them, our names are like I.P. addresses. 

And they know about this irrational fear of being labeled a racist or xenophobe, or even non-PC, and use this against us to take over whole swaths of American workplaces.  In my encounters with others in the movement, the old-timers are terrified of being labeled racist.   Even NumbersUSA has a link on their home page “No to Immigrant Bashing”.  I doubt that Roy Beck knows that whenever his organization is mentioned on the web, it is preceded by the term “the racist site”, just like FAIR, Bright Future Jobs, and Programmer’s Guild.

It doesn’t matter that these organizations go out of their way to be politically correct.  The slumdogs know that all they have to do is make the charge, and many people will run in terror.  Identity politics has destroyed lives in Ft. Hood, and careers in the STEM professions.

That is why people have died in Ft. Hood and Orlando – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Tunnel Rat posted on November 8, 2009 10:52

When I first heard that Jason S. Rodriguez, the gunman that is accused of shooting six people in Orlando, was an engineer, and that he attacked the offices of a civil engineering firm, I immediately went to work to see if there was an H-1B connection.  As the story unfolded, I found more information about the shooter.  As I assumed, he was an unemployed engineer.  Two years ago, he was fired by the firm, Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. (www.rsandh.com).  A quick check at www.endh1b.com showed that this firm was a sponsor of numerous H-1Bs, as Kim Berry of Programmer’s Guild points out.

Since 2007, the year that Rodriquez was hired, RSH applied for 19 H-1Bs, mostly Civil Engineers and Transportation Engineers.  Rodriquez was “fired” after 11 months at the firm. 

But was he fired to make room for a cheaper H-1B?  Clearly, Rodriquez had some mental issues.  Yet, he was sane enough to get an engineering degree.  He appears to have suffered from schizophrenia, but did his displacement cause him to go off his meds?

And what happened at RSH that made him target that firm?  We know that companies that hire H-1Bs use psychological warfare and all sorts of head games to displace their local workers.  Some go so far as to blackmail their American employees to make them train their H-1B replacements.  Was Rodriquez a victim of such tactics, and is that what caused him to snap?  How does a civil engineer get to work at a company for 11 months and not be qualified from day one, as his RSH supervisors have said?

It is my belief that Rodriquez was pushed aside to make room for an H-1B.  If a company finds that you are incompetent, they will usually get rid of you within 90 days to avoid paying unemployment benefits.  RSH is now going out its way to portray Rodriquez as a fuck up from day one.  Is RSH such a zoo that they hire someone to design bridges, and can’t even evaluate his abilities? 

Company spokesman Mike Bernos said Rodriguez was an entry-level engineer who was fired in June 2007 after working there for a year.

"His performance wasn't up to our standards, so we terminated him," Bernos said. There had been no contact between the company and Rodriguez since then.

- N.Y. Post


Rodriquez was hired, was good enough to hold a job for almost a year, and then shit-canned.  Bernos is lying.  Bernos is probably the guy who filed the LCAs that made Rodriquez obsolete. 

At the time of the shooting, Rodriquez was making $890 working at Subway.  Think about that – you bust your ass to get an engineering degree, and you end up in your forties, making sandwiches.  You don’t need to be schizo to start thinking about retribution at that point.  I predict that this is just the beginning of a massive wave of violence as middle-aged American men reach their breaking point and start to settle scores.  While I feel bad for the victims at RSH, one of them a 26-year old with a young child, I am convinced that RSH management had as much to do with this tragedy as Rodriquez. 

The scene has played out for almost a decade.  I witnessed it myself – security walking up to a middle-aged guy in a cube, tapping him on the shoulder, and escorting him out.  The next day, an H-1B was in his chair.  What are we to expect these men to do, make fucking sandwiches to feed to the newly arrived H-1Bs?  Give me a break.

Even the blue-balled nut-job George Sodini, who killed three people in Pittsburg back in August, was a systems analyst at a law firm who had survived two waves of layoffs.  That stress has to weigh heavily on a man.  Now that we have double-digit unemployment, how many more men are about to snap?  80 percent of those who have lost jobs in this recession are men.  Millions of them.  Most of the Americans displaced by H-1Bs are middle-aged men.  What happens when their unemployment benefits have run out, when they have haven’t had a job for over a year, when every call they get is from some Desi recruiter talking in Hinglish about some bullshit job?

I think the H-1B program is now a national security issue.  We can’t have an invasion of curry-scented pod-people displacing millions of Americans.  Not to mention the fact that it is very easy for a terrorist from Pakistan to sneak into America posing as an H-1B programmer.  Although “posing” is a redundant term.  They are all poseurs.

So we have two issues – the threat of an American techie going postal, and the threat of a terrorist coming over with a guest worker visa.  If we end the H-1B program right now, we solve both problems.  All the slumdogs would get rounded up and deported, and Americans can take their jobs.  This would force companies to increase salaries for techies and stimulate migration into those fields.  Wages in I.T. have been stagnant for ten years, thanks to the CEWPs, and  now they can start rising without the artificial subsidy given to American corporations that hire cheap visa workers.  The economy would grow, and we would all be safer.

And the cost?  I think the executive pigs at Google and Microsoft that are enriching themselves at the expense of American workers can afford to make a few million dollars less for awhile.


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Tunnel Rat posted on November 5, 2009 21:39

UPDATE:  This blogger has removed the post.  After reviewing her blog, I found out that she was an H-1B Indu-supremacist who blogged about "Indian Pride" and the radical Indian BJP party.  She was probably terrorized by the NASSCOM terrorists that have infiltrated America, and forced to remove her post.  That, or she was busted in a DHS raid and deported.

- TR 11/08/09


A fellow insurgent came across this blog post, and I had to copy it and post it in its entirety before the Indian blogger that wrote it is was "eliminated."  The reality is that any Indian that dares to reveal the massive fraud that is behind the "Indian I.T. Consultant" myth risks having their family in India threatened by the Indian Mafia and their own lives endagered:


When I had graduated from my grad school and was looking for jobs I would get calls from desi(Indian) ‘consultants’ who would call and tell me they found my number from monster or some other jobs portal. That made sense because I had my resumes floating all over the place. Having a masters’s degree and no job was something that did not sit very well with me and I took to finding a job like a fulltime job in itself! Most(all) of these ‘consultants’ would tell me to go to New Jersey to join them, and then get ‘trained’ in data warehousing/database management/.NET ASP/whatever is hot. The first time I heard this I was intrigued. I naively asked him if they would get me a job after the training and he said yes. I said wow that sounds great but if I really have not much background in these technologies and if I just get trained, which company would be willing to hire me?  He said you would have to modify the contents of your resume to highlight these skills. I said, but what if I have no skills? At this point what the person on the other end told me made me find a seat and sit down and gasp! We will help you buffer your resume with experience on these technologies from companies where we have contacts already, who will be willing to back up your claims! He said the market is such that you will have to ’show’ that you have 7-8 years’ experience(to get hired) and that entails that you remove your masters degree from the resume and bump up your age a few years. All this for a job and a few extra dollars? I told him no thanks but I will find a job with my ‘real’ resume. He tried to persuade me by saying that in this market there is no way I will find a job with my skills and experience level, and that everyone does this. He also told me doing this will ensure that I will enter the market at a higher salary level than what I would otherwise. I calmly said thanks and disconnected the call. After this I received numerous calls and the first question I asked each one of the callers was would you ask me to buffer my resume, and every single one of them would start stuttering, hamming and then say yeah you will have to do that market, rate, job, experience, technology blah blah blah. I would promptly cut the call. This I did for 3 months before I found a job with my ‘real’ resume. This was my first tryst with things Indians in the US do to earn more money.

These are some more ‘creative’ things that Indians do to pad their paycheck:

  • Hiring tax ‘consultants’ to creatively evade thousands of dollars of tax – this is a new one I learnt a few days ago from my cousin.
  • Working more than 40 hours while on the H1 visa(this is illegal)
  • Faking a job when they really don’t have one, so that their visa doesn’t expire. This one requires them to generate fake paychecks and tax documents. The whole nine yards.

There might be many more such goings on in the Indian community that I am not aware of. These are everyday things that ‘normal’ people like me are doing on a regular basis, to earn more money.

In addition to this there are news reports every other day about Indian-born entrepreneurs being held for things like insider trading, tax frauds etc. Tell me this does not disgust you?


The reality is that the Desi recruiter is the most vile thing that the I.T. industry has ever faced.  I started getting calls from these freaks about a year ago, and was shocked at how bad they were.  Speaking in Hinglish, they would pitch some bogus gig in the hopes of scamming my credentials and resume, just so that they could paste a slumdog's name on it and pass it on to a Bank Of America/Dell/J.P. Morgan/[pick-one].

But the truth is that there are MILLIONS of Indian frauds in I.T. It is their way of life. 

Think about it.  India leads the world in per-capita gold consumption.  It is also dead last in in per-capita toilets-per-person. 

That means the typical Indian programmer is covered in gold and feces.  When you hire an Indian programmer, you are getting a gold-covered pile of shit, with no skills.

Is it really worth it?

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Tunnel Rat posted on November 4, 2009 08:23

Don't be fooled by the window dressing -- TiE was infiltrated by the INSURGENCY and pressured into changing its name:


"I am focusing on what is possibly the largest of these networks, an organization called The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). This started as an Indian network and served as a mechanism for those from the Subcontinent to help each other. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of TiE and remains its stronghold. But at the latest TiE Global Conference, held in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago, an interesting debate broke out among the Board of Directors. While the organization remained largely Indian in composition, a significant number of non-Indians had joined TiE and become very active members (some had risen to the role of chapter president). Some members of the board thought it was time to change the name of TiE from The Indus Entrepreneurs to The International Entrepreneurs. They eventually agreed to drop the “Indus” from the name and to just call the organization TiE. The fact that such a debate even took place illustrates both the power of networks to embrace outsiders and draw them in, as well as the power of these networks, when unconstrained by convention or conservative establishment rules, to grow in unexpected ways. It’s a metaphor for Silicon Valley."



The absent minded professor Vikek Wadwha has been holding court in Silicon Valley lately, spreading his bullshit to fawning crowds at Berkely and on TechCrunch.  Little does he know that the INSURGENCY is mounting a legal campaign to get him removed from his post at Duke so that he does not the pollute the minds of our young children

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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