Admin posted on May 31, 2009 12:19

It took awhile, but I finally figured out where all the I.T. jobs went:

"an official report here has said that the Indian nationals accounted for the 38 per cent of the total H-1B visas issued by the United States last year.

India also accounts for maximum number of people entering the US on L-1 visa, which is primarily used for intra-company transferees, said the Annual Flow Report released by the Office of Immigration Statistics.

The report is based on the information gathered from the I-94 on the number and characteristics of non-immigrant admissions to the US in 2008.

The report said Indian nationals accounted for 157,726 (37.8 per cent) of the 409,619 H-1B Admissions in the US in 2008. In actual figures, this is a drop of about 3,000 as compared to 2007 when 157,613 Indian citizens were admitted to the US on H-1B visas. In 2006 the figure was 125,717.

The annual report reveals that Canada is a distant second in terms of H-1B visa admissions. In 2008 as many as 23,312 Canadian nationals were admitted to the US on this visa category, followed by Britain (19,209), Mexico (16,382) and China (13,828).

"The leading countries of citizenship for H1B admissions in 2008 were India (38 per cent), Canada (5.7 per cent), and the UK (4.7 per cent). Nationals from these three countries accounted for 48 per cent of H1B admissions," the report said.

As for the L-1 visas, it said, in 2008 leading source countries in this category were India (17 per cent), Britain (14 per cent), and Japan (9.8 per cent). The nationals of these three countries accounted for 40 per cent of L1 admissions, it said.

Of the total of 382,776 L-1 Admissions in 2008, as many as 63,156 were from India. This is almost twice the 33,414 admissions in 2006.

This is for the first time that India has topped in the L-1B visa category, which so far was occupied by Britain for the past few years.

With H-1B visas becoming tough in the last few years, Indian companies had increasingly relied on L-1 visa category for sending highly skilled workers to the US. "

Over a quarter of a million low-skill, low-wage visa workers where imported into America alone, mostly from India. There is no such thing as a "cap". Non-profits don't count towards the cap, and their are a ton ways to get around the cap. I doubt that USCIS even counts anymore.

Data that the Insurgency is compiling and will publish soon shows that there are hundreds of thousands of H-1Bs shipped in every your.

That, readers, is what caused the recession -- millions of cheap workers, incompetently working in I.T., destroying our companies, keeping AMERICANS out of work, and sending their money home.

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There has been a series of attacks on Indian students in Australia.

"Aussie Operative" has sent me this story:

"In the latest assault, four students were attacked with a screwdriver by gatecrashers at a party in Hadfield, in Melbourne's north, on Saturday night. One victim, Sravan Kumar Theerthala, 24, remained in intensive care in Royal Melbourne Hospital last night.

On Monday, Baljinder Singh, 25, a student, was stabbed in Carnegie as he walked alone at night. The attack left him in The Alfred hospital.

Earlier this month, Sourabh Sharma, 21, was bashed and robbed on a train and last year two students working as taxi drivers were assaulted."

- Link

There may be a rationale for these attacks, according to our Aussie Operative:

"In Australia if you are an Australian student you are given a place at university paid for by the government in the form of an interest free loan, which you then repay in the form of tax over time.

However, foreign (mostly Indian) students are able to pay uni's a HIGHER fee to take an Australian's position. They're meant to leave after study to take their skills home, but hardly any do. No wonder the young people are pissed."

Could this start happening in America? There are millions of I.T. professionals that have been impacted by the flood of cheap, low-skill India guest workers, and many have now lost their homes, if not their careers.

Or is this already happening?

Indian software engineer shot dead in US

"The killing is the latest one in the series of murders of Indian students and professionals in the US. Arpana B Jinaga, an IT engineer in Seattle was found dead in her apartment on November 3 while an engineering student in Southern Illionis University T Soumya Reddy was found murdered in September. Her cousin Vikram Reddy, also a software engineer in Chicago, was also found dead nearby."

And what is up with these comments about A.P.? Every article in the Desi press has some tribal crap like this:

Half of AP population has migrated to US in last 10 years especially upper caste due to ill treatment by the secular Government. No wonder most of Indians killed in USA by Christian extremists are from Andhra...

yes most of the people from andhra use fake certificates to get into US and thats the precise reason why the chennai consulate is famous for visa rejections

Now, of course, the Insurgency only advocates rhetorical violence and cyber-psychological warfare, but we have to admit to some considerable schadenfreude over these incidents.

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Admin posted on May 27, 2009 12:38

Look at this bigot, a man responsible for hundreds of thousands of American careers destroyed, a cheerleader for the campaign of ethnic cleansing of non-Indians out of the global I.T. industry:

BTW, Hat Tip to another Insurgent, who dug up this venal crap from our WiPro scum:

Q: Certainly, the issue of overseas employees using H-1B and L-1 visas to work in Silicon Valley is controversial. Some workers believe companies have used the visa programs to hire tech workers at cheaper rates.

A: It's a method of competitiveness. Currently, I think it's a non-issue because the talent is not available in the U.S. So what jobs are we depriving people of? I'm very clear: You are getting into another shortage of IT professionals and those who complain they are not getting jobs, their jobs are getting displaced, are going to be on the fire list anyway because they were not doing their jobs well enough. I don't think they are being deprived of their jobs because of outsourcing.

Yeah, right, it has nothing to do about wages. We Americans deserve to get displaced by SLUMDOGS.


Obviously, this was not written by a slumdog. I am sure somebody from Patton Boggs or Quinn Gillespie wrote this crap. I like the part about "an uptick in the number of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) issued by USCIS", aka "Cavity Searches by the Feds":

Durbin and Grassley’s Outsourcing Bill – IV’s Position
Immigration Voice appreciates the efforts undertaken by Senators Durbin and Grassley with respect to the H1B/L1 Visa programs. This bill attempts to sanitize certain abuses in these programs. Immigration Voice welcomes those provisions in the bill that it believes will discourage H1B visa abuses by employers. However, some of the visa law changes contained in this bill will unintentionally make it far more difficult for employers to hire and manage H1B employees. The net effect will be a wholesale reduction in H1B employment offered by employers and a further Exodus of highly-skilled immigrants to employment in other parts of the world where their valuable innovative talents will be welcomed with less legal limitations. [GOOD. Get the fuck out. Go back to that shithole sub-continent and build your people some toilets so that they stop shitting in public.]

In the bill are numerous changes that, while laudable in intent, will likely have unintended consequences. Some of the terms used in the bill (such as good faith" effort to hire a U.S. citizen) are not definitive and are vague. Perceived violations of these vague provisions in the bill would only promote frivolous lawsuits. [I wouldn't call my lawsuit frivoulos, not after you see the damages the Curry Den will have to pay]. Further, ALL Employers -- not just H1B dependent companies -- are required to 'advertise' positions on the Department of Labor website for 30 days before they can be filled by a H1B applicant. This may seems harmless but many companies cannot wait a full month to fill key positions on high priority projects. The proposed bill also attacks the 'problem' of H1B holders working at client sites. However, USCIS is already taking a strict view with regard to extending/approving H1B visas when requests come from a "consulting" company and so the additional incentives this bill might provide even stricter scrutiny will have diminishing returns.

In another troubling sign, we have seen an uptick in the number of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) issued by USCIS to our members related to the issue of H1Bs working at client sites. Once USCIS is convinced about the bona fide nature of the work that the candidate would perform at the client site, it would seem to be to unlikely that there is still a possibility of fraud at the site. [Chair-warming, booger-farming, and tandoori prep is not considered bona fide work"] " In a nutshell, the bill make it almost impossible for consulting companies to operate in the U.S. using H1Bs. This will not only impact the consulting companies but ALL U.S. companies, including many Blue Chip names that regularly recruit or use H1Bs for project-based contract positions that have proven very difficult to fill with U.S. employees who prefer permanent positions.

We were also disappointed that no whistleblower protections (to protect the immigration status of immigrants who become whistleblowers) are included in the bill. Such protections are an essential self-regulatory mechanism for the H1B program. Lack of these protections would passively promote abuse of the programs, as workers would fear retaliation if they report violations. Retaliation by an employer or legal action by the government on the employer committing the violation can jeopardize the immigration status of the foreign employee, forcing his or her removal from the country. By extending whistleblower protections to cover immigration status, new regulations can enforce a uniform labor standard as applied to foreign and American workers and allow H1B and other visa holders to become enforcement partners with the USCIS. Specifically, these protections should allow foreign workers who report violations to maintain legal status and seek similar employment for the remaining period of his/her authorized stay. Further, an ongoing permanent residency application should be allowed to continue if the worker has not been complicit in any labor or immigration violations. [Sorry, no Green Cards for Slumdogs. The Mexicans come first -we like them better.]

Immigration Voice strongly opposes the bill in its current form. This bill will promote more outsourcing by encouraging companies to open more centers overseas to compensate for the lack of access to talent in the United States. The absence of whistleblower protections in the bill harms the interests of the American worker further by diluting existing labor standards. We believe it is possible to preserve and grow jobs in the US, protect the interests of the American worker [ROFL LMAO. Like you Desis give a shit about American workers] , and allow U.S. companies to remain competitive through access to a global talent pool. The members of Immigration Voice live by the immigration laws of the land. We are glad to work with the Congressional offices by sharing our experience about the current visa process, how it affects our lives, and how it affects the competitiveness of this great country.

Analysis of New H1B/ L1 Bill

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) introduced the H1B and L1 Visa Reform Act on April 23, 2009. While some of the proposed measures will streamline the H1B process and reduce fraud, we see this as bill targeting outsourcing companies operating in the U.S. and is a type of protectionism. Furthermore, the bill in its submitted form will hurt U.S. competitiveness. We believe that this bill is designed to pander to the electorate rather than provide meaningful reforms. This bill will further impair the ability of the U.S. to attract high-skilled immigrants and may cause hundreds of thousands of high-skilled immigrants currently working in the U.S. to return to their home countries. The H1B Visa is the primary gateway for high-skilled immigrants to enter and remain in the U.S. Any legislation that makes H1B Visa less palatable to U.S. employers will actually promote outsourcing over immigration. Employers will simply hire those same employees outside U.S. borders or will be encouraged to pursue even more aggressive outsourcing policies. This, in turn, will lead to less wealth creation in the U.S. and more wealth creation overseas as innovation and economic growth will follow the best brains.
Here are some of the key points of the proposed bill:

For Employers Hiring H1B employees:

1. Employers must pay the highest median average wage for all workers in a given occupational classification at a given skill level, with wages determined by the latest occupational employment statistics survey.

2. Employers must post a detailed job opening on the Department of Labor's website for at least 30 calendar days before hiring an H1B applicant to fill that position.

3. Employers should not have displaced and will not displace a US worker within the period beginning 180 days before and 180 days after the date of filing of any visa petition. This lengthens the current displacement clause which currently is 90 days before and after. Unlike the current displacement clause, the new displacement clause will apply to ALL employers and not just H1B-dependent employers.

4. Companies of greater than 50 employees will be forbidden to have H1B and L1 employees exceeding 50 % of the firm's total employees.

5. Employers must submit W2 Tax statement for each H1B applicant.

6. The Secretary of Labor must establish a searchable website for posting H1B positions. The site must be operational and online within 90 days of the passage of the new law.

H1B Employees working as consultants at Client offices:

By striking clause (ii) of sub-paragraph (E) of the section 212(n)(1), and then adding the new clauses under (F), the bill Prohibits placement of H1B employees on another employer's site. This will impact ALL consulting companies. H1B employees cannot be placed at a client site unless a waiver is obtained, which will mean every consulting services company will need to obtain a waiver in order to do business. This will present an enormous burden on consulting companies using H1B visa employees including a number leading Indian firms such as Cognizant, WiPro and Infosys.

Allowable waiver conditions include:

(I) the employer with whom the H1B non-immigrant would be placed has not displaced, and does not intend to displace, a United States worker employed by the employer within the period beginning 180 days before and ending 180 days after the date of the placement of the non-immigrant with the employer;
(II) the H1B non-immigrant will not be controlled and supervised principally by the employer with whom the H1B non-immigrant would be placed; and
(III) the placement of the H1B non-immigrant is not essentially an arrangement to provide labor for hire for the employer with whom the H1B non-immigrant will be placed.

In order to take advantage of the waivers, consulting companies have to insure the client did not displace US workers before and after 180 days from the start of every new assignment.

If your I.P. is not already banned (most Americans are banned on ImmigrationVoice), here is the link.

Here are the PDFs:


That's right, ImmigrationVoice, I have your files. I have more. Your visa records, your tax forms, and your addresses.


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Admin posted on May 16, 2009 12:44

"Antis" is what vile slave traders like immigration lawyers call us in the Insurgency. Greg Suskind, who makes a nice living off of the blood of American programmers and exploited guest workers, has a blog full of posts attacking "antis" and "Losers Guild (Programmers Guild)". Here, the vermin eagerly campaign for the extinction of the American I.T. pro, and practice the art of DENIGRATION, DISCRIMINATION, and DISPLACEMENT of U.S. citizens in the STEM fields:

Based on the inability to compete with people from a rather "backward subcontinent" and even more so on the significant moaning and hand wringing I see from American IT workers, when those in other professions seem to have no trouble with H1B or foreign workers, I fear that the American IT industry is in for extinction. It would be an event of concern but maybe its preferable to a bunch of guild workers trying to keep their ancient credentials current. If there is fraud and abuse, the feds have the ability to root it out.

Never mind that H-1B laws are designed to keep Americans from being able to compete. I used to think that companies had to recruit Americans before filling a spot with an H-1B. Not so. That law applies to Green Card employees. There is no need to for an American company to look for local talent -- they just go right to the low-cost slumdog kennel.

Anyway, some of these "Antis" that have been blogging are suddenly disappearing. VDare alerted me to the fact that Carrie's Nation is gone. Democurmudgeon also notes her absence.

There are more.

This guy hasn't blogged in years.

Here's another missing blogger. Probably killed.

Others post for a few days and disappear.

Well, as a blogger who has faced the enemy for a few months, I can explain what happened to these bloggers.

They were threatened.

Like I was, they probably got the hate mail, the putrid comments, the "We know who you are and will get you" kind of crap that NASSCOM/TiE/USINPAC and their agents at Immigration Voice spew the minute an American tries to confront the invasion of the curry-scented-pod-people.

After awhile, you get used to it. I did. But the threats to your privacy, your career, your family by the Hindu Nazis (and they are Nazis) can get to some who don't have the intestinal fortitude to carry on the fight.

So they disappear. Some are too innocent to cover their tracks. The slumdogs have been trying to uncover my domain registration for months, even exchanging tips on their visa-scam site that is a front for NASSCOM. BTW, if someone can provide legal advice on how such a criminal operation like Immigration Voice can have its non-profit status revoked, I would appreciate it. Here's some details about their finances.

Some are H-1Bs that have been breaking the law by harassing me and trying to violate my privacy for months. FYI, the DOJ, USCIS and DHS take great interest in these cases. They are fairly easy to prosecute. At least that is what they told me when I reported these crimes to them.

Sometimes, you just have to play hardball. I got an ENTIRE forum on Dice deleted after some slumdogs were trying to reveal my identity, and even jeopardized the safety of an innocent American who they thought was me. It took a little pressure, but in just two days, and the slumdogs had to move on.

It started with this:

Dice Moderator,

I am a U.S. citizen and Marine Corps veteran. I have been a Dice member for years. And I have been targeted by members of Nasscom, USINPAC, and Infosys because I have exposed the fraud and corruption of the H-1B program and the Indian outsourcing business in general...


...agents of India, Inc. have mistakenly and maliciously posted the Facebook profile of an innocent American named Kevin Flanagan, thinking it was me.

It is clear that Dice cannot control the content on its forums.

I am requesting the following actions be taken:

1. Dice removes its entire forum section. The company cannot be trusted to manage an open dialogue on its site without personal information being revealed.

If the “Discussions” section is not removed, I will do the following:

1. Contact the Urbandale, Iowa Police Department and file a report for privacy violations that occurred on
2. Notify the FTC of a privacy violation.

You have 48 hours to respond. If no action is taken within that time, this email will be distributed to the numerous contacts I have in the media, and I will seek legal counsel.


Tunnel Rat

CC: Thomas M. Silver
CC: Jennifer Bewley
CC: Christopher J. Farrell, Judicial Watch

They didn't get the hint, so I had to push a little bit more:

FYI, you now have 24 hours to get that forum down and get rid of the India Mafia that has turned it into a Hindu ghetto. My 90210 lawyer has been contacted and is ready to file a C & D. It could be a nasty civil suit. The first step would be a subpoena of all your internet traffic so that the H-1B from India that has been stalking me on line will be identified.

Next step, I go public with this crime committed by Dice Holdings.

Most recently, I had to the threaten H-1B pimp and immigration lawyer Greg Suskind with a C&D because some slumdog was trying to invade my privacy on his blog.

Greg, I have some cyber-stalker agents of NASSCOM or USINPAC that have been threatening me and my family. Thay have been invading my privacy on your blog by posting some details of my identity. Unless you want a nasty civil suite, which will involve a bitter discovery phase, I would suggest that you remove this ENTIRE comments section of this post:

http://blogs. ind/2009/ 05/immigration- amid-a-recession .html

Sure, I can have my 90210 lawyer send you a C&D, and then post all the embarrassing communications between a thug IL and his attempt to invade the privacy of a U.S. citizen, but it really doesn't have to go that far.

Keep in mind that I was able to get to remove an entire forum with tens of thousands of posts, all because the H-1B lobby was using the site to reveal private information. it just took one little email.

Don't believe me? Check out http://seeker. olc/forum. jspa?forumID= 25.
That forum used to have 50k+ posts until I shut it down.

So, I have a blog, and you have a blog. You don't really want to incite a rhetorical riot do you?

BTW, I don't care if people know who I am. I don't have to work in I.T. anymore.

But you still have to keep your law practice. And making an enemy of an ex-Marine with nothing to lose may not be the best business decision. The internet is a big place. And you know that I could have you disbarred for invasion of privacy.

They have a saying about Marines.

No better friend, no worse enemy.


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Admin posted on May 15, 2009 12:49

There are over 30,000 lobbyists working in Washington, DC right now. Corporations are spending millions to block open-access public healthcare option, cap and trade legislation and a host of other progressive priorities this year.

They are organized and well funded -- the only thing that stands in their way is you.

Please sign up.

I did, and will be at that event.

Don't bother showing up, slumdogs. Stay over at your kennel. The insurgency has its own movement now, and will destroy the millions of Indian illegal aliens that send flowers. We have more sites than you can count. VDare. NumbersUSA. PG. GuestWorkerFraud. More every day. You people call FAIR racist? You haven't seen shit.

Members flood the boards on Dice, DK, HuffPo, and especially BW. We are spreading the word about your corrupt and vile ways.

There has been a huge change in the last few months. Just recently, the H-1Bers were bragging about the caps getting raised, and green cards for all the illegal alien slumdogs. Now Vivek Wadhwa gets death threats. Allegedly.

No more bragging from the NASSCOM/USINPAC/TiE shills. They are just begging for the Insurgency to tone down the rhetoric before some slumdog gets pushed in front of a subway. They are even calling for H-1B reform! They even admit to the rampant Indian-on-Indian exploitation in the offshoring/outsourcing business.

Better yet, they have turned on themselves. The Desi citizens hate the GCers, the GCers hate the H-1Bs, and everybody hates the L-1s. The "Telegu" bloodsuckers are getting blamed by everybody else. They attack the Pakis, and anybody else they can find.

And the only way this rhetorical race war will end is if they get behind Grassley's S.887 Bill. If I start seeing posts on IV begging the slumdogs to support the bill, I might consider a ceasefire.

Until then, lock and load.



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Credit Card Fraud:

Another case of India link to credit card fraud in UK

...Last year, several such cases have come to light when British consumers found that money was withdrawn from their accounts from Mumbai, Chennai and other parts of India, besides other places around the world...

- Link

IIT student held for online credit card fraud

He is young, rich and brilliant enough to make it to computer engineering at IIT-Bombay. But the cyber cell of the Ahmedabad crime branch found that first-year student Ashish Ravindranathan was also the conman they were looking for, who had allegedly duped 25 credit card-holders and made a whopping Rs 6.5 lakh in just six months.

Posing as a bank executive, Ashish got credit card details from customers. He then used the data to book air tickets and buy laptops. He had tied up with a travel agent to cancel the tickets and share the booty, while the laptops he sold across the country at a discount.

The 18-year-old was operating since October last year, said crime branch sleuths. ``There was a spurt in complaints on online fraud. During investigations, we zeroed in on Ashish by tracing online purchases,'' said officers.

It proved to be a cat-and-mouse game to the finish. Disguised as gardeners and security guards, police trailed him to some of his favourite haunts in Ahmedabad to catch him red-handed as he made calls to credit card holders, posing as a representative of Barclays Bank.

- Link


Indian bribe offer to British Journalist

Mark Kobayashi-Hillary is one of the key players in the world of tech journalism and outsourcing. Mark is so highly regarded that he has been invited as one of the judges for Computing Magazine Awards, NOA Outsourcing Awards as well as CNET Tech awards. He has been invited to speak by a number of prestigious organizations like NASSCOM and London School of Economics

Mark has written for powerful newspapers like Financial Times, Times of India and

Mark is a man who knows what he talking about.

In his latest post dated May 11, 2009, Mark has described how he refused to compromise his high standards when an Indian company offered him a bribe to swing British deals in their favour.

A matter of trust

On the subject of trust in outsourcing, how many more times do I need to receive emails from suppliers in far-flung corners of the world promising me a percentage of any projects I can find for them in the UK?

If a supplier wants to work with me then I’d be only too happy to advise them on how to improve their presentation for the European market, how to talk to the media and analyst community, how to create a great online presence. I can do all this stuff, because that’s what I do, when I’m not writing.

One thing I certainly don’t do is take percentage cuts on ‘deals’ because here I am commenting about companies in the media. I couldn’t claim much integrity if I was earning bonuses from companies that I talk up in the press. When I mentioned this ‘problem’ to one supplier from India in the past they offered to make payments to my parents. I don’t think they quite understood my concern. Or maybe that’s how others behave and I’m missing out on the goods in the trough?

But are any of these suppliers that are offering shady salespeople a percentage cut really doing any business worth talking about? And who would outsource a project to a salesperson that has only a vague connection to the company that might actually end up delivering the service?

- Link

I think that once Operation Uganda II (getting rid of the slumdogs in American I.T.) is complete, we need to focus on Operation Uganda III (getting rid of slumdogs in the GLOBAL I.T. industry.)

I have already started. Yesterday I raised hell with my mortgage company because they charged me a late fee. I called and said that their Indian-made web site was down, and I couldn't make a payment. They rep was confused. It went something like this:

REP: Indians? You mean you talked to an Indian?

ME: No! Your entire I.T. dept. in Cleveland is filled with cheap, low-skill Indian programmers.

REP: And how do you know that?

ME: It's online, you idiot! National City Bank discriminates against Americans. It hired over 30 H-1Bs in 2008. That is 30 jobs that should have gone to Americans. No wonder your piece of shit bank failed. I'm not making anymore payments until you get rid of the slumdogs.

REP: Slumdogs?

ME: Yes, like this bastard that emailed me:

My team & I have been in touch with you in the past for various opportunities to work with Newt Global Consulting. I wanted to share the progress made in recent past in terms of building a great team and acquiring new clients. Newt Global is now preferred vendor to many Fortune 500 companies including Verizon Communications, Verizon Wireless, American Airlines, Oracle Corporation, Redhat and National City Corporation etc. I hope our path will cross again sometime in the future. Please stay in touch and share your progress in your personal and professional life whenever you get a chance.

Warm Regards,
Satish M. Goel - VP

972 887 3160 -Direct (New -preferred)
214 260 6051 -Fax
Aiming At Customer Delight!!!

***We are accepting H1B sponsorship request for 2009. If you know anyone who is interested in H1B sponsorship, please let us know***

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Admin posted on May 14, 2009 12:55

I came across a great site that links the NASSCOM/USINPAC front called with some of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington.

Start here.

This is the enemy, a powerful and vast group of corrupt insiders bent on destroying the American I.T. industry.

BTW, there is a GIANT tea party planned in D.C. for Sept. 12. I urge all those in the Insurgency that will be in town to stop by the offices of Immigration Voice, Patton Boggs, and Quinn and Gillespie. Coordinates to come.


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Admin posted on May 13, 2009 12:58

There seems to be a fear in the I.T. community about dealing with the fact that the industry is starting to be dominated by one country - India. And it is not just I.T. -- it is finance, science, and education.

As I posted before, this is not an accident. An Indian economist described India's "friendly takeover of the world" in 2000:

“…The process is in its infancy still. But remember that most H1-B visa holders will become US residents, and bring over several family members too. Something similar will happen in Germany and other Western countries. So, in a few decades, we can look forward to the creation of a huge global brainpower network of 50 million people of Indian origin. These will constitute a tiny fraction of the global population, but a big slice of the influential global population. “

“…They will matter in academics, business, stock markets, law, medicine and the arts. And so they will matter in politics too…”

I suggest this community get over their Xenophobia-phobia and start speaking truth to power. NASSCOM, USINPAC, and TiE want to use our fear of being labeled politically incorrect against us as they pursue their campaign of occupational apartheid. One can still be enlightened, savvy, and rational, yet still point out that Americans are being denigrated, discriminated, and displaced by people from one country - INDIA.

The sooner you get over this fear, the sooner the enemy has one less weapon in their arsenal. Until then, they will view you as cowering babies, terrified to speak up against their agenda.


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Tunnel Rat posted on May 12, 2009 13:02

The offshoring industry uses a three-pronged strategy to purge Americans out of the I.T. industry:


If you ever watch Prof. Vivik Wadhwa, NASSCOM shill, TiE chapter founder, and failed businessman, on something like CNBC, he first denigrates the typical American I.T. worker. He makes sordid generalizations like "these are washed up coders with no new skills." This myth gets parroted in the media by the likes of Business Week "journalists" (soon to be ex-journalists) Steve Hamm and Moira Herbst.

These people equate "older" with "bad." What kind of logic is that? Is a senior accountant who has been practicing for 20 years suddenly replaceable by a twenty-something import from Bangalore? Who do you want doing your taxes?

Part two of the NASSCOM strategy is to discriminate against American I.T. workers. Now that the corrupt H-1B program has allowed MILLIONS (yes, millions) of Indians to flood the I.T. business, many now control the mid-level I.T. management positions that impact hiring decisions. How else do you think these I.T department become 80%-90% Indian? THEY DON'T HIRE AMERICANS.

Part three, displacement, involves sneaking into an American company under the auspices of an "outsourcing" initiative. In this tactic, the American worker is forced to train his Indian replacement. The local is threatened with loss of severance, a bad reference, or blacklisting in the industry if they do not cooperate. Once trained, the Indian takes over, and the American is DISPLACED.

The easiest of these three tactics to combat is DISCRIMINATION. Here's how I did it:

When I observed the systematic importation of India workers and discrimination of American workers at a company I was contracting at, I filled a CHARGE FORM with the Office of Special Counsel, Department of Justice. Don't worry about the technical details and legalese -- JUST FILE THE FORM.

The DOJ will have 7-10 days to do something. In my case, they kicked it over to LA office of the EEOC. Now it is up to me to fire up the paper-pusher who is in charge of this kind of stuff. I've given him a few weeks, and now I will make his life a living hell until something is done.

That's how I roll.

- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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The thoughts expressed on this blog may or may not be the author's own and are protected by the 1st Amendment. Any attempt to reveal his identity by contacting a slumdog hack at Google, or a corrupt Desi sys-admin at his ISP will be dealt with promptly and severely. Civil and criminal penalties may apply if one is found to have used private information in an attempt to get the author fired at the Hindu-only I.T. ghetto he currently works at. In addition, any Desi who attempts to burn the author's house down because they are enraged over his writing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn't India.

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