Tunnel Rat posted on April 14, 2009 20:30

I got a bounty of pics as I was walking to Starbucks today. There are about three extented-stay motels near work, just packed with slumdogs that work at the local tilt-ups.

This one rides a bike to work:

These two are bickering in Hindi:


These slumdogs take the bus with the Mexicans (man, they must hate doing that. Slumdogs HATE Mexicans. It has something to do with the illegal alien thing.)

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Tunnel Rat posted on April 12, 2009 20:31

Norm Matloff is a rather controversial character in the ant-H-1B movement. Of course, the immigration lawyers HATE him. Especially some fucker named George Chell on Greg Siskind's blog .

We pro-Americans are called "antis" by the H[indu]-1B lobby, as you can see by browsing Greg's blog. I actually sort of respect Greg, much like the Marines had a grudging respect for the VC, even though they wanted to kill them. He's got a dilemma - his business model revolves around helping American companies import slumdogs to replace Americans. That is the life we have chosen, he must tell his minions.

Fucker needs a case of MS-13, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, Matloff has been busy. First the New York Times did a piece, and he was on the panel.

I hit the comments early and often, and think I was #25 of 500+ (still counting).

And now Matloff was on NPR today.


There was this Desi dipshit on, Neeraj Sharma, or Vish Mishra -- who gives a fuck, I couldn't understand him anyway, and he EMBARRASSED himself. Talking about the "best and the brightest" yadayadayada.


And the most evil cocksucker on the panel was this shill, a VP from Oracle, home of Larry Ellison, the CEO who has sucked so much Desi dick that his tongue is brown, like a Chow's. His name is Robert Hoffman "vice president at Oracle and co-chair of Compete America, a coalition of tech companies including Oracle, Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Google that lobbies for the right to hire foreign workers."

He lives here, and his children go to school here, and his wife does yoga here.

Fuck you, Mr. Hoffman.

That scumbag is in bed with the pro-H-1B cunt Zoe Lofgren and the shill Moira Herbst of Business Week.

Anyway, here's the NPR audio.

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Tunnel Rat posted on April 10, 2009 20:34

Go to Dept. of Justice website(http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc/htm/facts.htm)

Click the link at the top right corner called "OSC Charge Form". Sorry about the site -- it was obviously done by someone from that shithole sub-continent. I'll post the PDF on my sidebar soon.

I spoke to a DOJ agent yesterday and he said that this is the only way for them to take any action. He asked me if I had heard of Programmers Guild and said that they were getting a lot of calls from them. He also admitted that they were so many loopholes in the visa laws that there are hardly ever any investigations, much less prosecutions. DOL handles some stuff, USCIS handles others, DOJ OCS even more. In short, nothing gets done.

The gov't is not going to help you.

Maybe MS-13 will.

We have to help ourselves. Go out and take those jobs back. Call the pimps, collaborators, and slave-merchants and demand that they get rid of the leeches, or else.


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One of the dirty little secrets of the offshoring/outsourcing fiasco in I.T. is the onshoring of workers through the use of third parties.

These mostly Indian firms contract with large companies to provide low-wage and low-skill programmers to work onsite. This is because day-to-day back office operations of tech intensive companies like banks require a physical onsite presence 24/7. These functions are not easily offshored due to the logistical obstacles of dealing with a workforce on the other side of the world.

The American companies want their cake and eat it too, so in order to reduce costs and have the labor onsite, they turn to bodyshops or Indian I.T. consulting outfits like Infosys,WiPro or Tata.
WSOCTV in Charlotte has a story how a local bank engaged in this process to avoid hiring American programmers.

In Charlotte, Wachovia Bank has contracted with a bodyshop called Synechron to provide low-wage I.T. staff in order to displace Americans. It is a win-win for the bodyshop and Wacovia. However, it is little more than indentured servitude.

The imported workers live in apartments, usually in close quarters. These guest workers are then trained by Americans who then have to turn over the systems to their replacements. Little is done to seek local talent, and the corporation does not get their hands dirty because the workers are in America with H-1B and L-1 visas and sponsored by Synechron. Synechron has sponsored almost 300 H-1Bs:MyVisaJobs.com.

The number of L-1s that they have cannot be determined. It is estimated that their workers get paid at 75% of the rate of local talent.

The loophole is that a Charlotte business can use third-party consultants to
find workers in other countries instead of hiring foreign workers directly.
Those consultants provide foreign workers their H-1B Visas, fly them to
Charlotte and pay for their apartments before sending them to work in a local
job. But because the Charlotte business is paying that contractor and not the
employee directly, it's not a violation of the bailout law.

...University of North Carolina at Charlotte labor economist Ron Madsen said while federal law requires paying the "prevailing local wage" for on-shored workers, that's often not the case."What I've looked at suggests that we're looking at about a 25 percent discount between the total cost on-shore versus domestic," he said.

The appalling aspect of this is that the H-1B and L-1 programs are designed to augment the local labor force, not replace them. If these guest workers are so good, why does an American have to train them?

Jeff said it's common knowledge within Wachovia that Synechron brought all
12 of those workers from India to take Charlotte jobs."Within my department,
it's mostly on-shored foreign resources, and the software we built is basically
being handed over to them," he said.
Even more stunning is the fact that the American workers who agreed to be interviewed by WSOCTV had to hide their identities to discuss the matter. Many in the I.T. industry are afraid to be blacklisted and their careers damaged by the cheerleaders for globalization that dominate the ranks of industry executives.

Is there a Mafia in the hi-tech industry that is consolidating their gains and committing occupational apartheid against Americans? This story would appear to suggest that there is. The programmers that are displaced are usually blackmailed into cooporating with the outsourcing efforts or they are denied their severance packages. The same thing happened at IBM.

I've seen this happen frequently in many of the big companies I've worked. It is deeply frustrating and unjust, and this practice needs to be stopped. My tax dollars went to bail out these banks, and then they throw hard-working, talented Americans on the street and replace them with guest workers with dubious resumes and generally inferior skills.

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tunnel rat posted on April 6, 2009 20:39

Stuart Anderson, a lobbyist for the National Foundation for American Policy, has been playing fast and lose with the numbers by saying that each H-1B holder that hi-tech companies hire creates five jobs around that position.

If so, why don't we raise the cap, import about 200,000 guest workers, and create a million new jobs?

Because the idea that H-1Bs create jobs is absurd.

Stuart Anderson will be on TV today at 9:35am EST on the CSPAN show "Washington Journal".

The show will probably be aired several times this week so check the online CSPAN schedule for all three channels. They also have an online streaming broadcast so you can catch it at your convenience.

There is one important reason to catch the show live is that they take call-ins. This is your chance to give "Mr. H-1B" a piece of your mind. Be sure to think about your comment before you call though because Stuart is a very polished shill that is a very talented liar.

To view the show online and to get the phone numbers go here.

Anderson's numbers have been the source of controversy ever since Microsoft used them to try to get more low-cost, low-skill guest workers, mostly from a relatively backwards sub-continent.
Carl Bialik, "The Numbers Guy" from the Wall Street Journal, wrote about the phony numbers and how they were being used by various proponents of unlimited hi-tech visas:

I sent the study — which has been cited by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire — to several statisticians, and most questioned the findings. "Can we be sure that the extra U.S. nationals wouldn’t have been hired anyway, regardless of the H-1B visa hires?" asked Anthony Hayter, a statistician at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

The study itself said, "most changes in a company’s employment are not driven solely by their temporary-visa high-skilled hires. It is likely that increased hiring of both H-1Bs and other workers are both influenced primarily by business opportunities specific to the firm."

Vivek Wadhwa, the most public face of the H-1B lobby, even had his questions:

"It is hard to prove that one thing led to another," said Vivek Wadhwa, a senior research associate at Harvard, who added, "There are other studies which make lesser claims but are much more defensible." He cited these studies as examples. (Wadhwa co-wrote a recent paper on a similar theme.)

In a stunning reversal, Vivek Wadhwa has now come out against the H-1B program because of the rampant fraud. He wrote me this email last week:

I agree about the issue of bringing in low-wage/low-level programmers. We don’t need them and the visas they enter on disadvantages American workers and the workers on these visas.

Hiring guest workers over Americans in this economy has become bad business. This just in from the Washington Post:

...The H-1B program brings in about 85,000 skilled foreign workers every year, ostensibly to fill jobs that U.S. workers cannot or will not do. But some companies in the science and technology fields, afraid of a backlash over hiring foreign professionals rather than American ones, are rescinding job offers. Analysts say it is part of a wave of mounting anger in the United States over work visas, especially at a time when more than half a million Americans are being laid off every month.

"Hiring H-1B visa holders has become as toxic as giving out corporate bonuses," said Vivek Wadhwa, a Duke University professor and Harvard University research fellow.


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Tunnel Rat posted on April 4, 2009 20:43

Actually, the reality is more like a Desi bodyshops flooding your inbox with phony jobs. 100 Americans call, and then they can prove that no Americans are qualified for the position and place a slumdog who is on the bench.

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I've been posting on DailyKos lately.

I think someone said "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Whatever.

Progs would rather die than be seen as politically incorrect. They would invite a slumdog to come in to their house and fuck their wife, just so that they could look "tolerant."

Anyway, this "dairy" got a big response from the left:

The idea that India exports software products is a myth peddled by globalists and irritional capitalists. India has hardly any commercial products, any software, any operating systems, or enterprise applications that have been developed in the country and sold world-wide.

What it does export is bodies, and if not the bodies, the output of those bodies in the form of lines of code, help-desk support, database administration, and call-center support. These outputs are not easily packaged and shipped around the world like, for instance, Japanese autos.

Much of the work in I.T. is specialized and collaborative, and requires an on-site presence. If not, a dedicated high bandwidth internet connection to the other side of the world, 24/7. This model is what fueled India, Inc.:

The blue-eyed boy of India's 'success story' of economic liberalisation, the IT industry has posted successive annualised growth of around 33% for many years. At times, the top IT companies (TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam) consistently reported annualised 50% increases in profits every quarter. The industry is highly export-oriented; exports amount to two-thirds of its revenue.

India's specialisation in software was driven by two sorts of wage advantage that reinforced each other. Lower wages for Indian software developers relative to those of their US and European counterparts make Indian software cheaper in global markets. Meanwhile, the higher wages earned by software professionals in India relative to those in other industrial sectors ensured a steady supply of software professionals.

[An Indian socialist]

Once corporations started getting greedy, they didn't want to deal with the hassles of late night conference calls, power outages, and the inability to capture the subtle clues of body language that facilitate successful collaboration. So they wanted these software developers on-site, and preferably compliant.

Communications problems are cited by 75% of survey respondents. There’s a 10-hour time difference between New York and Mumbai, and cultural and dialect differences cause communication breakdowns as well. An IT manager working for Ford, who declined to be identified, says he gets emails, instant messages, and calls at all hours of the night from Satyam, one of Ford’s major outsourcing partners, informing him of network device outages. "It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 a.m. on a Sunday, Christmas, or whatever, they’re trained to be script-driven and they react right away because the scripts say to go back and find out what the problem is and get back to us," he says. "You’d think that after a few years of working with them, they would understand not to call at 2 a.m."

[Indian Outsourcing: More Reliance But More Gripes]

The Anglo programmer had earned a reputation as a prima donna in the dot-com boom, and I.T. executives wanted no more of those high-paid, creative, yet cocky professionals. Plus, those folks had mortgages, families to feed, and incessant demands for more gear and pay.

India's exports needed little more than a suitcase and a extended stay motel. They could be housed in close quarters, and still be satisfied because the alternative in India was much worse.

So they came.

By the hundreds of thousands. The H-1B visa and L-1 visas allowed American companies to fill their I.T. departments with this primarily upper-caste work force:

Most of its workforce (in some cases as high as three-quarters) is drawn from urban, upper/middle caste and landowning agriculture communities. A study of IT employees in Bangalore shows that brahmins (upper-caste priest community) constituted 48% of the workforce. The brahmins' predominance is not surprising, given their historical monopoly over higher education and employment in the formal sector, especially in south India.

[An Indian socialist]

Although though any propagandist for India, Inc. will tell you that there are major affirmative action programs in place in Indian society to help correct the massive discrimination of the lower castes, the software professionals that the country exports are almost exclusively Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Vaishyas. Indian visitors to my blog claim that 40% of the guest worker visas to the U.S. are granted to one state, Andhra Pradesh (AP), home of the Teluga sect, and there appears to be a lot of animosity among the different regional groups because of perceived corruption in the fight for the relatively few view visas. IMHO, we in America are propping up a mostly corrupt oligarchy, at the expense of the careers of our hi-tech professionals.

- [Escape From India]


In the push to keep the up the impressive growth rates of the Indian outsourcing companies, many in the industry either cooked the books (Satyam) or exploited their workers even further. Per-diems got cut, as did hourly wages. Gone were the stays in motels, and now the exported human capital in the U.S. lived frequently in squalor when they weren't working unpaid overtime in rather brutal conditions in the sweatshops of corporate I.T.

Obsessed with higher growth rates, IT companies are shedding their workforces, refusing salary rises, replacing higher paid engineers with lower-paid trainees and doing everything possible to make sure their profits and share values don't fall. As a finance manager in an IT industry bluntly put it - the software industry is in the business of nothing but selling man-hours.

This is a crude demonstration of the Marxist theory of surplus value. Charging the clients for (minimum) 8 hours (at a rate of around US $80 an hour), companies pay workers for barely 1.5 to 2 hours; the rest (almost 70%) becomes surplus value appropriated by the most senior managers and by the shareholders.

Workers get peanuts and are supposed to be content with it. But with the wind changing direction; unceremonious job cuts, negative annual increments and harsher company policies, may scratch the surface of their expectations. It will lead them to realise that they are nothing but cheap labour for the West and for their bosses, who are solely accountable to their shareholders.


"lower-paid trainees"

Guess who trains these recruits? Senior American programmers. I recently worked at an Indian-based company where they were grooming the recently arrived L-1s from New Delhi to be programming leads (all had "Sr. Developer" titles), even though the oldest was maybe twenty-five. I have fifthteen years in the business, and consider myself an accomplished I.T. gladiator, and yet I was getting my code reviewed by so-called "leads." The experiance was laughable and somewhat humiliating. The "lower-paid trainees" would struggle to find something wrong with my code, and ended up bickering over formatting, not logic. That was when they could even understand the code -- they were that raw. I quit promptly and reported the company to the DOL and DOJ. We'll see what happens.

But this is typical now in the hi-tech gladiator pits of the I.T. world. Americans forced to train the indentured servants and then forced out. A purge has been going on for years, and the goal is to remove all the uppity Anglos. But to do that, India, Inc. needs to get their worker bees up to speed, and that requires an American, one who has been blackmailed into providing the training by threats of firing or denial of severance, or worse, blacklisting in the industry.

What the author refers to as "castist interests" exploiting workers in India can also apply to what the agents of India, Inc. are doing in America:

Such hostile circumstances may provoke workers to question the prevalent market system which thrives on exploitation of their labour and in return offers them only crumbs even in the best of periods. Their castist interests may conflict in their own eyes now, but a further deterioration in material conditions and the presence of a clear socialist alternative may help them identify a common interest with the working class of the rest of society.

- Link


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...surfing my Blog.

Like, WTF? You assholes took our tax dollars, and now hire slumdogs, and they spend 1 hour 18 minutes 28 seconds on MY BLOG?

Yo, check it (from my SiteMinder admin):

wellsfargo.com (Commercial)
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Where is a crazy Vietnamese dude with a .9 MM and a .45 when you need one?

I SO wish some displaced American worker would go into that cube in Wells Fargo where someone, probably a guest worker from that shithole subcontinent, is connecting to www.itgrunt.com from I.P

Hey Motherfucker, get fuckin' busy. Process some HELOCS or some shit! Get the fuck off of my blog!

And I am calling Wells Fargo tomorrow and reading them the riot act. This ain't cool, motherfuckers! Taking my tax dollars and spending them to surf the net.

Get out of that cube in Wells Fargo, San Francisco, slumdog. SOME AMERICAN WANTS THAT JOB.



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Tunnel Rat posted on April 2, 2009 20:45

Michael Savage fuckin' rocks. Me and that dude are from the same hood - NYC.

My fellow insurgant got his clip:

"Many of these workers come in on H-1B visas, which are a way around immigration laws so that companies like IBM and others can hire foreigners for half the wages they would have had to pay an American computer programmer. I know that for a fact - I watched them destroy the native workforce in the State of California in the San Jose area. They were bringing in tens of thousands of people from India, from Taiwan, from China - who would willingly work for $25, $30 an hour and firing American workers who were making $60 an hour and it was done because of the greed of the owners of companies."


Check it, yo

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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